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As a bra fitter, I am used to getting two responses when I introduce the idea of velcro front closure bras to elderly women. The first is a gasp of disbelief and concern and questioning like “Will the velcro last? Won’t that scratch my sensitive skin?”. And the other response is a excited “Wow, what a great idea! Why haven’t I thought of that myself?”. 

Both of these responses are understandable reactions. The idea of velcro on a bra certainly seems like a good idea, but also there are potential downsides if the bra is not designed well. 

Benefits of a velcro front closure bra

Here’s my take on the benefits of velcro bras..

My top velcro bra recommendations...

My recommended velcro bra list has been curated to reflect high quality, easy to use, durable bras with velcro fastening systems. 

While some of these options may be “marketed” towards post surgical use, they are all still suitable for women who have not endured surgery.  

I believe the Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra, Classic Post Mastectomy Front Closure Bra and the Underworks Velcro Arthritis Bra tick all the boxes above. 

Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra

velcro surgical bra
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Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra Review

This velcro surgical bra is a great option for post surgery or everyday wear. With multiple velcro adjustability points it’s easy to ensure a comfortable and supportive result.

Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra Features



Overall rating of Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra


This rating is reflective of hundred of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Amoena Theraport Post Surgery Bra

Amoena Theraport Post Surgery Velcro bra
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Amoena Theraport Post Surgery Bra Review

Great for post surgical or longer term everyday use the Amoena Theraport bra has comprehensive adjustability in the shoulder strap and an easy front closure velcro system at the front. Amoena are a leading post surgical bra brand known for their good quality fabrication and fit.

Amoena Theraport Post Surgical Bra Features



Overall rating of the Amoena Theraport Front Closure Bra


This rating is reflective of hundred of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Classique Post Mastectomy Front Closure Bra

Velcro post mastectomy bra
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Classique Post Mastectomy Front Closure Bra Review

This velcro front closure bra is a super soft, easy to wear bra for everyday use. With discrete seamless pockets that can be used optionally to put in a prosthesis if required.

Classique Velcro Front Closure Bra Features



Overall rating of the Classique Velcro Front Closure Bra


This rating is reflective of hundred of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Underworks Velcro Arthritis Bra

front open bra for elderly
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Underworks Velcro Arthritis Bra Review

I love this alternative style of front closure bra. An easy on and easy off option for seniors or disabled women, with the wrap technique and underbust adhesive.

Underworks Velcro Arthritis Bra Features



Overall rating of Underworks Velcro Bra


This rating is reflective of hundred of Amazon reviews from verified buyers. 

Velcro surgical bras - are they a good idea?

In short, Velcro bras are a great idea for post surgical use so long as they are designed with this in mind. Bras designed especially for surgery will have taken in to account the need for soft fabrication, low irritation seams /velcro (or hook and loop as some people call it) and a compressive design. 

A poorly constructed velcro bra that has not been designed for post surgical use could  cause damage to sensitive tissue and healing wound sites or scars. 

If you are wanting a velcro bra for after surgery then i strong suggest sticking with one of the styles I have mentioned above. These has been designed specifically to work well for after surgery use. 

Front open bra for elderly women - are they are good idea?

Front open bras for elderly women are a GREAT idea. With the main pain point of bras for senior women being their general discomfort and difficulty to get in to. A front open bra will majorly assist these issues. 

Front Closure bras for seniors will typically designed as wire less bras making them comfortable for long periods. 

Front open bras are easy bras for seniors who have issues with straps that slide off their shoulders. This is common in elderly women as shoulders can round as we age and our posture changes. Front Closure bras are often designed with a full back design and wide soft straps that prevent slippage. 

Naturally, as you’ll know having read this article, front open bras are much easier to get in to than traditional bras as the fixation can be seen easily and often doesn’t require good dexterity. 

How to wash velcro bras

The most important thing to remember when washing a velcro bra is to ensure the velcro is done up before washing it.  All velcro sections should be fully adhered to. Even if this means moving the velcro to a position where it is fully adhered just for the wash cycle.

I always strongly recommend hand washing bras, and velcro bras are no exception. But if this is not an option then a gentle machine wash in a lingerie or delicates bag is the best way to go – with the velcro fully adhered as mentioned above.

If velcro is washed without being adhered or in a separated / uncovered state then the velcro will age quickly losing it’s ability to stick. This is not a manufacturers fault, it is a washing and care fault, so manufacturers will not ever replace products with this issue.