benefits of wireless bras .

The real Benefits of Wireless Bras

As a Bra Fitter one of the most common myth’s I bust (on the daily!) is that all women need to wear underwire bras. With most ladies believing that underwire is the part of the

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best wireless bras for large bust

Best Wireless Bras for Large Busts

Image Credit: Glamorise Bra Fitter Pat’s guide to wireless support bras for large breasts. If you’ve landed on my blog before you may already know that I am *somewhat* passionate about wireless bras. Or more

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velcro front closure bras

Top Velcro Front Closure Bras

Pat’s guide to Velcro Front Closure Bras. As a bra fitter, I am used to getting two responses when I introduce the idea of velcro front closure bras to elderly women. The first is a

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3 Best front closure sleep bras

Women know that nothing can ruin your day quicker than a poor nights sleep. Which is why “comfortable sleep bra” is one of the most searched terms for bras on the internet. In this article

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