What to wear after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Trying to figure out what the best post augmentation bra is? Or even just simply wondering what to wear after breast augmentation surgery? 

If you are planning this breast surgery, it’s definitely best to be prepared well ahead of your time in hospital. Getting out and about after your procedure may be difficult so I strongly recommend having at least two options on hand at the time of your surgery. 

what to wear after breast augmentation surgery

What to expect directly after surgery

Every surgeon will be different, but most patients will leave the hospital with a fresh dressing and overlying Tubigrip or compression bandage. This of course will depend how long your hospital stay. This can vary from 0 days to 3 days. 

It’s important to ask your surgeon how long to leave this bandage on for and when you can start wearing a post augmentation bra. 

💡 In my experience women will transition to a compression bra after breast augmentation at about the 2-4 day mark. 

What type of bra to wear after breast augmentation?

Most surgeons recommend compression bras after breast augmentation. These are styles designed with a gently diffuse compression to assist with swelling reduction, comfort and wound healing.

While you can buy specific “post augmentation bras” in lots of cases the only defining factor about these styles are their targeted marketing. There is a larger variety of general post surgical bra options that are suitable as bras to wear after breast surgery.

Will I need an implant stabilizer band?

An implant stabilizer band is a firm piece of fabric that wraps around the top of your bust. Implant stabilizer bands are prescribed by breast surgeons that feel your implants need some encouragement to “drop” further. 

In general, you do not need one of these unless your surgeon recommends it. Not all post augmentation patients end up with one of these. So I don’t recommend rushing out to have one on hand post surgery. 

In my experience surgeons will prescribe this at a 6-8 week post op review, if required.

Features to look for in a bra after Breast Augmentation

Post Augmentation Bra recommendations

Curveez Post Surgery Support Bra

what type of bra to wear after breast augmentation
Image: Amazon

Curveez Post Surgery Support Bra for post augmentation

This seamfree longline post surgical bra makes an ideal option after breast implant surgery.  This bra is infused with natural components that the brand will claim improves the rate of tissue healing on scar sites.  I recommend this style because it ticks a lot of boxes from a functional perspective – not for these claims. 

This Front Clasp Bras features 👇

This Front Clasp Bra Sizes available👇

This front clasp bra comes in sizes S – XXL. Making it a suitable option for sizes 32 – 46 D, DD, DDD


This score is reflective of the thousands of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

carefix after breast augmentation bra
Image: Amazon

Carefix Sophia Bra for post augmentation

Another low irritation long line compression bra for use after implant surgery. The Carefix Sophia uses a simple zip mechanism which lots of ladies prefer. This style is known for it’s supremely comfortable fabric that holds its strength to provide long lasting compression. This is a great option for women serious about doing things right post surgery. 

Read my full review of the Carefix Sophia here. 

This Front Zip Brafeatures 👇

Sizes of this Front Zip post op bra 👇

This style is produced in XS – 2XL sizing. A 3XL is for a  ribcage/underbust measuring approximately 42 inches. While the site will claim up to 44 inches, I felt this style did fit snug.

👉🏽 Here is the size guide.

Overall rating of the Carefix Sophia


This score is reflective of the thousands of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Amoena Theraport Post Surgery Velcro bra
Image: Amazon

Amoena Theraport bra to wear after breast surgery

A less obtrusive style than the last two recommendations, the Amoena Theraport is designed to offload pressure on wound sites however is not as longline as the aforementioned options. The slight dip across the bust also means this is more suitable for under low profile shirts. 

Amoena are a specialty post surgical brand so are capable of producing high quality bras that avoid irritation and optimise support during the recovery period.

The Amoena Theraport Bra Features 👇

Sizes of the Amoena Theraport Post Op Bra 👇

I found this style to fit a little snug. You do want a compressive feel, so keep that in mind. 

Sizing is in Small – X-Large. 

A small will suit a size 32, medium a size 34, large a size 36, X-large a size 38.  This style is generally suitable for a D, DD, DDD cup.


This score is reflective of the thousands of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

post augmentation bra
Image: Amazon

Annette Wirefree Post Surgical Softcup Bra Review

This option is a great style to use as a transition bra post surgery. For when you feel like you don’t need a strong compressive post op bra but you’re not quite ready for traditional underwire bras.  

This is a soft cup style meaning the cups are light, not padded or molded. It also makes a great front closure bra for sleeping. 

Annette Wirefree Post Surgical Softcup Bra Features

Sizes of the Annette Softcup Bra

Avaiable in sizes 34 – 42, B – DD cup. 


This score is reflective of the thousands of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Compression Bras after Breast Augmentation


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