A guide to Cotton Bras


Cotton bras for seniors, Cotton Sports Bras, Pure Cotton Bras and Cotton Bras for sensitive skin.

By Pat Jameson, Bra Fitter

front closure cotton bras

With the rise of synthetic material production finding pure cotton bras, or any garments for that matter, can be a touch feat. In this article I am going to guide you through the pros and cons of cotton bras, common use cases for cotton bras, why it’s hard to find cotton bras in shops and I’ll point you to some of my most recommended cotton bras.

Cotton V Synthetic Bras

The big debate… which is better, cotton or synthetic bras?

My summary of thoughts are that unless you actually need a cotton bra due to skin sensitivity then synthetic bras are a better way for most women to go because they will be more durable as they are more resistant to stretch. Stretch resistance is important when it comes to a bra providing support – you can read more about that here.

The arguments for cotton bras being the best choice is that it’s nicer to have natural fibres against your body, it helps to wick moisture from the skin and that they create less irritation issues for those with sensitive skin. While I agree these are all fabulous advantages I think the benefit of strong support (from stronger stretch resistant fabrics) and a longer lifespan are more important to most women.

Benefits of Cotton Bras

  • Natural material
  • Cotton allows your skin to breathe
  • Cotton causes less irritation on sensitive skin
  • Ultra comfortable as the material stretched easily against the skin

Cotton Bras for sensitive skin

Hands down the most common need for cotton bras is centred around women who react to synthetic materials. I have heard the desperation in these poor women’s dialogue – a reason I was driven to write this blog. Could you honestly imagine wearing a garment that itched you and left welts on your skin?! Poor ladies.

Some women are prone to reacting to the general synthetic fibres in bras, the metals used in claps or lingerie detailing, latex sometimes use in bra production or even the chemicals used to treat or wash the fabric.

A cotton bra is a great solution for those suffering these unrelenting skin irritation issues.

Cotton Bras for seniors

Cotton bras for seniors are a popular choice. Due to the nature of our skin thinning as we age and becoming more delicate, it’s really common to hear of elderly women seeking out a high cotton content in their bras.

I see this as a good fit as cotton delivers a lot of the qualities our seniors ladies are looking for. That being, soft fabrics, low irritant materials, wire free (not always, but often) bras that stretch to our shape quickly. In short they are comfortable which is generally the main aim for bras for seniors.

With that super soft, super comfortable feel will often come a lower support solution. I don’t believe this to be a major issue for elderly women. Comfort is key for this demographic. So long as they find that their breasts being less supported is causing them other issues.

Why is it hard to find Cotton Support Bras in stores?

While I, the Bra Fitter, believes cotton bras are an important part of our stock room, I understand why most retailers choose not to stock a large variety of cotton bras. With the buyer demand for synthetic high support durable bra options there is simply less customers out there seeking a high percentage cotton bra. Given the nature of bras having so many sizes and colour variants required most retailers will put one of two token high cotton content styles and feel it irresponsible to put any more of their stock inventory dollars in to the category. It makes sense on paper (or a profit and loss statement), but it doesn’t help the women out there looking for this category.

This is why we see so many women choosing to shop online for cotton bras.

100% pure Cotton Bras – do they exist?

Its quite unlikely you’ll find a supportive 100% cotton bra. You may find a 100% cotton “crop” top, but its highly unlikely you’ll ever find a 100% pure cotton bra. This is because bras require elastic and metal elements in order to truly be considered a “bra”. A Bra should be designed in cup sizes eg 36D, not XS-XXXL sizing which doesn’t allow for our proportions.

The industry will label anything that they (the producer) deems to have a high cotton content as a “cotton bra”.

For the purpose of my recommendations I have considered anything with 80% or above cotton content to be a “cotton bra”. Most women who seek out a cotton bra don’t actually want a 100% cotton bras as they still want the elastic and metal elements in order to get a good fit and appropriate support.

Cotton Front Closure Bras I recommend

The merging of Cotton Bras and Front Closure Bras is a bit of a tricky one. As cotton bras are rare in their own right, and then the same with front closure bras being an anomoly, we don’t see many bras producing cotton front closure bras. But I do have some favourites listed below for you to look at. The Royce Comfi Cotton Front Closure Bra is a personal favourite and most importantly is available in a decent range of actual bra sizes.

front closure cotton bra
98% cotton front closure bra

Royce Comfi Bra
cotton front closure bra
95% cotton front closure bra

Fruit of the Loom Cotton Bra

Cotton Sports Bras I recommend

So I have to be honest and say ordinarily cotton and sports bras aren’t a common mix. This is because the synthetic materials are what provide the strong stretch resistant fabrics that a sports bra really needs. Royce has done a really great job with the Impact Free Cotton Sports Bra that has 81% cotton content and is a super supportive sports bra available in a great range of sizes. I am sorry I don’t have more to recommend – I can’t bring myself to suggest a product I don’t believe in just for the sake of it.

cotton sports bra
81% cotton High Impact Sports Bra

Royce Impact Free Cotton Sports Bra

Cotton Support Bras I recommend

While we talk about the cotton fabric being less structured and more stretchy than synthetic materials, it is also important to note that you can actually find cotton support bras in a great range of sizes. The Anita Jana Cotton Wire Less Bra and the Royce Grace Wire-Free Cotton Comfort Bras are both a testament to this. Noting again that these styles are 80% and 84% cotton. Of course the brands have ensured the cotton is placed on the internal cups of the bra in order to ensure

cotton support bras
80% cotton support bra for B – H cup

Anita Jana Cotton Wire Less Bra 5427

cotton-support-bra plus size
84% cotton support bra for D-FF cup

Royce Grace Wire-Free Cotton Comfort Bra

My final words on Cotton Bras

As mentioned through out this article I do believe that cotton bras are only *truly* a benefits to those who really need to stay away from synthetic fabrics. While there are some lovely benefits of cotton, if you are a hard to find size or have particular needs then you’ll probably find it easiest to stick to mainstream bras that use a higher percentage of synthetic materials that aid support and lifespan.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch 🙂

Pat x

How to find the most comfortable bras for seniors

comfortable bras for seniors

A guide to finding comfortable bras for seniors

By Pat Jameson – Bra Fitter

As an experienced Bra Fitter I have seen my fair share of tears and challenging moments in the change room. I know how hard it can be to find comfortable bras for seniors women. This hardship is commonly experienced in elderly women who feel shame that they are no longer able to get in and out of bras with ease or have to compromise on style and support for comfort. It can be heartbreaking to see women tackle challenges with their bodies – at all ages, shapes and sizes for that matter.

I have put together this guide as a reference for those seeking comfortable bras for senior women; for themselves or someone they love.

What makes a bra comfortable for elderly women?

  • Wire less design
  • Soft, seam free or low irritation fabrics
  • Easy-on and Easy-off bras
  • Front Clasp or Front Closure bras
  • Fit around the ribcage is important to prevent skin rashes
  • Bra alternatives can also be a great option for elderly women

Opt for Wire less bras for elderly women

When I mention the option of wire less bras I often get confused faces from concerned onlookers…. I know what question is coming next… “But then there won’t be any support?”.

The truth is that the role of underwire is actually to shape our breasts, not to lift or support it. The good news there that if shape is not a critical issue for you, you really don’t have to feel like you are losing anything with out it in your bra.

Wire less bras are almost always regarded as being more comfortable, particularly with elderly women. Shape can still be achieved by opting for wire less bras that have a moulded or foam cup. This cup will give a more natural shape without the risk of underwire causing discomfort. That’s a win, win.

Choose seam free bras where possible

I am a big fan of bras for seniors that are either seam free or use low irritation fabrics and fixtures. One thing for sure is that lacy bras that are likely to rub and irritate should be disregarded when tracking down the most comfortable bras for seniors.

The Comfort Revolution Bra is a good example of low seam, soft fabrics, with low irritation fabric. (Check it out here)

Something to be aware of is that seam free garments can stretch faster than bras that have structure from seams. This means your seniors friend may wear through the product faster. But don’t be tempted to compromise comfort for durability – my personal advice is that comfort is more important than spending an extra $30 on bras for a year. When you find something she is happy with – buy a few.

Consider front closure bras or front clasp bras

Getting in and out of a bra is a frustrating task in the morning for some elderly women. I hear women talk often about how shameful it feels to have to ask their husbands or daughters to help with a task that seems so menial. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about front clasp bras. Front Clasp Bras are an easy way to remove that challenge for elderly ladies that are experiencing changes to their range of motion and dexterity.

👉🏽 I wrote a dedicated article on the best front opening bras for seniors

Check the ribcage fit to prevent rashes

A common issue amongst ageing women and their bras are rashes forming under the breasts around the ribs.

Women who refuse to wear a bra and whom are sitting or lying for long periods with skin on skin (by that I mean their breasts hanging or sitting against their tummies) and no protective layer between are prone to forming rashes and subsequent bacterial skin infections.

There really needs to be a layer of material between the breasts and the stomach to prevent this. This is why ensuring that the bra or bra alternative is actually sitting right up against the ribcage so that it catches the breast tissue from falling against the stomach is very important. We don’t want this to be overly firm, as it will be uncomfortable, but we do need it to be firm enough to prevent the breasts from drooping. This provides both support and assurance against skin issues.

A not so funny story… I once had an elderly women present to a bra fitting with her mother and we found a sandwich crust buried in this fold between her breasts and her stomach. It had been there for days. This poor customer and her daughter were mortified. 😢

Show respect and consideration during the decision making

While helping your friends or family shop bras for elderly remember that this can be a challenging experience. Just as we may have struggled in the fitting room as teenagers in our first bra fittings – we also see elderly women struggle with the changes they are experiencing with their bodies. It can be an emotional day out.

Leave the decision making to your loved one. Comfort is key and if they aren’t comfortable or confident in the options presented during their fitting then it’s likely that they will never be happy with them. I am sure many elderly women go home with a bag full of bras they know they are never going to put on.

Some of my most recommended “Most Comfortable Bras for Seniors”

front clasp bra
Rated as a comfortable bra for seniors

Magic Lift Front Clasp Bra
glamorise bra for seniors
Rated as a comfortable bra for seniors

Glamorise Front Closure bra
front clasp bra for seniors
Rated as a comfortable bra for seniors

Comfort Revolution
bras for the elderly disabled
Rated as a comfortable bra for seniors

Breast Nest

Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra review

glamorise magiclift front close bra review

The Glamorise bra range is known for its strong supportive selection of bras in a great range of sizes. Their Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra has got to be hands down one of their most popular in this range. And Glamorise know how to do the front fastening bra thing well – they have a pretty broad selection of front fastening bras. (See their full range here).

Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra Features:

  • Full coverage back design
  • Easy to adjust front fastening hook and eye clasps
  • Wide soft straps
  • Lightly padded cups to create shape without underwire
  • High coverage cups
  • Wide sides under arms

Full coverage back design

Glamorise refers to their full coverage back design as a posture enhancing feature. The back of the glamorise magic lift front closure bra has criss crossed panels to aid in back support. This is a feature we commonly see in posture bras.

This full coverage back design not only attempts to take pressure off the shoulders, but also provides a shape smoothly results. This is certainly one of the features wearers of this style seem to rave about.

This back design also features light weight breathable mesh to ensure a light feel on body – this means the extra material won’t make you excessively hot.

Front Fastening Bra

The Front fastening hooks on this glamorise magic lift front closure bra are standard hook and eye clasps so you won’t get any surprises with having to learn a new clip system.

Most sizes will have 7 hook and eye clasps. I recommend doing these all up (don’t be tempted to skip one or two) to ensure that the load is spread evenly over these hooks and their lifespan is maximised.

I also recommend washing this bra with the hook and eye clasps all done up. This ensure they won’t hook on to other part of the bra in the wash bag and cause any damage in the washing machine.

How to wash the Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra

As do all brands, the Glamorise team recommend hand washing this bra. I 100% agree that this is always the best way to go.

How to hand wash:

  1. Prepare luke warm water with a mild detergent (Lingerie detergent is great, but not essential).
  2. Soak bra in prepared water + detergent.
  3. Gently shift the bra around in the water, if there are stains or marks rub this against another section of the bra.
  4. Rinse bra in fresh running water, ideally luke warm.
  5. Dab dry between two towels.
  6. Dry on a flat surface, do not hang from the shoulder strap.

If you can’t hand wash, then the next best way to go is do up all the hook and eye clasps, put the bra in a lingerie wash bag and wash on a short delicates cycle.

Does the Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra fit true to size?

I found that the cups in this do fit a bit on the big size so if you are between a F and a G cup then I would choose the F.

The band around the ribcage fits fairly true to size. Don’t be tempted to size up around the ribcage as this is where the support comes from and if it’s not snug around hear the bra will lose it’s functionality after wears and washing causes it to stretch.

If you are between a 36 and a 38 then I would suggest going with the 36. You want it to be a tad too firm when it’s new as it will stretch. And there is only one row of hooks to adjust in, not two like a traditional back closure bra.

What sizes does the Glamorise MagicLift Front Closure bra come in?

You can find this Glamorise front fastening bra in cup sizes B – K and band sizes 36 – 58. Note that these sizes are in American sizes. If you are used to shopping in other sizes you can use this bra sizing chart to assist you convert from UK bra sizes, European Bra sizes or Australian Bra sizes.

💡 Did you know? This style is listed in my ‘Comfortable Bras for Seniors’ blog

My final verdict on this wireless front fastening bra

All in all, I am a big fan of this style. The wire free bra gives a pretty crazy amount of lift given there is no underwire. That’s all thanks to the light padded cups that help to give the structure, support and shape.

Moving from underwire to wireless bras can be a big change. So please remember that the support will feel different. You’ll fall in one of two camps – you’ll either love it instantly because it is so different, or you may feel let down because it’s not what you’re used to. Even when women don’t like what they are used to they can find the change hard. Who knows which way it will go for you. But my best advice is to try it – give it a few wears before you judge any bra after making a dramatic move.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as me and my tester did 🙌🏽

5 tried and tested front opening bras for seniors


Ruling out a perfect bra that supports your needs can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack, especially when you are getting older. This is where front-opening bras for seniors come in handy.

Ageing is a stringent process that cannot be prevented. We can delay this process by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food, but some body parts are prone to decay with time and age.

One such part of women’s bodies are their breasts. They start sagging as our skin loses collagen and elasticity over time, and the ligaments supporting our breasts weaken. Additionally, many other health issues make wearing a bra difficult and uncomfortable with ageing.

Most elderly ladies suffer from diseases such as arthritis, dementia, and limited dexterity that restrict their movement. This constrained movement does not allow them to wear a bra with back hooks.

But lingerie brands and designers have solved this issue by introducing special front closure bras for seniors. These bras are comfortable, convenient, and easy to hook. Apart from being comfortable to wear, these front closure bras also pull the sagged breast frontward and together and provide you with the exact support and lift you require.

Thus, front closure bras for seniors are a must-have for all ladies in their sixties and above. This article will recommend five tried and tested front opening bras for elderly women.

💡 Wireless front closure bras can also be great as sleep bras > Read our blog on the best front closure sleep bras.

1. Silverts – Disabled Elderly Needs Arthritic Front Closing Bra

Silverts disabled elderly needs arthritic front closure bra is a miracle bra all the seniors battling dementia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and reduced hand and finger movements. This silverts bra is most importantly comfortable and very easy to hook for disabled women.

This front-closing Eezee arthritic bra can be easily slipped on and off. With its three giant flat hooks, a great option for those not wanting to fight with tiny hooks every time they have to get dressed for the day. A hook and loop fastener tab facing each hook leads to easy closing of the hook. These large finger loops that make it easy to grasp with just two fingers and a palm of your hands.

The fabrication of this bra is nice and soft with minimal irritation and rubbing points, the bra is made up of a soft cotton blend. It should be notes that the Silverts Eezee arthritic bra doesn’t cup in cup sizes, it is designed to accommodate an A to D cup size.

The main winning points of this style is the easy to manage finger loops and the soft fabrics. Thus, this adaptive bra is an ideal front opening bra for elderly ladies. It is highly recommended to ease you in more ways than one and boost your confidence and comfort.

2. Glamorise – Women’s MagicLift Front Close Posture Back Support Bra #1265

This front closure posture back support bra has been designed using super soft fabrics including; 67% Polyamide-Nylon, 26% Polyester, and 7% Elastane. Bonus that this was originally manufactured in New York the USA and is now shipped worldwide.

It is extremely comfortable due to its patented magic lift design and posture support. This Lycra support bands give the shoulder extremely safe support and lift. The traditional hook-and-eye closure makes it simple, safe, and secure to hook up.

The inside coated cups offer a great shape and incredible support even without an underwire. Adding on for even better uplift, support, and separation features a unique cross and zigzag stitching design. Its V-neck provides brilliantly shaped neckline that is easy to wear under a range of outfits.

The Glamorise front opening bra for elderly women consists of simple and multi-adjustable front hooks and extra-wide straps. All these features make this bra a very worthwhile purchase. It is the best for everyday wear.

We strongly recommend this glamorise style if you are looking for a relaxed, plain, and affordable bra with adjustable hooks and the best uplift results.

3. Glamorise – Women’s ComfortLift Front Close Lace Posture Back Support Bra #1202

This posture back supports bra is best for women with back pain or mobility issues. It soothes your back with it’s strong back support design, so if back and shoulder pain has been plaguing you, you must try the Glamorize women’s ComfortLift front closure bra in your collection, especially if you are a senior woman.

This front opening bra for elderly women comprises 52% Polyamide, 22% Polyester, 17% Cotton, and 9% Elastane, so has that nice soft feel on body. Like the MagicLift bra above it is also designed and produced in New York nUSA, and has been so popular it is now imported all around the world.

It has the same hook-and-eye feature as the MagicLift bra and its comfort lift design features cotton lined inner shaper. The full supportive back design and adjustable front closure make this a really comfortable option from the ‘get go’.

The bra’s appearance is beautiful as it is adorned with nice lace in the cups. The adjustable straps are a cherry on the top. It is an easy to wash product which also improves it’s lifespan.

If you are looking for a high-quality yet economical, breathable bra that lifts and separates then Glamorise women ComfortLift front closure bra should be your first choice.

4. Underworks – Arthritis Bra with Hook and Loop Closure – Sleep Leisure Breastfeeding Bra

Next up on our list of 5 tried and tested front opening bras for seniors is the Underworks Arthritis bra, a sleep, leisure, breastfeeding or seniors bra by Underworks. Manufactured in the USA this bra is made up of CottonPolySpandex fabric and consists of a center Velcro hook and loop that is extremely gentle and makes it easy to slip on and off. This also helps to adjust the firmness to a pressure that supports you well.

The new hook tab feature functions as a lock that prevents any curling up or disengaging. All these features allow women with restricted hand or upper body dexterity as a result of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, torn rotator cuff, and fibromyalgia to use it with great ease and equal dignity and pride. It is specially designed by keeping in mind the women that suffer from such aforementioned issues. Another added advantage of this bra is that it is completely safe for women with sensitive skin as it is latex-free.

It is also sometimes known as an oncology bra due to its wire-less or metal-less structure and is worn by many oncology patients. It is also used as a nursing bra as its easily adjustable hook and loop feature make it convenient for breastfeeding mothers.

Therefore, if you are a new mother, arthritis-affected woman, or an elderly women you can’t be bothered wrestling themselves in to a bra then the Underworks front closure bra is the right choice for you.

5. Breast Nest, F- HH cup camisole

The Breast Nest F -HH Cup Camisole is an underwire-free camisole bra. The underwire-free feature of this bra maximizes breast comfort while offering complete breast separation at the same time. The fabric is super soft and extremely comfortable; and the moisture-wicking helps you stay dry and fresh and reduces skin irritation.

The fabric also makes it particularly viable for women with sensitive skin as it prevents skin-to-skin contact due to cupping under breasts and avoiding rashes. Moreover, ladies who have undergone breast surgery, breast cancer chemotherapies, or Fibromyalgia find it enormously helpful and comfy.

It is a long, durable, and streamline camisole bra that stretches down to the hips and is easy to tuck in. It perfectly fits most body shapes and sizes due to its wide shoulder straps and full back design. It is available in DD up to HH cup sizes.

Its manufacturing fabric includes 95% Modal and 5% spandex and is easily washable in the machine. No underwires or hook and eye clasps to worry about.

The Bra Camisole Essentials has a sophisticated design and great durability without the vertical seam. It is an ultimate alternative bra solution for women seeking support, convenience, and coverage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a wire-less, supportive, and moisture-wicking bra then breast Nest F Cup – HH Cup Camisole Essentials Bra should be your first choice.

Finding the best bra front opening bras for seniors…

Being a mature woman in your seventies, eighties or nineties with restricted movements is challenging, and having to wear a bra makes it even more difficult. Choosing the perfect bra while keeping in mind your comfort, handiness and desires could be a daunting task. I hope some of these front opening bras for seniors and bra alternative recommendations help you on your way. I have also written a guide to finding comfortable bras for seniors here.

All the bras mentioned above are extremely easy to use. They have front hooks to make wearing easy, perfect fabrics to avoid rashes and skin problems, and provide excellent support and lift. Thus, if you are looking for fashion-oriented bras yet offer ample support to your needs then the front opening bras suggested are for you especially if you are an elderly woman.

Why wear a front closure easy on bra?

anita post surgical front fastening bra

As people are switching towards beauty and comfort, more and more women are looking towards easy-on bra. If you are still in search of your dream bra, go ahead and give the front closure bra a try. Easy on bra is the first choice for women in search of ease and for women who hate the hassle of putting on a back- closure bra. Not only are these bras easy to put on but they are comfy enough for lounging around in, or to carry out leisure activities such as exercise, going to work, running errands, and much more.

Front opening easy on bras are simple to put on

Front opening bras are very easy and simple to put on and take off, as the hooks are just between the breasts. This feature is especially ideal for elderly women, or for women with arthritis, mobility issues, shoulder issues, or post-surgery, as it is tiresome or even impossible for them to reach behind their backs and clasp the bra. It cannot get easier than these simple front closure bras because they require little to no effort to put on.

They are a Bra you can wear all around the clock

Easy on bras are not only easy to put on or put off but they are very comfy too, as they put less pressure against your skin. These front closure bras usually have a wider band that feels softer against the skin. Easy on bras do not dig into your skin as you lean against a chair, which is why these bras are ideal for wearing all around the clock. This feature also enables women to wear these bras to bed, as they are smooth against your back, and you can easily lie down on your backside with an easy on bra. Easy on bras also help your breasts from sagging or dropping, and are made from soft fabrics that keep you cool.

Front open bras are super supportive

Front closure bras give comfort and support, especially if you choose the perfect fit. The material is soft and soothing against your skin and supports your breasts with gentle wireless support.

The bands of these bras are specifically designed to lift your breasts and lessen bounce, and these bands are made of very soft material. Easy on bras give you enough stretch and to carry out all-day activities.

Front hook bras look attractive

Easy on bras are available in different cuts, designs, patterns, materials, and styles. From floral to lacy, there is a variety available to choose from. One of the reasons you should definitely wear an easy-on bra is that they offer both comfort and beauty, opposed to the old saying, ‘beauty is pain’! From sport front closure bras, racer-back bras, lacy bras, a wide range is readily available. These bras look flattering and the plus point is you can feel fancy all day and night. Plus, these bras are perfect to wear with plunging necklines or daring shirts that you have been dying to try. Easy on bras can be styled with sheer tops, or can be worn as a bralette, as they come in several different colors.

Front clasp bras make great post surgical bras

Easy on Bras are known for comfort, so it is no secret that they can be used after surgeries. Easy on bras are actually recommended by doctors to wear post-surgery, because of the comfort they provide, and other important features like compression, easy clasps, easy access, and soft material. Compression benefits as it speeds up the healing and improves blood circulation. These bras also help keep the area free of infection. Moreover, the bands are wide and they are made of very soft material, specifically designed for surgery and sensitive skin. 

So, why should you wear a easy on bra? More like… why shouldn’t you…

Ultimately, easy on bras are quick and an easier option for women who are suffering from an injury, disability, or women who just prefer comfort in particular. For those blessed with bigger breasts must see this as one of the best options available in the market as they provide just the right amount of support. Easy on bras are also available in a variety of colors and designs in the market too. So, if you are still thinking whether easy on bras are a valuable investment, then I hope this paragraph helped in making your mind.