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Anita Care Bra review, everyday use bra or mastectomy bra.

By Pat Jameson, Bra Fitter

Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra review
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One of my favourite inclusions in the Anita Care bra range is the Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra (#5322). So naturally this was a bra I was keen to do a review on for this blog. 

Designed as a mastectomy and post surgical bra this bra is also often used as an everyday comfort bra – because, why not! 

Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra design features

With post surgical recovery in mind, this Anita Care Bra has been designed with careful consideration of fabrics and comfort. The material on the inside of the cups are a ultra soft natural “MicroModal” fabric with a high cotton content. And irritation points like the hook and eye clasps have been covered with a super soft towelling material to prevent irritation. 

The Front Closure nature of this bra allows for and easy on and off, making it an ideal post surgical bra or bra for senior women. 

The pre shaped cups have been built with pockets to allow for optional insertion of breast forms. This is why this style is labelled Mastectomy appropriate. This doesn’t mean you can’t use this bra if you haven’t had a mastectomy.The cups are discrete and there is no consequence for not putting a breast form in them. 


Who can wear the Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra

  • Mastecomy patients
  • Lumpectomy patients
  • Breast augmentation patients
  • Breast reduction patients
  • Shoulder surgery patients
  • Senior or elderly women
  • Those with limited mobility 
  • Those seeking a comfortable sleeping bra

Anita Care Bras
Anita Care Salvia Front Closure Bra

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What sizes does the Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra come in?

In US sizing the Anita Care Salvia Bra comes in 32 – 50, and A – D. This style suits a broad range of body sizes, but doesn’t suit a broad range of cup sizes.  If you have a very large bust relative to your body size it’s unlikely this Anita Care bra will work for you. 

Because of the soft and slighty stretchy fabric, I believe up to a DD cup could make the D cup size work in this bra, but if you are beyond a DD cup then I would advise you to avoid this style. (Here’s another front closure option for big busts)

Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra fitting advice

Given the nature of front closure bras having less adjustability than a traditionally designed bra, I suggest seeking a snug fit in this style to allow for some stretch over time. 

If you find that you are between 36 and 38 in different brands then I would suggest trying the 36 in this style. 

When your Anita Salvia Bra is new you can expect it to be a bit tricky to get the clasps done up at the first because the product hasn’t had any stretch. As I bra fitter my best advise is to always ensure your new bra is snug, rather than loose because the firmness around the ribcage is where most of the support comes from. If you bra fits loosely around the ribcage then it has not chance of supporting your breasts. 

Obviously if you are straight out of surgery then you will need to allow for some swelling and tenderness, so sizing up during this period could be an option. 

If you are buying this bra purely as a sleeping bra then I would also suggest sizing up. 

Will this Anita Care Bra help with lymph congestion?

Anita have designed this bra for the mastectomy patient so have fully considered the need to allow for lymph congestion. Although note, that if the bra is far too small then lymph congestion won’t be avoided. 

It’s really the fabric that is a good quality single knit high cotton content with elastane that is built to have the right amount of give around swollen areas. As well as this fabrication, the high coverage design means the end point of the bra won’t cause indentations on most ladies.  

Anita care salvia bra

Can you sleep in this Anita Care Bra?

Yes! The Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra is a great sleep bra. I am a big fan of front opening bras for sleeping as it means the hook and eyes won’t become irritating on your back while you sleep.

Does the Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra have molded / foam cups?

No, this Anita Care Bra doesn’t have molded cups. The cups of the bra are pre-shaped, so there is a “cup” for your breast tissue to sit in, but it is not a molded/foam/padded material. Because of the slightly thicker nature of the cups “nipple show” shouldn’t be a big issue in this front closure bra – however, that does of course depend on the nipple and the climate conditions at play. 

By Pat Jameson, Bra Fitter

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