Our favourite Glamorise Front Closure Bras

As a woman, there are those items that are a must to have in your wardrobe. One of those items is Glamorise front closure bras. If your wardrobe is full of those traditional and outdated bras, then it is high time you spruced up your lingerie collection.  Wearing the right bra not only gives you confidence but also offers support for both your back and neck. However, the type of bra you wear will mainly depend on the size of your breasts and your daily habits. Let’s look at some of our best front close bras.

5 of most loved Glamorise Front Closure Bras   

1.     Glamorise Wonderwire front close bra

This gorgeous lace front close bra is a must add to your list. This bra has a soft front clasp that can easily be opened and closed. Also, the availability of a cushioned wire ensures that the wire is safely secured to avoid pinching your skin. The bra is designed with lace material that gives it an elegant and beautiful look. The Glamorise front close bra has a cushioned inner band that adds another layer of comfort between your skin and the underwire.

2.     Glamorise Front close lace T-Back WonderWire bra

This beautiful wonderwire front clasp T-back bra is everything a woman needs. The bralette is made from polyamide, polyester, and Elastane fabric. The bra is designed with a unique cushioned band that offers comfort and a wire that does not touch your body. It also has shape enhancers on both sides to give your bust a beautiful shape. The cups are also covered with a lace material at the top. The T back design prevents the straps from either slipping or showing.

3.     Glamorise Magiclift posture back support bra

There are times when you have back pain due to sitting down for long periods or bad posture. Well, this posture back support bra from Glamorise is here to rectify that. This bra has a crisscrossed design that goes over and under your bust to offer more support.

Additionally, it has extra-wide padded straps that provide comfort, and they prevent your shoulders from getting sore during the day. The availability of a reinforced inner bust band enables the bra to do all the heavy lifting without a wire. The crisscrossed lycra panels at the back ensure that your back gets all the needed back support to prevent shoulder and back pain.

4.     Glamorise WonderWire Front-Close Stretch Lace Bra

This sexy front close lace bra provides all-day comfort and support. The beautiful lace cups over your bust giving it a beautiful and natural shape. The bra is comfortable to wear and run your daily activities with.

The bra is easy to open and close, making it ideal for people who have arthritic fingers. Three layers of different fabric materials surround the bra to offer maximum comfort. The underwire is designed to prevent wire probe to your skin and gives your bust a beautiful shape making you look and feel good.

5.     Glamorise Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra

Getting a bra that offers great support and comfort should be essential for every woman. The Glamorise Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra is one of the best smoothing underwires on the market (yes, that includes my experience with bras that don’t close at the front too). The smoothing back with a semi full back and racerback design are a dream to wear and shape nicely with our curves.

It has straps that can be adjusted according to your liking. The straps are also fairly discreet and not too bulky which is a rarity in front clasp bras. The bra also has an inner padded channel surround the underwire that offers additional support and lifts to your breasts, preventing you from experiencing shoulder and back pain.

I am also a big fan of the simple single clasp mechanism that won’t leave you wrestling this bra on in the morning. It also allows for more of a plunge at the front making it easy to wear under a range of outfits.

Every woman should get those perfect wonderwire bras that will give her comfort all day long. You need to ensure that you get a bra that will give your breast the lift and the support you need. If you’re experiencing back and shoulder pain, then getting the right bra is equally important. That is why you should first talk to a bra specialist who will guide you through and advise you on the best Glamorise front closure bras to get depending on your bust size, daily habits, and health.