The real Benefits of Wireless Bras

As a Bra Fitter one of the most common myth’s I bust (on the daily!) is that all women need to wear underwire bras. With most ladies believing that underwire is the part of the bra that supports us – the part they couldn’t be without. 

In this article I am going to talk you through why underwire isn’t absolutely necessary in a bra. By the end you should truly understand the benefits of wireless bras. 

benefits of wireless bras .

What is the purpose of underwire bras?

There is of course a reason why lots of brands choose to use underwire in their bras. The role of underwire in a bra is to…

wired vs wireless bras
This image shows how underwire sits against our chest to offer complete separation of our breasts

What happens if you don't wear underwire?

The most noticeable difference you’ll find when transitioning from underwire to wirefree bras is the shape. Your bust will generally not be as rounded as you’ll get with an underwire bra. 

The other obvious difference you’ll notice is that your breasts may not be completely separated. This is because when fitted well underwire is the best vehicle to distinctly separate the bust. 

And lastly, a difference most women notice straight away is that “it just feels different”. I find most women like the feeling of no underwire in a well fitted supportive bra. But there are also plenty of ladies that just don’t like it – they are too used to having worn underwire most of their life and the move to wireless can feel all too strange. 

A video by a Bra Fitter I trained with in the UK, about Underwire Vs Wireless bras.

The Benefits of wire free bras


Lots of ladies, particularly as we age, after significant weight change or post a surgical procedure simply stop feeling comfortable with underwire. Granted this can also be due to poorly fitted bras. So the most commonly talked about benefits of wireless bras is simply comfort. 

One less thing to go wrong

Choosing a wireless bra eliminates issues like underwire poking through or snapping.  Going wire free also then eliminates underwire rubbing against our breast tissue (which it will only do in a poorly fitted bra) causing welts or chafe marks. 

A high quality wire free bra can last longer than your wired bras for this reason. 

A better option if your shape changes regularly

The only issue I have with underwire bras is that if they are not fitted properly they will almost definitely cause discomfort through out your day. If your shape changes regularly, or you’re on a shape change journey, then wireless bras with cope with this much better. This is because you won’t then have an  underwire become too big on you if your size decreases (causing poking and gaping). And then of course you won’t have an underwire poking against breast tissue if your size increases. 

While there is no bra that will perfectly tolerate a significant size change – a wireless bra will undoubtedly do a better job under shape change conditions than a underwire bra will. 


wireless bra for large bust
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Can you wear a wirefree bra if you have large breasts?

Why YES you can 🎉. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear wire free bras. Finding them in retail stores will always be the battle. Falling in love with a well fitted plus size wireless bra will be the easy part. 

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An interesting anecdote for you… At the lingerie store that I work at our most popular sports bra for a H cup is the Enell Sports Bra – which is wireless. 

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