Lipoelastic PI Active Variant Bra – Post Surgical Compression Bra

post surgical compression bra review
Bra Fitter Pat's review of the
Lipoelastic PI Variant
Post Surgical Compression Bra.
Bra Fitter Pat Jameson

Lipoelastic are known for their quality post surgical compression bras and garments, I always enjoy reviewing products that are built by brands that specialise because you can always tell the difference from the generic brands. 

Given I know so many of my readers are keen to learn more about after breast augmentation bras I thought the Lipoelastic PI Active Variant was a good bra to cover. 

Design Features of this Post Surgical Compression Bra

Lots of post surgical bras do feel more like “support garments” that you are strapped into. The Lipoelastic PI Active Cotton bra feels lighter on body and didn’t get hot or cumbersome throughout the day.  It feels more like you are wearing a strong everyday bra, and not a post surgical compression garment ✔️

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After Breast Reduction Bra

While in reality this style compression bra can certainly be used for both breast reduction and breast augmentation, I couldn’t help but think that it really is perfectly suited to breast implant patients. 

I think it’s the lower coverage neckline, ultra comfortable cotton fabric, smooth cups and light on body feel that made me feel post implant surgery ladies would love it. 

My recommendation is to have two of this bra in black for the early days post op, as the white will show signs of weeping or bleeding. 

This style is suitable for directly after surgery so lots of women choose to have this in their possession prior to their surgical date so they can wear on their way home. Bonus tip: Ask a gentle drive for a ride home. You’ll notice every bump in the road.

Fitting Tips for Lipoelastic PI Active

I found that this Lipoelastic compression bra did run small in both the band and the cup. As is the case with most post surgical bras this model is produced in XS – 3XL, meaning it doesn’t come in traditional cup sizes. 

I correlate the sizes for this bra as follows: 

  • XS = 28 B-DD
  • Small = 30 B-DD
  • Medium = 32 B-DD
  • Large = 34 B-DD
  • XL = 36 B-DD
  • 2XL = 38 B-DD
  • 3XL = 40 B-DD

Remember, this bra is a gentle compression bra. It needs to fit firmly in order to support you after surgery. Don’t be tempted to have this fitting too loose. 

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Is this a seamless post surgical bra?

Yes, Lipoelastic certainly know what they are doing when it comes to after surgery options. They know women want (and need!) as close to seamless as possible. All the textile labels and any necessary seams are on the outside of the bra and don’t sit against delicate repairing skin. 

The heat-moulded seamless cups also give a nice smooth finish under clothes and help prevent a pointy shape.

This low irritation seamless design is what makes this bra suitable for all types of surgery including breast implant, reduction, mammoplasty, mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgeries. 

Things to be aware of with this bra

The only thing I think you should be aware of with this style is that the band that runs around the ribcage is not particularly broad or low. Some women will love that as bras that are more “longline” in this area can roll, but other ladies prefer that longer lower elastic around the ribcage. 

It’s not so much a good or a bad thing – it’s really just personal preference.  So long as the bra fits well than the petite nature of this ribcage band is definitely not an issue.

Colour options

Wrapping up my Lipoelastic PI Active Variant Bra Review

Ultimately, I am a big fan of this Lipoelastic Post surgery compression bra. It’s as close to a more traditional everyday bra that also ticks the “post surgical” boxes like super soft fabric, low irritation, easy on/easy off, wire free comfort bra. 

I would strongly recommend this style to friends and family. 

post surgical compression bra review
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Pat's rating of the Lipoelastic PI Active Variant Bra


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