Wacoal Perfect Primer Front Close Underwire Bra Review

wacoal perfect primer front close underwire bra
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Bra Fitter Pat's review + guide to buying the Wacoal Perfect Primer Front Close Underwire Bra.
Bra Fitter Pat Jameson

Finding supportive underwire everyday bras with an easy front close mechanism isn’t an easy feat. But for a lot of sizes, the Wacoal Perfect Primer front close underwire bra is just that – our review of this front closure bra didn’t disappoint. We hope you enjoy what Pat has to share… 

Design Features

The Wacoal Perfect Primer Front Close Bra is based off one of Wacoal’s most loved bras – the Perfect Primer Bra  (not front close). This has been a strong staple in the Wacoal Bra range, so much so they decided to bring it in with this front close mechanism to provide a solution to those seeking an easy on/off option. It’s always a good sign when a brand diversifies a model bra, it shows that the fit and design is well received. Wacoal have also produced the Perfect Primer in a Wire Free version, a Full Figure version and a T-Shirt Bra version.  

Things I loved about the Perfect Primer Front Close Bra

My favourite things about this bra are…

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Fitting Tips for the Perfect Primer Bra

My personal experience with this bra is that it fits fairly true to size.  Having spoken to other Bra Fitter’s and read customers online product reviews it’s not uncommon to hear the cups fit a little on the small side. 

For this reason, if you find you are a C cup in some brands and a D cup in other brands I would advise to size up. If you feel you are a straight C cup then just stick with that size. 

I also read a few reviews that people felt the ribcage band fits small. I didn’t experience this myself. It’s definitely important to remember that the band around the ribcage needs to be firm as this is responsible for delivering most of the support. Because this style can’t be tightened once it’s stretched a little then it’s even more important not to just opt for a size that’s too big around the ribcage. 

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What sizes does the Perfect Primer Front Close Bra come in?

32D, 32DD, 32DDD

34C, 34D, 34DD, 34DDD, 34G

36C, 36D, 36DD, 36DDD, 36G

38C, 38D, 38DD, 38DDD, 38G 

40C, 40D, 40DD, 40DDD, 40G

42C, 42D, 42DD, 42DDD

Things to be aware of with this bra

As elluded to above, the Wacoal Perfect Primer can’t be adjusted in at the back once it’s stretched. For this reason when you first buy it you do want it to be a tad on the firm side. With a few washes and wears it will give a little. In fact, a bra will stretch most when its new as the fabrics haven’t had to ensure any stretch up until that point. So don’t be tempted to change for a bigger ribcage band unless you really feel you need too. 

More colours of the Wacoal Perfect Primer Front Close Bra

My review wrap up

If you’re not used to wearing a front close bra then you are going to go one of two ways when you try this style on…. You’ll either absolutely love the functionality or you’ll think it just feels weird and find it hard to adjust to. 

I think the Wacoal Perfect primer is a great front close bra to start off your front closure bra journey as it has so many similarities to a traditional bra. 

While most online review platforms for this bra average around a 4 – 4.25 star rating (which is VERY good for a bra!), I am personally going to give this 4.5 stars because I really did love it. 

Pat's rating of the Wacoal Perfect Primer Front Close Underwire Bra


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