The Pros And Cons Of A Magnet Closure Bra

As the days go by, magnet closure bras are becoming increasingly popular, but what are they, and how beneficial are they?

In this article, we will explain all there is to know about a magnet closure bra, as well as its pros and cons.

The Pros And Cons Of A Magnet Closure Bra
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What Is A Magnet Closure Bra?

A magnet closure bra has magnetic bra fasteners that replace the regular hook and eye closure. For this type of closure, you find it at the front of a bra with a magnet (can be more than one, depending on the bra).

Pros Of A Magnet Closure Bra

1. Easy To Wear and Remove

Magnet closure bras offer bra solutions for seniors because it is easier to wear and remove than the other types of closure you find in bras. You no longer have to reach behind and bend your hand at an awkward angle to fasten your bra.

All you need to do is hold either side of the bra and allow the magnets to find each other and clasp. With magnetic bra fasteners, you will never have to battle with the traditional hooks-on bra for a long time when wearing or taking them off. 

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2. They Are Not Uncomfortable

A magnet closure bra is comfortable to use. It does not dig into your skin when you wear it. Since the closure is at the front in between your breasts, they provide a balance, unlike the regular bras that can make your boobs seep lopsided. 

You can sleep with a magnet closure bra without discomfort, and even after long hours of wearing a bra, they wouldn’t find those bra lines on your side that come with wearing traditional bras.

3. Suitable For Any Woman

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties or late sixties; you can use magnetic bra fasteners. Also, the size of your boobs doesn’t matter when it comes to a magnet closure bra. The bra can provide support for any size of breasts.

4. They Are Versatile

A magnet closure bra has different sizes, colors, and styles. Its versatility shows that there are unlimited options for everyone. Also, the magnetic bra fasteners can come in different shapes and be circular, straight, or square. Your style doesn’t matter; you will find what works for you.

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5. Perfect For a Wide Set Of Breasts

Women with wide sets of breasts require more support from bras. Women need bras that center their breasts rather than move them sideways, which is very uncomfortable. But with magnetic bra fasteners, the clasp is in the middle of your breasts to give them a natural shape and placement.

6. Magnet Closure Bras Fit Any Clothing

There are certain types of clothing that traditional bras do not work well with. For example, dresses with a low neckline are hard for women to wear with regular bras. But with magnetic bra fasteners, it isn’t an issue since they are low and less likely to peek out. They fit any clothing and keep your boobs firm.

Cons of magnet closure bra
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Cons of a Magnet Closure Bra

1. There Are No Adjustments

Unlike traditional bras with several hooks and eyes, for Adjustments, there are none on magnet closure fasteners. The lack of adjustments means you have to get one specific size, which can be hard. If any changes happen with your body, it’s easy for the bra to no longer fit you.

2. Magnets Can Sometimes Rust

Rusting happens when the materials (like iron) in the magnet have too much exposure to oxygen and water. Rusting can weaken the strength of the bra over time, and before you know it, you wouldn’t be able to use them anymore.

3. They Can Open At Anytime

Regular hook and eye bras open from time to time, but since there are multiple hooks on those kinds of bras, you can easily manage them. But with magnet fasteners that are not as strong, they can easily open and cause discomfort. Also, the more you use them, the more they weaken.

4. There's Only One Size

One of the major disadvantages of wearing magnetic bra fasteners is that there’s only one size it comes in. You might like a particular brand or style of bra, but since most of the time, a magnet closure bra has just one magnet, it has to be a perfect fit. It’s harder to find the bra size in this case than when you wear regular bras.

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5. A Magnet Closure Bra Doesn't Last Long

There are many elements that allow a magnet closure bra to have a short lifetime. For example, if a change in your body occurs and the bra no longer fits you, you have no choice but to throw it away since there are no adjustments. Another example is when the magnet rusts and gradually weakens. For bras with hooks and eyes, it can also rust, but unlike magnet closure fasteners, they can stay steady for a longer time.

6. There Aren't Many Magnet Closure Bra In The Market

Unlike regular bras, which have a higher demand, a magnet closure bra is limited due to its lesser popularity among women. Although magnetic bra fasteners have many advantages, most women choose regular bras. Many popular bra manufacturers do not pay too much attention to this type of bra. As such, if someone needs them regularly might struggle to have access. 

7. Doesn't Support Large Breasts Very Well

Women with very large breasts tend to steer clear of magnetic bra fasteners because of how little support they give. It feels uncomfortable wearing a magnet closure bra with larger breasts because they fear they might open anytime. 

Apart from this, they do not provide the support the breasts require, making it easy for the bra to make the breasts appear sideways. Women with smaller breasts hardly experience the problem.


The invention of the magnet closure bra is heaven-sent for women who struggle to wear their bras alone. There are so many advantages of a magnet closure bra, but the one that stands out the most is its convenience and ease. If you feel like they’d suit you perfectly, do not be afraid to try them. 

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