Glamorise Zip Up Front Closure Sports Bra – My honest Review

Coming across a functional Sports Bra that happens to tick the fashion box is like striking gold! Adding to that, this new Glamorise Sports Bra happens to also be a zip front fastening bra – I just had to get my hands on one for a review stat!

glamorise zip up front closure sports bra
Image Credit: Glamorise

Design Features of this Plus Size Sports Bra

New to the Glamorise range (a late 2021 addition)  I believe Glamorise wanted to fill a void within their range with this newbie. That void being, the need for a cute plus size sports bra. Something that women didn’t want to rip off at the end of a workout and were proud to display at the gym. 

It’s not often we see plus size sports bras designed as outerwear (to be worn without a top over – optional of course!), so I applaud the Glamorise team for doing so with this style. 

Things I loved about the Glamorise Zip Up Front Closure Sports Bra...

Image Cred: Glamorise

Fitting Tips for Glamorise Zip Up Sports Bra

Don’t be fooled – front fastening sports bras look easy to get in to (and yes, they kind of are!), but you need this style to be super firm in order to get the best support out of it. This means you’ll need to apply some strength to get the underlying clasp done up before doing up the zipper. 

I recommend fitting this style nice and firm around your ribcage. While you don’t want to go too firm (don’t size down), you definitely don’t want to size up as you will end up with a bra that doesn’t function. 

I’d say to stick with your usual Glamorise size with this new Sports Bra. 

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What sizes does this front fastening sports bra come in?

34B, 34C, 34D, 34DD, 34F, 34G

36B, 36C, 36D, 36DD, 36F, 36G

38B, 38C, 38D, 38DD, 38F, 38G 

40B, 40C, 40D, 40DD, 40F, 40G

42B, 42C, 42D, 42DD, 42F, 42G

44B, 44C, 44D, 44DD, 44F, 44G

46B, 46C, 46D, 46DD, 46F, 46G

48B, 48C, 48D, 48DD, 48F, 48G

Things to be aware of with this bra

This Sports Bra is a medium impact Sports bra. It’s great for general gym workouts, weights, yoga, pilates, walking and hiking. It may not be your best option for running, soccer or horse back riding. 

In saying that, different breast densities will respond differently to support levels. If your breasts are super firm then this style may still work as a high impact bra if fitted well. Likewise, on the other end of the spectrum if your breast density is very low (eg very saggy tissue without much firmness) then this bra may work as more of a low impact bra. 

More colours of the Glamorise Zip Up Sports Bra

Final thoughts on the Glamorise Zip Up Front Closure Sports Bra

Bra Fitter Pat
Bra Fitter Pat Jameson

I’m a big fan of brands that make an effort to make their plus size bras in a way that marries fashion and function. Not all plus size ladies feel good in granny bras. And not all active ladies want to be “strapped down” in uncomfortable unflattering high impact bras. 

With Glamorise’s usual high standard of garment production I really do rate this bra highly! 

Pat's rating of the Glamorise 9266 Sports Bra


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