Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra Review


(3 minute read) Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra Review

Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra

Read why the Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra gets our tick of approval ✔️

Carefix Post Surgical Front Close Bra Features

  • Wide padded straps
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Secure zip front close bra
  • Soft microfiber material
  • Strong yet subtle compression
  • Available in XS – XXL simple sizing

What surgeries require a post surgical bra?

Breast reduction surgeries absolutely require a post surgical bra. Breast Augmentation (breast implant) surgery will also require a post-op bra, and may also require a compression band depending on the results of your surgery.

Breast reconstruction surgery & unilateral Mastectomy surgeries will also require the use of a post surgical bra. A bilateral mastectomy may require a post op bra, however will more likely need a compression vest or garment.

I certainly advise talking to your surgeon about what your best bra options may be after your upcoming surgery.

I do recommend having at least one compression style recover post-op bra at home to try a few days after your surgery. It’s most likely that you will leave the hospital in a compression bandage or compression tubing. Some surgeons, like the breast reduction surgeon I had many years ago, will actually include a post-op bra as a part of their management plan and send you home with one.

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Our Bra Fitter’s review of this post-op front closure bra

There is a lot to love about this post op bra. It’s hard to explain in text just how soft the microfibre material of the garment is, which is an absolute must when we are dealing with such sensitive skin and scars immediately after a surgery.

The compression in it is what I call a gentle diffuse compression. You will certainly feel secure wearing this bra but myself nor my other tester felt compressed in any particular area, say like you would be a tight underwire bra. I think that is a great result. We don’t want to feel too restricted in any one area around our chest immediately after surgery.

The wide band around the ribcage is comfortable and is ultimately where most of the support will come from during your recovery period.

The shoulder straps are mostly a set and forget system. You set them for your height really and then you don’t have to think too much about them. In theory, these will also help you adjust if you have a big volume change in swelling.

My best advice is to have two post surgical compression style bras. You won’t be leaving home much so you can easily survive with a wear one / wash one rotation system.
Pat, Bra Fitter + founder

Frequently Asked Questions about the Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra

What is the largest size the Carefix Sofia Post Surgical Bra comes in?

This style is produced in XS – 2XL sizing.

The 3XL is suitable for a ribcage/underbust measuring about 42 inches. While the site will claim up to 44 inches, we felt this style did fit snug.

👉🏽 Here is the size guide.

What colours can you get in the Carefix Sophia Post Op Surgical vest?

This post surgery bra comes in black and white. Remember that black will wear better and not show minor blood or weeping marks. Saying that, it’s not good to not notice those things. So you choose which you feel will suit you best post surgery.

Does the Sophia Carefix Bra fit true to size?

In our testing both myself and our wear tester found this to fit snug around the ribcage. Probably almost a size smaller than the size guide claims.

Can the Carefix Sofia Front Close bra be used when breastfeeding or nursing?

Yes this style is suitable for nursing. Care should be taken to ensure that the band around the ribcage is not too firm, particularly in the first few months of feeding a newborn as this can result in mastitis.

Can you sleep in the Carefix Sophia Post Surgical Bra?

Yes the Carefix Sophia Bra can be used for sleeping. Just be sure that it is not uncomfortably tight if you plan on doing on. This will certainly not make for a good nights rest.

If you are planning on sleeping in this style I would recommend buying a size up to ensure comfort. This will still offer security without too much compression when it is required less.

Does the Carefix Sophia Post Op Bra have underwire?

No, we wouldn’t be recommending underwire in a post surgical vest or post op bra. Underwire should only be introduced once the swelling is significantly reduced, the wounds are healed and you are feeling comfortable in your day to day activities.

The underwire is not where the support comes from anyway so you aren’t missing anything.

carefix after breast reduction bra

Let us know how you enjoy your Carefix Sophia Post-Op Bra…


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5 best bras for after breast reduction surgery

post breast reduction surgery bras

I get lots of emails from lovely ladies requesting more information on the best bras for after breast reduction surgery, which prompted me to write this article sharing my experience with these bras.

If you happen to undergo a breast reduction surgery due to one reason or the other, you will need to wear a post surgical bra, ideally a a bra that is specifically designed for after breast reduction surgery. It is certainly important to continue to look after your breasts as they are healing after your surgery. Once the dressings and gauze are removed, you will need to wear bras for post-surgery to prevent skin irritation and swelling.

Also, you will need to wear a post-op recovery bra for several weeks before your wounds heals and keep your tissue stable as it recovers from the trauma. That is why it’s vital that you know what bra to wear after your breast reduction surgery. Let’s dive in and see some of the best bras you can wear after your breast reduction that will offer both comfort and hopefully a faster rate of healing.

1.    Carefix Sophia front close compressive bra for after breast reduction surgery

This Carefix bra is a hard to breast compression vest style bras for post surgeries that is suitable for most shapes and sizes. Unlike the other styles mentioned in this review article the Carefix Sophia Post-Op Bra has a zip fastening that is really easy to open and close, making it suitable for recovery post-surgery, everyday wear or breastfeeding.

This bra has a non-restrictive super soft microfibre material that supports and shapes your bust, I call this sort of compression a gentle diffuse compression. It’s an effective means of security without feeling too restrictive. It also has a bust line that frames your chest, giving you a lovely look even after the surgery.

The straps are broad and adjustable so you can get your fit right once you are in the bra. A great option for your day wear and also for sleeping in.

👉🏽 Read our full review on the Carefix Sophia Front Close Post Op Bra

2.    Lipoelastic PI active bras for after breast reduction surgery

This Lipoelastic post-surgery bra is one of the best recommendations as a bra that you can wear immediately after coming out of the surgery room. It’s made from a stretchable and soft fabric that’ll give you maximum comfort. It’s super light and you won’t feel like you are wearing a cumbersome bra.

This recovery bra has an elastic band and a narrower Elastane under the bust to prevent it from rolling up once worn. This bra has three adjustable opening levels at the front for fastening, which means you can adjust it as it stretches or your swelling reduced. Also, the straps have a plastic slider on the back to adjust the length of the straps.

The bra cups have a heat-molded seamless design to provide comfort and support for your bust. The cups also have a double-lined fabric to offer compression in sensitive areas and prevent itching on the area surrounding the breast.

Lipoelastic are a specialty brand that are known for their post surgical garments.

3.    Amoena theraport bras for after breast reduction surgery

The Amoena post-surgery bra is another one in our list as a great recovery bras to wear after breast reduction. This bra was originall designed especially for after radiation treatment, so it is made with high-quality fabric that makes it comfortable after the severe pain and of radiation treatment. So it has breast surgery covered well as it doesn’t press down on the incision or really shouldn’t irritate those sensitive areas.

This Amoena post-surgery bra also has a wide seamless band running around the ribcage for a strong support that is specifically designed to easily fit around drain pouches etc.

The well designed T-back is also a nice strong seamless material that helps with support and comfort.

4.    Royce post-surgery mastectomy bra for after breast reduction surgery

For after any breast surgery, this Royce bra is a great choice if you want to have a smooth, soft, and comfortable healing journey. The front fastening poppers are easy to use even if you are struggling with mobility immediately post surgery.

This Royce Post surgery bra has been designed exceptionally with every detail in mind. To aid in recovery a silver thread has been woven in to the fabric which is a technique used in modern wound dressings to promote healing.

The straps adjust in length at the front using a super soft velcro. And the bra is designed to sit a little lower under the bust so the ribcage band won’t interfer with wound sites if it’s fitted properly.

5.    MARENA recovery adjustable bras for after breast reduction surgery

The MARENA post-surgical bra is a great choice for your recovery journey. This specifically designed post-op bra offers comfort and great support for your breast each step of the way. This bra is designed with high and smooth underarms and a full back to offer improved comfort if you have undergone any soft of breast reconstructive procedure.

It’s patented fabric aids in stimulating the lymphatic system enabling your body to remove waste successfully and reduce fluid build-up. This MARENA recovery post-surgical bra has a front closure that makes it easy for you to wear and take it off with ease – the early days will certainly test you due to the extreme tenderness. You can wear this bra every day without worrying about your breasts feeling unsupported.

Its wireless support and compressive design ensures that the bra is super secure, making your recovery journey more comfortable. The straps of this bra can also be adjusted according to your preference, even on those days when you have fluctuations in swelling.

This style is one of the rare front closure bras that has adjustability to move to a firmer setting as the fabrics stretch, or you shrink with the reduction in swelling.

Selecting bras for after breast reduction surgery is quite important to get right if you want your wounds to heal as fast as possible and your comfort to be optimised. My pain post surgery was fairly manageable but I hear that is not the case for all women.

It’s vital that you get bras for breast surgery that will give you comfort, support and easy of use since it will be hard raising your arms comfortably for a while.

I recommend being prepared before your surgery and have the best post-surgical bra you can find to suit your size with you at the hospital incase your surgeon is happy to transition you our of the tubing/gauze – this will all depend on how long your stay in hospital is.

Did you know that I had a breast reduction back in 2010? I often say that this surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made, my journey as a bigger busted woman fuelled my passion to help more women desperate for comfort and support.

Good luck for your upcoming surgery. It’s good to be prepared and I am glad you are doing this important research in to bras ahead of your hospital visit.
Pat, Bra Fitter + founder

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Marena Shirred Front Bra Product Review


It’s no doubt that after breast surgery, most patients want to head straight to the mall to get a new piece of lingerie. You need to get a good Marena shirred front bra that will aid in the faster healing of your wound. However, before going on a bra shopping spree, you need to consider several things before buying any kind of bra. Some of the things you need to factor in are getting a professional fitting, giving your body enough time to heal, and avoid wearing your old bras.

Marena Shirred Front Bra Buying Guide

Investing in a good post-surgical bra is paramount if you have undergone a mastectomy or breast reduction. With a wide selection of recovery bras out there in the market, it can be hard to find the right one for you. After the surgery, your breasts might be sensitive and swollen, and you will need a bra that will give you comfort and ensure that the skin heals quickly.


When buying Marena recovery bra, you will find these post-surgical bras are specifically designed to provide comfort during the healing process. A recovery bra should not contain certain elements you would find in a standard bra, such as having an underwire. Recovery bras should be designed with your needs in mind, and it should include certain features. Some of the features to look out for include wider bands, cups, underwire free, and frontal closures.

The right fit

Bra size can be a big challenge to anyone. Regardless of the situation, you would not want to walk around with a bra that is too small or big for your bust. However, if you have undergone a mastectomy, getting a bra that fits you well is a primary concern and one that can’t be ignored.

It’s vital that you buy a post-surgery bra that you will use once the surgery is over. The bra you need will vary depending on the swelling you get after the surgery or if there is weight fluctuation. Hence, you should get a recovery bra after you have a clear idea of your needs.

Breathable fabric

All post-surgical bras for breast reduction should have breathable fabric. The breathable fabric ensures that your breasts stay dry, preventing moisture buildup and skin irritation. Hence, a bra that has a cotton or breathable synthetic material should be chosen.

Front clasps

Most standard bras will have a closure that’s located at the back. Your movement will be limited after the surgery. Hence, it’s vital that you get a recovery bra with front clasps that are easy to open and close.

Marena Recovery Bra Product Review

·       Adjustable hooks

Once you are out of the hospital, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a comfortable post-surgical bra for breast reduction. After a breast reduction surgery, you might not be in a position to lift your hands with ease. However, the adjustable hooks and front closure in this bra make it easy for you to wear it without too much struggle. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable even when you have fluctuations in swelling.

·       Compression design

Marena is the number one brand that makes high-quality medical garments. The compression design in this bra makes the healing process easy.

·       Seamless front closure

With this seamless support and front closure, you can be assured that you can move all day with a lot of ease and comfort. The integration of free wire support ensures that it is securely held in place to prevent it from moving with you when you are up and about.

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Pros and Cons of Marena Recovery Bra


  • It keeps your breast from swelling; hence it doesn’t cause pain
  • It provides you with a lot of comfort, and you can move up and down with a lot of ease.
  • It has adjustable straps
  • It’s made with high-quality material
  • It’s durable
  • It has a compression design that drains away any excess fluid


  • The band under the bust is firm and can cause discomfort if it’s not fitted properly

If you are thinking about getting breast surgery, you must get the perfect bra to aid in faster healing. Get a good Marena shirred front bra that is comfortable to wear, adjustable, and one that will provide optimum support for your breasts.


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