About Me, Pat Jameson the Bra Fitter

As of early 2021, this is the number of in person Bra Fittings I estimate I have done.
Bra Fitter Pat

Hi, I'm Pat. A career Bra Fitter with almost 10 years experience in change rooms.

I became passionate about front closure bras as a Bra Fitter because it was always the one category we got asked about in store, but had very little on offer for.

There is a good reason for this. Because front closure bras make up such a small percentage of sales it becomes hard to justify a big stock investment in this category. Managing an inventory of product with so many sizes (up to 60 in some styles) is hard to master with fast moving stock, never lone a fringe style like front opening bras.

This pushes lots of ladies to buy online – and I thought I could help with that. 


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