How often should you get a bra fitting?

how often should you get a bra fitting

Wondering “how often should you get a bra fitting?”… I can help.  As an experienced Bra Fitter I have the inside scoop on when and why you should get a professional bra fitting.

Bra Fitter Pat Jameson

Of course, as a Bra Fitter, my first response to “How often should you get a bra fitting?” is going to be every time you need to buy a bra. However, I realise that logistically it’s not always easy to get to a reliable experienced Bra Fitter with good stock on hand. So this article is here to help you determine when you really should get a bra fitting versus when you can get away with ordering your size online. 

Benefits of a Professional Bra Fitting

One of the most common comments we get at the end of a Bra Fitting are “Why did I put that off for so long?” or “Wish I had of come years ago”. This is because, as we all know, a well fitted bra can make such a big difference to our comfort. 

Here’s what I think are the main benefits of a professional bra fitting:

When it's important to get a professional Bra Fitting

Almost all women will go through lots of size and shape changes over their lifetime. These changes will occur as a result of puberty, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, menopause or general heath issues. It’s almost impossible to remain one size throughout your adult lifetime. 

With any substantial change to your size or shape we recommend having your bra fitted. 

6lbs change in weight can adjust your bra size significantly. Whether that results in a change to the band size, the cup or both, needs to be determined by an experienced bra fitter. Remember the points above about having a well fitted bra? You deserve to experience all those benefits, everyday … 🤗

How often to have your bra fitted?

So, as per above, if you have had a significant enough change in shape then we recommend getting your bra fitted. 

If you haven’t had a significant change in shape, we still recommend having your bra fitted at least once every two years. 

Regular bra fittings will help you ensure you are in the best styles (and sizes!) of bras. to suit your current requirements. Most women stick to their “same old styles” because it’s what they are familiar with. And in most cases, they are missing out on trying news things that may well actually serve them better now. The industry improves year in year out and you don’t want to miss those improvements. 

Add to that, that even if your size remains the same, your lifestyle may not. Your life now, may well be very different to what it was 4 years ago. You want your bras to match your current requirements, not your past ones 😆

When you can get away without a bra fitting

If you genuinely haven’t had a size change, your general requirements are the same and you are happy with the styles you have at home then it’ll be safe to go bra shopping online. 

The ideal scenario is always to repurchase what you have in the same size you’ve had. But there’s no reason why you can’t try new styles too. 

Be sure to read reviews on how the bras fit if you are ordering something new online. Not all bras fit true to size, it’s best to be aware of this and change your size before ordering rather than dealing with an online return.

How to measure your bra size when shopping online

This is going to sound confusing…. but it’s best you know from the get go. There are a few different ways to measure your bra size. 

The below two ways are the only ways I recommend.


When measuring your bra size at home I strongly do not recommend adding 4″ to your ribcage measurement to get your band size. If you see this recommended online then run a mile! It’s an outdated method that won’t serve you from a support or product lifespan perspective. 

Some of my favourite bras to shop online


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