The New Fantasie Fusion Leisure Front Closure Wireless Bra Review

If you’ve read my blog on best bra colours under a white shirt you would know that I am a BIG FAN of the Fantasie Fusion Bra. So when they announced they were coming out with a wireless version that also happened to be a front wrap bra, the Fantasie Fusion Leisure Bra, you can imagine my delight! 

I think I may just have been one of the first women in a America to get my hands on one of these – hot out of the distribution centre!

I have a lot to tell you about this style so don’t be tempted to skip through this too fast… 

Design Features of the Fusion Leisure Wrap Bra

This bra ticks a ton of boxes that many front closure bras just don’t. The most important being that the ribcage band is adjustable, which means as the bra stretches with wear you can firm up the ribcage band. This is important as the ribcage band is where the support comes from in your bra

The other REALLY great feature is the removable elastic straps that hide under the full back design. As a Bra Fitter I am an advocate for adjustability – but I know for a comfort, lounge or sleep bra that some people would prefer not to have the nobbly bits (that’s my not so fancy word for the adjustment setting) on the back.

Things I loves about this wireless front close bra

Image Credit: Fantasie Lingerie

Fitting Tips for the Fantasie Fusion Leisure Bra

So this style is technically a bralette. Which means it isn’t produced in cup and band sizes like a traditional bra. It is designed to cover a range of cup sizes.  Fantasie advise (on the product tag) that it should fit about a D-I cup (US). But I must admit, I just don’t agree.  I can see that the model does look pretty busty, but I think the actual production run of this garment has come up significantly smaller. 

I believe this style will work for a C – F/DDD (US) well, and *may* work for the odd G cup lady.

Fantasie Fusion Leisure Size guide

So I think, the following sizes should order this size in this bra… 

  • 30C – 30F should order a size XS/8/30
  • 32C – 32F should order a size S/10/32
  • 34C – 34F should order a size M/12/34
  • 36C – 36F should order a size L/14/36
  • 38C – 38F should order a size XL/16/38

👉🏽  Want to see more Bralette’s? Read this article on the Best Front Close Bralettes. Note, I’ll need to add this one to the list!

Some upclose pics of this Front Wrap Bra

What sizes does the Fusion Leisure Front Close Bra come in?

Sizes XS – XL.  BUT PLEASE scroll up to see my fitting notes for more detail about what bra sizes will work in this bra. 

Things to be aware of with this bra

I think the only real thing to be careful about with this style is the fitting guide put out by Fantasie. I think there could be a lot of disappointed larger busted ladies ordering this online when they shouldn’t be. I strongly recommend sticking with the fitting notes and recommendations I have provided above. 

Remember! We want the bra firm on the loosest setting when it’s new – it will stretch – particularly because you are going to LIVE in this style. 

Colours available in the Fantasie Fusion Bra


Edited to add this video a kind IG user let me link to in this article! Thanks @shescience

My review of the Front Wrap Bra

I think it’s pretty clear – I am a FAN of this one. I think it will make a great bra for a broad range of women’s needs. 
✔️ Seniors will love it
✔️  Those seeking a sleep bra will love it
✔️ Post surgical (once wounds have healed) will love it

✔️ Working From Home ladies will love it 

She only loses marks for the NQR (not quite right) fitting guide on the swing tag that is going to cause confusion.

Pat's rating of the Fusion Lesiure Bra


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