Top Rated Front Closure Mastectomy Bras for comfort

front closure mastectomy bras
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One of the toughest phone calls we get as Bra Fitters, is requests for post mastectomy bras from desperate women. For the simple reason being that there are very few places to refer to that hold a comprehensive range of mastectomy bras. Front Closure Mastectomy Bras are especially hard to find in big box retail stores. 

So, I put together this guide with my “favourite bra” for a few different categories. These include the best all-rounder bra, best bra for lounging, best everyday bra, best for senior ladies and best for immediately post surgery. 

So let’s jump straight in to it… 

What is a mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra is not the same as a post surgical bra. Although they can share a lot of the same features, a mastectomy bras has a few more special design elements. 

Most importantly a mastectomy bra has in built pockets that allow for a breast forms or breast prosthesis. They are designed to hold these snuggly and remove the need for these additions to sit directly against the skin. 

Who needs a mastectomy bra?

In essence mastectomy bras are generally only required by women who are choosing to use a breast prosthesis for a short or prolonged period. 

Women that have had reconstructive surgery won’t require a mastectomy bra, but rather a post surgical bra (like ones of these bras that we recommend after Augmentation surgery). Again, these share the same features it just won’t have the pocket to allow for a breast prosthesis. 

Best All-Rounder Front Closure Mastectomy Bra

Anita Salvia Front Closure Bra review
Image Credit: Anita Care

Anita Care Salvia Post Mastectomy Bra

This bra ticks a lot of boxes for any woman navigating life post mastectomy. Loved for it’s comfort and convenience post surgery and beyond. 

Anita Care Salvia Featues

Overall rating of Anita Salvia 5322X bra


This Anita Care Salvia had to be listed as my top rated  all-rounder because it’s suitable for all stages post surgery. So comfortable that you won’t feel like you’re wearing a dowdy “mastectomy bra”. 

Best Comfort Lounge Mastectomy Bra

Anita front closure mastectomy bras
Image Credit: Anita Care

Anita Care Lynn Mastectomy Bra Review

“Uncomplicated comfort” is how this bra is described the brand (and many of it’s reviewers!). That’s exactly what you want from a Lounge bra. The ideal option for those evenings you don’t want to wear a bra at home, but feel you should be (for whatever reason!). 

Anita Care Lynn Bra Features

Overall rating of Anita Care Lynn 5768X bra


A fitting tip with this style is to size up. It is really quite compressive so most ladies, prefer to go up a size. That’s especially important for a lounge wear bra. 

Best Everyday Front Closure Mastectomy Bra

ront closure pocketed mastectomy bra
Image Credit: Amoena

Amoena Mara Pocketed Mastectomy Bra Review

This style is. the sister size to Amoena’s best selling style the “Mara”. Simply adjusted to add the front closure fastening for those looking for ease of use. This fuss free bra will have you going to grab it on the daily. 

Amoena Mara Front Closure Bra Features

Overall rating of Amoena Mara Front Closure Bra


As a specialty mastectomy brand Amoena are a trusted supplier of good quality mastectomy bras designed with the specific needs of post surgical women in mind. 

Best Front Closure Mastectomy Bra for Seniors

Velcro post mastectomy bra
Image credit: amazon

Classique Post Mastectomy Front Closure Bra Review

Perfect for seniors ladies this bra helps with two common pain points for elderly women. That being, difficulty with hooks and straps slipping off shoulders.  The velcro (hook and loop!) front closure and T-back design are where the magic happens. 

Classique Post Mastectomy Velcro Bra Features

Overall rating of product name


Overall a great easy on / easy off option for seniors lacking dexterity in their fingers and hands. I love bras like this that enable independent living. 

Best Front Closure Mastectomy Bra for post surgery recovery

front closure mastectomy bras
Image Credit: Anita care

Anita Care Cosamia Mastectomy Bra Review

A great option for the early days post mastectomy and also suitable for day to day wear when you return to usual daily activities with a prosthesis fitted. 

The silky soft low irritation fabrics and mildly compressive design is what makes this a great option for the early recovery days. 

Anita Care Cosamia Front Closure Bra Features

Overall rating of Anita Care Cosamia 5311X Bra


Anita have long protected their mastectomy bras from being sold online, so customer reviews are hard to find for this style (which is only now available via online shopping). I rate this style a 4.5 / 5 – only losing marks for not being available past a D cup

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