front opening sports bra

Front Closure Sports Bras

Sports Bras that close at the front make a lots of sense. After all, they can be a bit of a mission to get in and out of in the first place. I had lots of fun testing these front opening sports bras...

bras for after breast surgery

Post Surgical Bras

A great post surgical bra can make all the difference to your recovery. Finding your best post surgery front closure bra needs to result in a right balance of comfort and support to promote recovery...


Bras for seniors

Finding suitable bras for seniors needs to take in to account easy on and easy off features like front closing or front fastening bra options. Most elderly women opt for wireless bras for comfort...

Hi, I'm Pat. I can help you...

I am a career Bra Fitter with alsmot 10 years experience in change rooms. I started this blog as a direct reflection of my passion for this sub segment of our industry. Each article I write is designed to help you learn to navigate our exciting lingerie industry and ensure you only ever have great bra buying experiences as an informed shopper.

About Front Closure Bras

You may call them front closure bras, front opening bras, front fastening bras, front snap bras or front hook bras. These aren’t variations of this style bra, but rather just different names brands or retail stores will refer to them as.

In this blog I have set out to review a broad range of styles, brands and models in order to cater to all the front fastening bra seeking ladies out there.

I’ve reviewed Enell, Anita, Glamorise, Wacoal, Playtex, Bali, Spanx, Marena, Leading Lady, Wear Ease, Carefix, Chantelle, Brooks, Royce, Underworks and Curvy Couture – just to name a few! And I’ll be adding many more in the coming months.

Why choose a Front Opening Bra?

Front opening bras have been one of the fasted growing trends in the lingerie industry.

Women are choosing front opening, front closing + front clasp bras for their convenience, ease of use, assistance with mobility issues, strong support and non-traditional design.

When I say no traditional design what I mean by that is that women are really just over wearing painful bras. And while I know, as a bra fitter, that any well fitted bra shouldn’t be painful, I do understand that most women don’t have access to a reliable bra fitter and quality product. So I truly understand why women are choosing these easy-on often wire free bras.

Front Closure bras have made some big tracks over the past few years. With lots of fashion brands jumping on the trend. So we’re also seeing a create surge in options available for the youthful and fashion conscious market.

My passion as a bra fitter lies in helping women find comfort and confidence in life by way of improving their bra solutions.

If a bra doesn't fit it has no chance of functioning. Taking the time to learn about how a bra should fit and will improve your bra wearing days ahead.

Tips to ensure you get the right bra fit

Buying Bras online is hard, I get it. Make informed decisions...

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