Why wear a front closure easy on bra?

anita post surgical front fastening bra

As people are switching towards beauty and comfort, more and more women are looking towards easy-on bra. If you are still in search of your dream bra, go ahead and give the front closure bra a try. Easy on bra is the first choice for women in search of ease and for women who hate the hassle of putting on a back- closure bra. Not only are these bras easy to put on but they are comfy enough for lounging around in, or to carry out leisure activities such as exercise, going to work, running errands, and much more.

Front opening easy on bras are simple to put on

Front opening bras are very easy and simple to put on and take off, as the hooks are just between the breasts. This feature is especially ideal for elderly women, or for women with arthritis, mobility issues, shoulder issues, or post-surgery, as it is tiresome or even impossible for them to reach behind their backs and clasp the bra. It cannot get easier than these simple front closure bras because they require little to no effort to put on.

They are a Bra you can wear all around the clock

Easy on bras are not only easy to put on or put off but they are very comfy too, as they put less pressure against your skin. These front closure bras usually have a wider band that feels softer against the skin. Easy on bras do not dig into your skin as you lean against a chair, which is why these bras are ideal for wearing all around the clock. This feature also enables women to wear these bras to bed, as they are smooth against your back, and you can easily lie down on your backside with an easy on bra. Easy on bras also help your breasts from sagging or dropping, and are made from soft fabrics that keep you cool.

Front open bras are super supportive

Front closure bras give comfort and support, especially if you choose the perfect fit. The material is soft and soothing against your skin and supports your breasts with gentle wireless support.

The bands of these bras are specifically designed to lift your breasts and lessen bounce, and these bands are made of very soft material. Easy on bras give you enough stretch and to carry out all-day activities.

Front hook bras look attractive

Easy on bras are available in different cuts, designs, patterns, materials, and styles. From floral to lacy, there is a variety available to choose from. One of the reasons you should definitely wear an easy-on bra is that they offer both comfort and beauty, opposed to the old saying, ‘beauty is pain’! From sport front closure bras, racer-back bras, lacy bras, a wide range is readily available. These bras look flattering and the plus point is you can feel fancy all day and night. Plus, these bras are perfect to wear with plunging necklines or daring shirts that you have been dying to try. Easy on bras can be styled with sheer tops, or can be worn as a bralette, as they come in several different colors.

Front clasp bras make great post surgical bras

Easy on Bras are known for comfort, so it is no secret that they can be used after surgeries. Easy on bras are actually recommended by doctors to wear post-surgery, because of the comfort they provide, and other important features like compression, easy clasps, easy access, and soft material. Compression benefits as it speeds up the healing and improves blood circulation. These bras also help keep the area free of infection. Moreover, the bands are wide and they are made of very soft material, specifically designed for surgery and sensitive skin. 

So, why should you wear a easy on bra? More like… why shouldn’t you…

Ultimately, easy on bras are quick and an easier option for women who are suffering from an injury, disability, or women who just prefer comfort in particular. For those blessed with bigger breasts must see this as one of the best options available in the market as they provide just the right amount of support. Easy on bras are also available in a variety of colors and designs in the market too. So, if you are still thinking whether easy on bras are a valuable investment, then I hope this paragraph helped in making your mind.

How do Front Closure Bras work?

how do front closure bras work
how do front closure bras work

Front closure bras are popular due to their ease of use.

But it’s not just their unique fastening system that makes them beneficial.

So, how do front closure bras work?

  • Front closure bras generally completely remove the hook and eye fastening from the back of the bra and put it at the front of the bra
  • Bras that open at the front will generally use a number of hook and eye clasps, velcro, magnets, a large single hook or a zip to close the bra
  • Front opening bras allow people with a poor range of motion to easily put on a bra
  • Front closure bras are known for their great postural support as the back of the bra is built stronger without the need for hook and eye clasps on the back

What fastening system is best?

This will depend a bit on who is wearing the bra and what the bra is being used for.

People with poor eye sight or athritis will benefit from a large single hook as it’s not too hard to co-ordinate.

Women seeking a high impact Sports Bra will be best with either a long row of hooks or a long zip to ensure a firm compressive hold.

Ladies seeking an alternative to everyday support could be best in a short run of hook and eye clasps.

Women with a disability may be best in velcro as it is easiest and requires less precision.

How do front closure bras offer support?

Front snap bras (as many people call them) will often be built with broad full back designs and wide straps. These design features can be used more readily in front closing bras as they don’t have to worry about incorporating a tradition bra hook and eye clasp in to the design.

The full back design really works to move the weight of the bust from the front to the back, which is generally a stronger group of muscles and bears the load easily.

We also often see broad straps in front opening bra designs. This also helps to distribute any pressure that does remain on the shoulder more broadly and reduced general shoulder discomfort or shoulder grooves.

How do front closure bras adjust?

Front closure bras generally do not have as many adjustment points as a traditional bra.

But, that being said, for this reason they are generally built with stronger rigid fabrics that don’t stretch quickly.

Adjustability is a great way to ensure lifespan of the bra is optimized because as it stretches you can then tighten the bra to firm up the fit.

There are some front closure bras that do have adjustment in the strap length or around the ribcage, but these can be harder to find.

As mentioned, because the overall fabrics are firmer you don’t have to worry about the bras stretching out as quickly. These firmer materials are the best asset we can have in a bra for lifespan.

At the end of the day, front closure bras work to make life easier being easier to get on and off. With the added benefit that the bras are generally designed to be nice and supportive bras which also works to add value to the wearer. It’s a win, win!

The Benefits of Front Closure Bras v Back Closure Bras

benefits of front closure bras
benefits of front closure bras

Back closure bras are conventional bras most women go for because of they are familiar, but many women are unaware of the benefits of front closure bras. This article will highlight the benefits of front closure bras and why these bras are worth giving a try.

Easy to put on and take off

Putting on a back-closure bra can be a struggle in the morning when you are running late for work, or when you get home and just want to quickly remove your bra. Front closure bras have proved to be a convenient alternative thanks to the easy-to-put-on and take off feature, you do not have to reach behind your back for this bra. This feature is best for women who have mobility issues or can’t co-ordinate hooks behind their back. Front closure bras really are beneficial for women who look for comfort and ease.

Benefits of Front Closure Bras Vs Back Closure Bra

Front Closure Bras often have extra aback support built in in their designs meaning that the weight of the breasts can be transferred on to the back. This makes for a really comfortable way to carry out daily activities.

Back closure bras, although making a generalisation, tend to rely on a narrower amount of material across the back that if fitted properly will make you feel restricted or confined as the bra digs in to your back.

This is why front closure bras are considered the most comfortable bras by those that wear them.

Smoother back and reduced “bumps” under clothes

The eye and hook hardware on the back of a back-closure bra can form visible bumps, especially when you are wearing it with a fitted shirt. This hook and eye clasp can also dig into your skin or subcutaneous fat (which we all have) causing what lots of women call “back fat”. The benefits of front closure bras is that they are less likely to form unsightly bumps on your back as the hook and eye clasp is between the breasts. Moreover, you can comfortably lean against a chair without the hook and clasp digging in your skin. Thus, you can wear front closure bras around the clock, without feeling confined.

Maximum Support

Because of the unique design of Front Closure Bras you will see that their shoulder straps are often largely inelastic. This really helps to provide optimal stability for day to day activities, but also serves as a great back up support system if the rest of the bra begins to stretch out and no longer fit you.

A great Front Closure Bra will work to lift, separate and give a gently nudge of posture correction which are three very important elements that will leave you feeling supported.

Sleep Benefits of Front Closure Bras

Women with larger breasts usually sleep with bras but end up with a sore back as the hook and eye hardware may dig in the back and they may experience discomfort and sagging. Front closure bras, because of their front clasps give a smoother back and you can lie on the bed comfortably, making them the ideal sleep bras – assuming you’re choosing the right “sleep” style of course.

A Variety of Styles

Back-closure bras offer a wide range of options, as they are more conventional and as such have more in production. But front closure bras happen to look even more alluring (in my opinion) and you can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, materials, patterns, prints, and styles to meet your wardrobe needs. With the huge demand in front closure bras we’re definitely seeing more and more brands increase their range in front closure options. A collection of lacy bras is also available to choose from so that you can rock comfort and beauty in one look – you just need to know where to find them. Underwire and no-underwire options are also available in front closure bras, and due to the easy access, they provide front closure bras that are super convenient for women who may still need to do the odd breastfeed during the day, but aren’t keen on still wearing maternity bras.

With the right quality and size, both, back closure and front closure bras are a must have for a woman’s wardrobe. However, the benefits of the front closure bras are primarily enjoyed by women who prioritize comfort, and are on the lookout for something that they can put on with ease to wear around the clock.