Enell Sports Bra Review – Front Closure Sports Bra

High impact plus size front closure sports bra, Enell product review.

By Pat Jameson, Bra Fitter

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The Enell Front Closure Sports Bra is an iconic American bra produced by the Montana brand, Enell. As a Bra Fitter one of the most requested features in a Sports Bra is that is it “easy to get on and off”. We all know what a battle getting in to a Sports Bra can be, or worse – out of a high impact Sports Bra after a sweaty workout.

I have had the pleasure of seeing the smiles on hundreds (possibly thousands?) of women’s faces when they have been fitted in to an Enell High Impact Sports Bra – I credit this experience to *possibly* being one of the driving forces behind starting this blog. The Enell Sports Bra can be a life changer… and if not life changing, definitely mood lifting!

The Unique Enell design features

Not only is the Enell Sports Bra uniquely a front closure sports bra. It also boasts a range of other impressive design elements. This includes the full coverage back, which is really there to strengthen the support of the bra, but we find women love this feature for i’s “shape smoothing” effect.

The wide strong straps that sit broadly on the shoulders are another great feature in this high impact front closure sports bra. These straps, together will the full back design, as designed to remove the weight of the bust from the shoulder and transfer this pressure on to the back. The sense of relief this brings so many customers in to change room is probably the being “mood lifting” feature of this bra.

The strong, stretch resistant fabric is design to compress the breast tissue against the chest. By doing this the breasts sit closer to the body and aren’t able to bounce independently so easily. Wearing the Enell Sports Bra is the very definition of being “strapped down”.

Benefits of the Enell front closure sports bra

  • Easy on, easy off – Front Closure Bras are easy to get in and out of
  • Clasps are easier to do up
  • Wire free support
  • High coverage cups
  • Full coverage back with shape smoothing effect
  • The ultimate in compression for that “suctioned down” feeling
  • Available in C – H cup, size 28 – 52″ ribcage / band size
  • A truly high impact plus size front closure sports bra
plus size front closure sports bra

Is the Enell Sports Bra a plus size sports bra?

Yes, one of the truly fabulous things about the Enell Sports Bra is it is available is a great range of plus size sizes. It is also available in customer sizes for those who fall outside of their existing size range.

The Enell Sports Bra is produced in sizes 00-8, which roughly equates to a size 28″ to a size 52″ bra size. My experience is that the cups can suit between a D-H cup.

Enell Sports Bra fitting advice

If you have never been fitted for an Enell Sports Bra my firm advice is to grab a measuring tape and determine your bust size (in inches) and rib measurement size (in inches) as per the diagram below.

From there, determine your rib cage size first and correlate that to an Enell size using the chart below. Eg If you ribcage size is 42″ then you’ll be a size 5.

If your bust measurement falls within the corresponding bust measurements, in this example I mean between 47″-51″ then this style will work for you in a size 5.

If you bust size doesn’t align with the rib cage size eg you get a size 5 for the ribcage but you need a size 3 for the bust size then it’s unlikely the Enell Sports Bra will work for you. You need to be the right “Enell proportion” to work with this bra. While this does work for a lot of ladies, it won’t work for everyone.

Putting on an Enell Sports Bra

An Enell Sports Bra needs to be firm in order to offer its best support. For this reason I expect it to be a bit tricky to get on, especially when its new. Like any Front Closure Sports Bra doing up the front hooks needs to be a little bit of an effort – otherwise there is no chance the bra is going to be firm enough to delivery the support you need during activity.

💡 I strongly advise starting at the bottom of the hook and eye clasps and working your way – do not be tempted to start at the top and work your way down – it won’t work.

As you work you way up the hook and eye clasps you’ll need to shove your breast tissue to the sizes in order to do up the hooks.

Again, I expect it to be a little on the tough side, but we certainly don’t want it to be impossible. If you can’t pull the ends of the bra together in front of your body then the chances are you need the next size up. Likewise, if you whip it on really easily without any sort of effort then it may be that the bra is too big and won’t offer you the functional support you need.

Oprah’s favourite sports bra

I just love this clip of Enell Founder, Renelle Braaten, about how she got an Enell Sports Bra on to Oprah and the flow on effects of this exposure for her business. Such a great story for American women and American small business.

Is the Enell a High Impact Sports Bra?

The Enell Sports Bra is a tried and tested high impact sports bra for plus size (and petite framed) women. The Enell Sports Bra is loved by runners, horse riders, gymnasts, cross fitters, park runners, casual walkers, zumba ladies… and more, I am sure!

Just because the Enell Sports Bra doesn’t have underwire, doesn’t mean it can’t control breast tissue. In fact, the very nature of this sports bra being wire less is one of it’s real assets – this allows it to offer a strong compression that you will never achieve from a underwire sports bra.

Enell Sports Bra advice from a Bra Fitter

To reiterate some of the points I have made in this article I think it is really important to take your measurements before buying an Enell Sports Bra, this is the best guide to finding your right size. Also remember, that while the hook and eyes are technically easier to do up because of the front closure system, they can still take some effort due to the compressive design and stretch resistant fabrics in the Enell Sports Bra.

I hope you love your Enell Sports Bra as much as I have loved fitting it this past 10+ years!

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