Underwire Front Closure Bras

Underwire Front Closure Bras

underwire front closure bra
For those seeking familiarity and a natural rounded shape, underwire can be hard to go past. Front closure underwire bras are great for women who experience range of motion issues that prevent them from being able to do a traditional bra up with ease. Ladies, there is no need to struggle any longer.

Tips to choosing a front closure underwire bra...

Benefits of a front closure bra with underwire...

If shape is important to you then choosing a front closure bra with underwire will be the best way for you to go given that the role of underwire is in fact to shape (not support, as commonly thought).

The other benefit is that feeling of familiarity. If you’ve always worn an underwire it can feel or look a little odd without it. So sticking with it is one less thing you need to adjust to with a new bra.

Are underwire bras better?

Truth bomb… Underwire bras are not superior to wire free bras at all. There is no one that is better than the other. Provided we’re comparing high quality, well made and well fitted (that’s the very important bit) bras than the only different you should notice between a underwire front closure bra and a wireless front closure bra is the shape.

Of course, underwire bras do need to be treated with great care especially during the washing cycles as the metal component is prone to snapping, misshaping or poking through its encasing if it is not cared for properly.

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How do you wash an underwire bra?

The best answer here is to hand wash your underwire bras. The metal components don’t do well under the vigorous twisting and spinning conditions of a washing machine.

If you do need to put your bra through the wash you must absolutely make sure all the hooks are done up, the cups are folded in on one another, the bra is securely placed in a wash bag and the machine is set to a short gentle cycle. But do know that this is still not a best case scenario. If this is done every time you wash your bra there is a high likelihood of running into issues with snapped underwires, bent or twisted hooks and prematurely stretched materials.

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Are you like most women who still believe the support in a bra comes from the shoulder straps and the underwire?

There’s good reason women are attached to these beliefs. Firstly, this sort of information is still offered in department store change rooms and secondly the brands will also use persuasive language on swing tags advertising these as support solutions.

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