What do you call a Front Fastening bra?

front fastening bra
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Is it a Front Closure bra? A Front Fastening bra? A Front Clasp bra? A Front Snap bra? A Front Hook bra? A Front Opening bra?


So here is the truth… even the lingerie industry is confused about what to call this segment of our industry – front fastening bras. So there is no wonder that women across the world don’t know where to start when researching this type of bra. When you don’t know what to type in to google, where do you even start?

The search stats from 63,100 search queries a month in the USA

So when it came time to name my blog, a blog that specialises in what I call front closure bras, of course I headed straight to the stats. And what I found was rather interesting. For a long time I had referred to these bras as Front Fastening bras, but Front Closure Bras was the most searched term. Not by a little, by a lot.

In order of what terms are typed in to google in the USA here is the most common names for bras that open and close at the front.

Front Closure bras made up 35% of the total search volume
Front Fastening bras made up 23% of the total search volume
Front Opening bras made up 16% of the total search volume
Front Hook bras made up 13% of the total search volume
Front Clasp bras made up 7% of the total search volume
Front Clip bras made up 4% of the total search volume
Front Snap bras made up 2% of the total search volume

Front Closure Bra v Front Opening Bra v Front Fastening Bra

Ultimately, I believe women will be refer to this style bra with the name that most closely resembles the issue they have with traditional bras. My hypothesis is that women who have issues closing a bra behind their back will call this style of bra a Front Closure bra. I believe that women whom have issues undoing or opening their bras will refer to this type of bra as a Front Opening bra. Likewise I believe that ladies who can’t easily fasten their bras will call this style of bra a Front Fastening bra. It really comes down to psychology – we learn a lot about how women use language when they are out looking for solutions to their problems when working in retail.

Front Snap bra v Front Hook bra v Front Clasp bra

Similarly to my thoughts above, it’s only natural for women to use the terms that they traditionally use with bras when trying to determine what exactly to call this segment of our industry. Some ladies refer to the traditional hook and eye clasp on a bra as a ‘Snap’, a ‘Hook’ or a ‘Clasp’. So as a result I can see why these terms are used to describe this style of front closure bras.

front fastening bra
Bras with zips are also a great option

Why have a Front Fastening Bra?

Front Fastening bras (or Front Opening bras 😉) have become really common with elderly women, as post surgical options or with women who have issues with mobility and dexterity. As such there has been a huge rise in this segment of the lingerie industry with more and more choosing a bra that doesn’t challenge their mobility issues.

Front opening bras are also favoured by women with a disability due to their “easy on” nature.

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Clasp, Zip or Hook options on a Front Fastening Bra

In recent times we’ve seen more fastening systems enter the market. It’s not just the traditional hook and eye fastening system that you’ll see in a front fastening bra. Common options are zips, a large single hook, velcro fastening, press studs and even magnetic fastening.

  • Magnetic fastening systems are still rare for the simple reason that they will not react well with pace makers and could cause serious complications if used by ladies with a pacemaker.
  • Velcro is generally only used in bras specifically designed for those with arthritic hands or bras for women with a disability.
  • Single hooks are also less common as this will generally limit the style to be created as more of a plunge style bra.
  • Press studs are also quite rare because I suppose they can be fiddly and will require some strength to secure when coming from a tricky angle
  • Hook and eye fastening remains the most popular or common fastening system we see on a bra. Probably because it is easy, familiar, cheap to produce – and because, it works.