4 best Front Closure Bras with back support

Bra with back support for back pain

The struggle to find bras for back support can be a menace for many women. Many bras aren’t comfortable enough to wear all day. If you work in an office, you are more prone to experience slouching. This is because you spend a lot of time sitting, and this might result in back pain since your regular bra can’t offer you good back support. It takes multiple visits to the fashion store for bra fittings to find one bra that works well for your body. However, if you feel like you have reached a dead-end and still haven’t found good bras for posture, then we’re here to help.

What Bras with Back Support Can Do for You?

A back support bras’ role is to relieve your neck, shoulders, and back from the tensions brought about by the weight of carrying your breasts. The bras accomplish this by having a wider supportive band and a pressure-relieving back. Regular bras can enhance the shape and look of your breasts. However, they won’t carry the weight of your breasts as a bra built specifically to support the back.

On the other hand, back support bras, also known as bras for posture, will not pull on your shoulders, and they will distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. Once you start using a back support bra, you will find how easy it is to sit and stand straight. You won’t have to be weighed down by your breasts as it is when using regular bras.

1.     Enell Lite

If you love getting active, then this Enell Lite women’s sports bra for posture is what you will need to support your breasts.  It is made from high-quality spandex and nylon material. The bra also has a firm and convenient front closure using hook and eye clasps. This bra will let you go on with your sports activities and run your everyday errands while still keeping your breasts secure.

The Enell bra also has wide non-stretch straps that evenly distribute the weight of your boobs’ across your shoulder to help prevent shoulder fatigue. The Enell bras are designed with a Microfibre and naturexx fabric that helps transfer moisture from your body and regulates heat buildup.

This sports bra is great for your posture if you are being active.

2.     Leonisa Back Support Posture Corrector Wireless Bra

This is yet another bra for posture from Leonisa. The bra has 3 adjustable straps that will provide back support without hurting your shoulders. The great thing with this Leonisa bra is that it is multipurpose. It can be used for breastfeeding, to correct back posture, and when exercising. This bra also has two distinct cups that give you maximum support as well as leave you with a well-rounded shape.

3.     Playtex 18 Hour Front Closure Posture Bra

This Playtex bra will make you at ease, and comfortable the whole day as you go on with your errands. The bralette is made from high-quality nylon and spandex material. The back support and front closure are some of the best features of this fantastic bra. It also has lovely wide straps that help the bra stay in place for hours. The cups are designed with nano rings technology, which helps in providing lift and side support.

This style is a great option from a price point of view, but I did find that it didn’t wash and wear as well as some of my other front closure bras.

4.     Glamorise MagicLift Front Close Posture Back Support Bra

front closure bra with back support

If you have been having problems with your back, this glamorise front close bra is here to take that worry away.  The bra has straps that are wide and gel padded to ensure that it does not dig in across the shoulders. And this MagicLift style also has an adjustable front closure that ensures the hooks are easy to let in and out. This support bra has a reinforced bra band that does the heavy lifting for your breasts without the presence of a wire.

I really do think this style has to be experienced to be believed!

Sitting for long periods can lead to pain and discomfort on your back, particularly with a heavy bust or if your existing bras aren’t fitting and functioning well. That is why it’s paramount you find a good posture bra. There are numerous back support bras that one can choose from these days. After knowing your bra size, you can select the best bras with back support to make you feel comfortable when working at the office or chasing the kids (or grand kids!) around the house.