International Bra Size Converter: US, UK, European, Australian + Chinese

It is essential for every woman to know her bra size but unfortunately, bra size measurement isn’t universal. Various countries use different methods of measurement, while others might use alphabets in their measurement. When buying bras it’s important to select your size but what happens when bra size measurement is different in another country? 

International Bra Size Converter US, UK, European, Australian + Chinese

You can use an international bra size converter chart to find your bra size in another country. However, there are many inaccurate charts that will mislead you. In this article, we will talk about the bra size conversion of various countries and answer your frequently asked questions.

Bra Size Conversion

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Note that most European and Asian countries use the same chart

Frequently Asked Questions about International bra size conversion

Why do bra sizes differ in countries?

Bra sizes differ in countries because of the various modes of measurement. In most European countries your band size measurement of your torso. Your cup size is also measured then the difference is what your cup size is. In the US on the other hand, bra measurements are in inches. 

They measure the under the bust then add five inches to get the band size. If the total is an uneven number, it is rounded off to be an even one. The cup size is determined by the difference between the bust and band size measurements. 

Other parts of the world also have various methods of measuring bra size. In France for example, you can add 15cm to your European band size to get your band size. Some countries like the US make use of double letters while others don’t. It’s important to use an international bra size converter when buying your bra so you don’t mix up the various sizes.

How can I know my bra size?

There are several ways you can measure your bra size. You can do it by yourself or visit a professional at a lingerie store. Whichever method you choose is straightforward and quick. Don’t forget to use a bra size conversion chart when shopping for bras because your size can differ in various regions. 

What is a bra size conversion chart?

A bra size conversion chart serves as an aid to help you find the international conversion of your band and cup size. Since bra size measurements differ around the world, you need an international bra size converter to help you check for your size.

Do bra brands use the same measurement?

No, bra brands do not use the same bra size measurement. The measurement a bra brand decides to adopt might be based on the country. Also, some brands use their specific measurement which is why it can get confusing when you see XL or XXL on your bra. However, once you have an international bra size converter chart at your disposal, you’ll be more clear about the various measurement bra brands can use.

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How do I know I'm wearing the right bra size?

It’s important to know if you’re wearing the right bra size because measurements vary. You could use a bra size conversion chart and still mix up the sizes. The best way to tell if your bra is the right size is via the fitting. A good bra will not do any of these: 

When you’re wearing the right bra size, you’d be comfortable.

Which country has the correct bra size measurement?

There’s no country with the correct bra size measurement per se. Every measurement irrespective of how they are displayed is talking about the same thing so they are all correct. Please note that you have to have an accurate bra size conversion chart so you don’t mix up the figures.


Having an international bra size converter chart at hand makes looking for your bra size less stressful. It also saves you the health issues that come with wearing the wrong bra size.

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