Plus Size Bras

Full figure front close bra

Buying bras is tough enough, but being a size not well catered for in retail stores adds an undeniable extra level of frustration. The great news is that there really are some great front closure bra options for the fuller figure.

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Tips for buying plus size front closure bras online

  • Take measurements so you have a really clear idea of your current size. There is nothing more frustrating than awaiting an online delivery only to find it’s no where near the right size.
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid “viral” style ads for new revolutionary style bras. There is a good reason retailers don’t stock these bras.
  • Look for sturdy fabrication that is likely to do the job of holding you in place. Avoid flimsy materials.
  • Read online reviews about how the bra fits, if it is true to size or if you may need to adjust the size you buy due to a sizing inconsistency. This is very common with bras.

Why front closure bras work well on full figure frames

To be honest, front closure bras work well for any frame. But I find the benefits extend further for larger busted or plus size ladies. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, they can be much easier to get in to. Because of this the brands can then build them with stronger fabrics which is a great thing for supporting heavier breasts and also adding to the lifespan on the bra. Secondly, front closure plus size bras often have a full back design which helps to leave a smooth line on the back and also helps to redistribute the weight of a heavy bust on to the back. Those are really neat features.

Plus size bra fitting tips

  • Remember the support comes from the band that runs around your back, so make sure this fits firm and sits low on your back. If it starts to ride up your breasts will sit low and unsupported and this most definitely means you need to go down a cup band size.
  • Avoid narrow and overly elastic straps. This will cause digging in around your shoulders and don’t work well for stabilising breast tissue.
  • Moulded/foam cups are not in bras to add volume, but rather create shape and help lift the breasts to where they “should be”, so don’t be afraid to try this. If you’re buying a well designed quality bra that fits well this can be a great move to actually minimise your bust size.
  • If you’d prefer not to have a moulded/foam cup bra than choose something with a multi part cup (eg seams) as these seams help to create structure in the light cup and shape the breast. It’s another good strategy to ensure a great shape.

Plus size front closure everyday bras

↘︎ Curvy Couture Tulip Front-Close T-Shirt Bra

↘︎ Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra #1246

↘︎ Wacoal Women’s Plus Size Perfect Primer Front Close Underwire Bra

↘︎ Glamorise Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Stretch Lace Bra with Narrow Set Straps

↘︎ Glamorise Plus Size Wonderwire Front Close Bra #1245

↘︎ Montelle Women’s Ultimate Stretch Lightweight Foam Cup Back Smoothing Bra

↘︎ Le Mystere Women’s Lace Perfection Front Close Convertible Racerback Bra

↘︎ Royce Women’s Wire-Free Front-Close Bilateral Pocketed Cotton Post-Sugery Comfi-Bra

↘︎ Glamorise Women’s ComfortLift Front Close Lace Posture Back Support Bra #1202

↘︎ Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Posture Front Close Bra #1264

↘︎ Anita Comfort Women’s Longline Support Bra with Front Closure 5329

↘︎ Anita 5800 Women’s Meggie White Comfort Bra with Front Fastening 5800

↘︎ Underworks Leisure and sleep Front Opening Bra

↘︎ Playtex 18-Hour Front Close Posture Bra

Plus size front closure sports bras

↘︎ Enell Sport (Here’s my full review of the Enell Plus Size Front Closure Sports Bra)

↘︎ Enell Lite

↘︎ Anita Plus-Size Front Closure Sports Bra

↘︎ Yvette Women’s Plus Size Sports Bra

Plus size post surgical front closure bras

↘︎ Anita Care Women’s Front Closure Mastectomy Bra

↘︎ Marena Recovery Adjustable Compression Bra for Post-Op and Surgical Support

↘︎ Anita Salvia Front Closure Mastectomy Bra

↘︎ CAREFIX Sophia Front Close Post-Op Compression Surgical Vest

🎥 I love this clip of Enell Sports Bra founder, Renelle, passionately discussing why her bra exists to serve women of all sizes.