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High impact plus size front closure sports bra, Enell product review.

By Pat Jameson, Bra Fitter

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Image Credit Enell

The Enell Front Closure Sports Bra is an iconic American bra produced by the Montana brand, Enell. As a Bra Fitter one of the most requested features in a Sports Bra is that is it “easy to get on and off”. We all know what a battle getting in to a Sports Bra can be, or worse – out of a high impact Sports Bra after a sweaty workout.

I have had the pleasure of seeing the smiles on hundreds (possibly thousands?) of women’s faces when they have been fitted in to an Enell High Impact Sports Bra – I credit this experience to *possibly* being one of the driving forces behind starting this blog. The Enell Sports Bra can be a life changer… and if not life changing, definitely mood lifting!

The Unique Enell design features

Not only is the Enell Sports Bra uniquely a front closure sports bra. It also boasts a range of other impressive design elements. This includes the full coverage back, which is really there to strengthen the support of the bra, but we find women love this feature for i’s “shape smoothing” effect.

The wide strong straps that sit broadly on the shoulders are another great feature in this high impact front closure sports bra. These straps, together will the full back design, as designed to remove the weight of the bust from the shoulder and transfer this pressure on to the back. The sense of relief this brings so many customers in to change room is probably the being “mood lifting” feature of this bra.

The strong, stretch resistant fabric is design to compress the breast tissue against the chest. By doing this the breasts sit closer to the body and aren’t able to bounce independently so easily. Wearing the Enell Sports Bra is the very definition of being “strapped down”.

Benefits of the Enell front closure sports bra

  • Easy on, easy off – Front Closure Bras are easy to get in and out of
  • Clasps are easier to do up
  • Wire free support
  • High coverage cups
  • Full coverage back with shape smoothing effect
  • The ultimate in compression for that “suctioned down” feeling
  • Available in C – H cup, size 28 – 52″ ribcage / band size
  • A truly high impact plus size front closure sports bra
plus size front closure sports bra

Is the Enell Sports Bra a plus size sports bra?

Yes, one of the truly fabulous things about the Enell Sports Bra is it is available is a great range of plus size sizes. It is also available in customer sizes for those who fall outside of their existing size range.

The Enell Sports Bra is produced in sizes 00-8, which roughly equates to a size 28″ to a size 52″ bra size. My experience is that the cups can suit between a D-H cup.

Enell Sports Bra fitting advice

If you have never been fitted for an Enell Sports Bra my firm advice is to grab a measuring tape and determine your bust size (in inches) and rib measurement size (in inches) as per the diagram below.

From there, determine your rib cage size first and correlate that to an Enell size using the chart below. Eg If you ribcage size is 42″ then you’ll be a size 5.

If your bust measurement falls within the corresponding bust measurements, in this example I mean between 47″-51″ then this style will work for you in a size 5.

If you bust size doesn’t align with the rib cage size eg you get a size 5 for the ribcage but you need a size 3 for the bust size then it’s unlikely the Enell Sports Bra will work for you. You need to be the right “Enell proportion” to work with this bra. While this does work for a lot of ladies, it won’t work for everyone.

Putting on an Enell Sports Bra

An Enell Sports Bra needs to be firm in order to offer its best support. For this reason I expect it to be a bit tricky to get on, especially when its new. Like any Front Closure Sports Bra doing up the front hooks needs to be a little bit of an effort – otherwise there is no chance the bra is going to be firm enough to delivery the support you need during activity.

💡 I strongly advise starting at the bottom of the hook and eye clasps and working your way – do not be tempted to start at the top and work your way down – it won’t work.

As you work you way up the hook and eye clasps you’ll need to shove your breast tissue to the sizes in order to do up the hooks.

Again, I expect it to be a little on the tough side, but we certainly don’t want it to be impossible. If you can’t pull the ends of the bra together in front of your body then the chances are you need the next size up. Likewise, if you whip it on really easily without any sort of effort then it may be that the bra is too big and won’t offer you the functional support you need.

Oprah’s favourite sports bra

I just love this clip of Enell Founder, Renelle Braaten, about how she got an Enell Sports Bra on to Oprah and the flow on effects of this exposure for her business. Such a great story for American women and American small business.

Is the Enell a High Impact Sports Bra?

The Enell Sports Bra is a tried and tested high impact sports bra for plus size (and petite framed) women. The Enell Sports Bra is loved by runners, horse riders, gymnasts, cross fitters, park runners, casual walkers, zumba ladies… and more, I am sure!

Just because the Enell Sports Bra doesn’t have underwire, doesn’t mean it can’t control breast tissue. In fact, the very nature of this sports bra being wire less is one of it’s real assets – this allows it to offer a strong compression that you will never achieve from a underwire sports bra.

Enell Sports Bra advice from a Bra Fitter

To reiterate some of the points I have made in this article I think it is really important to take your measurements before buying an Enell Sports Bra, this is the best guide to finding your right size. Also remember, that while the hook and eyes are technically easier to do up because of the front closure system, they can still take some effort due to the compressive design and stretch resistant fabrics in the Enell Sports Bra.

I hope you love your Enell Sports Bra as much as I have loved fitting it this past 10+ years!

front closure bra reviews
front closure sports bra
Available in a range of colours here

Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra review

glamorise magiclift front close bra review

The Glamorise bra range is known for its strong supportive selection of bras in a great range of sizes. Their Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra has got to be hands down one of their most popular in this range. And Glamorise know how to do the front fastening bra thing well – they have a pretty broad selection of front fastening bras. (See their full range here).

Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra Features:

  • Full coverage back design
  • Easy to adjust front fastening hook and eye clasps
  • Wide soft straps
  • Lightly padded cups to create shape without underwire
  • High coverage cups
  • Wide sides under arms

Full coverage back design

Glamorise refers to their full coverage back design as a posture enhancing feature. The back of the glamorise magic lift front closure bra has criss crossed panels to aid in back support. This is a feature we commonly see in posture bras.

This full coverage back design not only attempts to take pressure off the shoulders, but also provides a shape smoothly results. This is certainly one of the features wearers of this style seem to rave about.

This back design also features light weight breathable mesh to ensure a light feel on body – this means the extra material won’t make you excessively hot.

Front Fastening Bra

The Front fastening hooks on this glamorise magic lift front closure bra are standard hook and eye clasps so you won’t get any surprises with having to learn a new clip system.

Most sizes will have 7 hook and eye clasps. I recommend doing these all up (don’t be tempted to skip one or two) to ensure that the load is spread evenly over these hooks and their lifespan is maximised.

I also recommend washing this bra with the hook and eye clasps all done up. This ensure they won’t hook on to other part of the bra in the wash bag and cause any damage in the washing machine.

How to wash the Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra

As do all brands, the Glamorise team recommend hand washing this bra. I 100% agree that this is always the best way to go.

How to hand wash:

  1. Prepare luke warm water with a mild detergent (Lingerie detergent is great, but not essential).
  2. Soak bra in prepared water + detergent.
  3. Gently shift the bra around in the water, if there are stains or marks rub this against another section of the bra.
  4. Rinse bra in fresh running water, ideally luke warm.
  5. Dab dry between two towels.
  6. Dry on a flat surface, do not hang from the shoulder strap.

If you can’t hand wash, then the next best way to go is do up all the hook and eye clasps, put the bra in a lingerie wash bag and wash on a short delicates cycle.

Does the Glamorise Magic Lift Front Closure Bra fit true to size?

I found that the cups in this do fit a bit on the big size so if you are between a F and a G cup then I would choose the F.

The band around the ribcage fits fairly true to size. Don’t be tempted to size up around the ribcage as this is where the support comes from and if it’s not snug around hear the bra will lose it’s functionality after wears and washing causes it to stretch.

If you are between a 36 and a 38 then I would suggest going with the 36. You want it to be a tad too firm when it’s new as it will stretch. And there is only one row of hooks to adjust in, not two like a traditional back closure bra.

What sizes does the Glamorise MagicLift Front Closure bra come in?

You can find this Glamorise front fastening bra in cup sizes B – K and band sizes 36 – 58. Note that these sizes are in American sizes. If you are used to shopping in other sizes you can use this bra sizing chart to assist you convert from UK bra sizes, European Bra sizes or Australian Bra sizes.

💡 Did you know? This style is listed in my ‘Comfortable Bras for Seniors’ blog

My final verdict on this wireless front fastening bra

All in all, I am a big fan of this style. The wire free bra gives a pretty crazy amount of lift given there is no underwire. That’s all thanks to the light padded cups that help to give the structure, support and shape.

Moving from underwire to wireless bras can be a big change. So please remember that the support will feel different. You’ll fall in one of two camps – you’ll either love it instantly because it is so different, or you may feel let down because it’s not what you’re used to. Even when women don’t like what they are used to they can find the change hard. Who knows which way it will go for you. But my best advice is to try it – give it a few wears before you judge any bra after making a dramatic move.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as me and my tester did 🙌🏽

7 best front closure bras for big boobs

front closure bra for large breasts

Are you tired of punching yourself in the back a lot to close your bra? Or are you having trouble reaching it? All these issues have one solution – Front closure bras. Front closure bras are comfy, easy to wear, and available in various styles and sizes. This bra style is perfect for women of all cup sizes, especially the ladies who have a bigger bust who may run into trouble finding a front closure bra for big boobs that are both fashionable and easeful.

The biggest advantage of the front closing bras is that they are easy to take on and off. Any well-endowed woman will benefit from these below-mentioned front closure bras for big boobs since the bra fastens in the front, it brings breasts close together and uplifts them. When you walk into shops you will find all kinds of bras, all differing in looks and comfort. It’s hard to find the best fit.

In this article, we have listed the seven best front closure bras for big boobs, and these bras are just as comfortable as they are practical.

Glamorize Full Figure Plus Size Front Closure Bra #1246

Glamorize full figure plus size front close T-back by Wonderwire is a wonderful front closure bra for large breasts. These bras are made for fuller busted ladies, but they can look stunning with proper styling. This bra is made up of 55% polyamide, 32% Polyester, and 13% Elastane. It is imported throughout the world.

Glamorize wonderwire bra also features a smoothing shape and stretch lace in top cups. The stunning stretch is super soft, making this front closure bra perfect for women with big boobs. It is soft enough to wear under a T-shirt. If you are looking for full coverage, secure front closure, and soothing bra consider this one. 

In general, this wonder wire product is considered a very beautiful and well-fitted bra. It has cami cups, with perfect leather, and fantastic support. When you look into the mirror, you feel good about your appearance. The bra has multiple flexible belts that can be altered to your body form and the back is built-in a t-back style that makes you look well-structured. 

Glamorize MagicLift Front Closure Bra #1265

When it comes to breasts, if you cannot find the perfect front closure bras for big boobs, you can fill the space with tissue but it can give your breasts a saggy look. The right bra provides good support and helps maintain youthful firmness. Glamorize MagicLift bra will help shape and make you look thinner and proportional. There are endless front closure bras for larger breasts, but it is the glamorize wonder wire bras that you are after.

Glamorize Magiclift Posture back bra is made up of 67% Polyamide-Nylon, 26% polyester, 7% Elastane. The unique Magic lift design shapes support and lifts without a wire. Besides, the inner cushioned band offers incredible protection.

It has adjustable straps that keep the bra snug without tight or constricting. Another special design that is quilted interchangeable front hooks and additional wide straps make it more uplifting and thrilling.

Glamorize Plus Size Wonderwire Front Closure Bra #1245

The third on the list; Glamorize women’s full figure plus size bra by wonderwire is a gorgeous front closure bra for big boobs. It’s got all the features needed.

Glamorize front closures are the way to go when you have bigger breasts. These bras’ material is sturdy and of high quality. It offers shape and support without adding extra volume. It has comfortable padded wider straps; they do not slip off your shoulders.

Walk-in confidence with this Glamorise Women’s Full figure plus size front closure bra that gives you ample support. The bra features a flattering and basic neckline opening. Cups are finished with eye-catching lace that enhances the look. 

Moreover, the underwire is surrounded by three separate cloth layers to keep it from peeking out. The cups and padding are soft, pliable, and convenient. The lace coverage is breathable. After wearing it you will be delighted with your look. Overall this bra supports well and gives a nice lift.

ENELL Sport Front Closure bra for big boobs

Next up on our list of 7 best front closure bras for big boobs is ENELL, sports, full-coverage, high impact sports bra. This bra is specifically designed for sportswomen with C cup sizes and above and feel like nothing fits them.

The bra is not a look-enhancer but a necessity and a crucial piece of athletic gear when it comes to sports. ENELL is a brand that is keen on providing well-endowed women with the best sports bras to help them when and where they need them the most.

This wire-free bra is scientifically designed to provide its users with support, stability, and security. This bra’s signature features such as; front closing hook-and-eye, stabilizing bottom band, and comfy wide straps come in handy to keep you secure during high-impact sports activities.

An additional feature of this front closure bra for large breasts is its wide elastic band. They help reduce back pain, strengthens your posture, and keeps the boobs firm in a correct position. Talking about the fabric, ENELL sport is made up of high-quality LYCRA Spandex, a moisture-absorbent material.

It evaporates the moisture from your body and inhibits heat from building up thus keeping you secure, dry, and fresh at the same time. It is available in various colors including white, black, silver splash, hope pink, coral, and ecru.

If you are a woman athlete with large breasts, we recommend an ENELL sports bra.

ENELL Lite Sports Front Closure bra for big boobs

The ENELL Lite bra is a solution for all D-GG cup cup sizes athletes. It is an ideal mix of flexibility and stability. It is also gym-friendly and makes it easy for you to walk from the gym to home via streets. Like the ENELL sports bra, ENELL lite also consists of a snug fit for perfect support and comfort.

Additionally, hook-and-eye front closure, comfortable wide straps, and stabilized bottom band are common in both Enell products. Its cross straps maintain the body posture and avoid back pains.

This high-impact, secure, sports bra is made up of LYCRA Spandex blend including 90% Nylon and 10% Lycra. The body and lining are formed using super-soft microfibers that keep you moisture-free throughout your game activities. It keeps you cool and dry. You can select from its wide range of colors i.e. white, ecru, black, and hot pink.

Montelle Ultimate Stretch Foam Cup Back Smoothing Bra

Fabricated with 85% of Nylon and 15% Spandex, this ultimate back-smoothing bra looks fabulous while coming and going. It is a must-wear for dresses and tops that hugs the back. Its extra-wide seamless back and side wing make its outline smooth.

Its additional feature; 4-way stretch lightweight foam cup enhances your natural shape and provides extra ease. The strap widths are increased with sizes so that the relaxation amplifies accordingly. Besides, they are made of extremely soft microfibers so that they would not hurt or irritate your shoulders.

Its trendy yet secure front closing provides you the support you need. The front closing hook-and-eye feature makes this front closure bra for big boobs exceptionally relaxed and safe. It is washable by both hands and machine. Try washing it with cold water and once washed hang it to dry properly. It is highly recommended if you have a heavy chest and look for a comfy, skin-friendly, and affordable bra.

Anita Active Front Closure Sports Bra for large breasts

Choose the best sports bra to boost your exercise. If you will be racing, you will need a sports bra that is easy to wear, supportive, and quick to get on and off. Get in shape with these steady, control wire-free front closure bra for larger breasts by Anita women. This bra comprises 40% polyamide, 25% polyester, 20% Elastane, and 15% cotton. This product is available in three colors: desert, white, and black.

Additionally, putting on a sports bra under your top would also have the advantages of having a smooth microfiber cup covering your breasts. It has a soft-lined, flip-flop-on, and off feature. Velcro-straps can also be quickly loosened at the right times during the workout.

A wrap up of Front Closure bras for big boobs

All in all, opting the best bra is like choosing a significant partner. Many women waste so much time looking for a front closure bra for large breasts. There is a diversity of bra brands, styles, and sizes nowadays. Besides, we rounded up the seven best front closure bras for big boobs, so we recommend choosing from the best choices out there.