Front Closure Sports Bras

Front Closure Sports Bras

front closure sports bra
Sports bras that close at the front make a lot of sense. After all, they can be a bit of a mission to get in and out of in the first place. I had lots of fun testing these front closure Sports Bras out in the real world.

Tips to finding the best front closure sports bra...

Looking for the best Front Closure High Impact Sports Bra?

I’m here to break your heart, a little. There is no one best Sports Bra bra, sorry to say. The key is going to be finding your best high impact front closure Sports Bra.

For this I encourage you to take in to account the following…

Enell Hight Impact Sports Bra
front opening sports bra
Brook Zip Dare Run Bra

Are racerback Front Closure Sports Bras best?

Research has shown (here’s a full article for the research junkies out here) that the orientation of the straps doesn’t effect the level of breast support in a Sports Bra. So my take has always been not to get too hung up on whether the bra has straight straps or racerback straps.

In saying that, we do find that lots of Front Closure Sports Bras will have either a full back design or cross back design. This tends to work well as the straps will stay in place during activity, but don’t end up positioned too closely to the neckline to cause tension during long periods of wear.

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Sports Bras and chafing

I found this great article I thought I’d share about preventing and treating  Sports Bra Chafing. Check it out here.

The bottom line is that chafing is a result of friction which can happen in any bra that is not fitting properly. To reduce your change of chafing from a front fastening sports bra you should make sure the bra sits firmly against you, without the ability to shift against your skin as you exercise. Bras that have stretched out and are no longer sitting snugly against you should be retired or relegated to low impact activity.

Sports Bras that fasten in the front


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