5 tried and tested front opening bras for seniors

Ruling out a perfect bra that supports your needs can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack, especially when you are getting older. This is where front opening bras for seniors come in handy.

Ageing is a stringent process that cannot be prevented. We can delay this process by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food, but some body parts are prone to decay with time and age.

One such part of women’s bodies are their breasts. They start sagging as our skin loses collagen and elasticity over time, and the ligaments supporting our breasts weaken. Additionally, many other health issues make wearing a bra difficult and uncomfortable with ageing.


Most elderly ladies suffer from diseases such as arthritis, dementia, and limited dexterity that restrict their movement. This constrained movement does not allow them to wear a bra with back hooks.

But lingerie brands and designers have solved this issue by introducing special front closure bras for seniors. These bras are comfortable, convenient, and easy to hook. Apart from being comfortable to wear, these front closure bras also pull the sagged breast frontward and together and provide you with the exact support and lift you require.

Thus, front closure bras for seniors are a must-have for all ladies in their sixties and above. This article will recommend five tried and tested front opening bras for elderly women.

💡 Wireless front closure bras can also be great as sleep bras > Read our blog on the best front closure sleep bras.

1. Silverts – Disabled Elderly Needs Arthritic Front Closing Bra

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Silvert's Elderly Bra Review

Silverts disabled elderly needs arthritic front closure bra is a miracle bra all the seniors battling dementia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and reduced hand and finger movements. This silverts bra is most importantly comfortable and very easy to hook for disabled women.

This front-closing Eezee arthritic bra can be easily slipped on and off. With its simple four hooks , a great option for those not wanting to fight to get in and our of their bra.

The fabrication of this bra is nice and soft with minimal irritation and rubbing points, the bra is made up of a soft cotton blend. It should be notes that the Silverts Eezee arthritic bra doesn’t cup in cup sizes, it is designed to accommodate an A to D cup size.

The main winning points of this style is the easy to manage finger loops and the soft fabrics. Thus, this adaptive bra is an ideal front opening bra for elderly ladies. It is highly recommended to ease you in more ways than one and boost your confidence and comfort.

Overall rating of Silvert's Elderly Bra


This light to wear easy on-easy off option makes for a user friendly bra for our elderly friends and relatives. Machine washable gentle fabrics push this to a 4.5 star in my mind. 

2. Glamorise MagicLift Front Close Posture Back Support Bra #1265

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MagicLift Front Clasp Bra Review

This front closure posture back support bra has been designed using super soft fabrics including; 67% Polyamide-Nylon, 26% Polyester, and 7% Elastane. Bonus that this was originally manufactured in New York the USA and is now shipped worldwide.

It is extremely comfortable due to its patented magic lift design and posture support. This Lycra support bands give the shoulder extremely safe support and lift. The traditional hook-and-eye closure makes it simple, safe, and secure to hook up.

The inside coated cups offer a great shape and incredible support even without an underwire. Adding on for even better uplift, support, and separation features a unique cross and zigzag stitching design. Its V-neck provides brilliantly shaped neckline that is easy to wear under a range of outfits.

The Glamorise front opening bra for elderly women consists of simple and multi-adjustable front hooks and extra-wide straps. All these features make this bra a very worthwhile purchase. It is the best for everyday wear.

Overall rating of Glamorise Magic Lift


We strongly recommend this glamorise style if you are looking for a relaxed, plain, and affordable bra with adjustable hooks and the best uplift results.

3. Glamorise Cotton Comfort Front Close Lace Bra #1908

Front Close Cotton Bra for seniors
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Glamorise Cotton Front Close Lace Bra Review

This high cotton content bra is a dream for those who are looking for no fuss support and comfort with natural fibres. At 60% cotton, this is a rare find in front close bras. With just a few hook and eye clasps the Glamorise women’s Comfort front closure bra is an easier option for those with hand dexterity issues, especially if you are a senior woman.

This bra has a breathable T-back, a gorgeous lace design, and that comfortable cotton fabric that glamorise is known for. With size-adjusting stretch and an adjustable front closure (thats not common in front close bras).

Overall rating of Glamorise Cotton Front Close Lace Bra


If you are looking for a high-quality yet economical bra suitable for elderly women the Glamorise Cotton Comfort front closure bra should certainly be a considered option. The only downside being the lace that *could* irritate very fragile ageing skin. In saying that, not all Nana’s want a daggy looking bra if they don’t have to have one 😉. 

4. Underworks – Arthritis Bra with Hook and Loop Closure

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Underworks Hook and Loop Closure Bra Review

Next up on our list of 5 tried and tested front opening bras for seniors is the Underworks Arthritis bra, a sleep, leisure, breastfeeding or seniors bra by Underworks. Manufactured in the USA this bra is made up of CottonPolySpandex fabric and consists of a center Velcro hook and loop that is extremely gentle and makes it easy to slip on and off. This also helps to adjust the firmness to a pressure that supports you well.

The new hook tab feature functions as a lock that prevents any curling up or disengaging. All these features allow women with restricted hand or upper body dexterity as a result of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, torn rotator cuff, and fibromyalgia to use it with great ease and equal dignity and pride. It is specially designed by keeping in mind the women that suffer from such aforementioned issues. Another added advantage of this velcro bra is that it is completely safe for women with sensitive skin as it is latex-free.

It is also sometimes known as an oncology bra due to its wire-less or metal-less structure and is worn by many oncology patients. It is also used as a nursing bra as its easily adjustable hook and loop feature make it convenient for breastfeeding mothers.

Overall rating of the Underworks Velcro Bra


If you are a new mother, arthritis-affected woman, or an elderly women you can’t be bothered wrestling themselves in to a bra then the Underworks front closure bra is the right choice for you. This velcro bra only loses some marks because it is different and therefore won’t appeal to all. 

In this article I have talked about bras. Not crops or pattern cut simple “bra like”

5. Breast Nest "Busty" Camisole + Bra, B-HH cup

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Product name Review

The Breast Nest F -HH Cup Camisole is an underwire-free camisole bra. The underwire-free feature of this bra maximizes breast comfort while offering complete breast separation at the same time. The fabric is super soft and extremely comfortable; and the moisture-wicking helps you stay dry and fresh and reduces skin irritation.

The fabric also makes it particularly viable for women with sensitive skin as it prevents skin-to-skin contact due to cupping under breasts and avoiding rashes. Moreover, ladies who have undergone breast surgery, breast cancer chemotherapies, or Fibromyalgia find it enormously helpful and comfy.

bra for neurodivergent women
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It is a long, durable, and streamline camisole bra that stretches down to the hips and is easy to tuck in. It perfectly fits most body shapes and sizes due to its wide shoulder straps and full back design. It is available in DD up to HH cup sizes.

Its manufacturing fabric includes 95% Modal and 5% spandex and is easily washable in the machine. No underwires or hook and eye clasps to worry about.

The Bra Camisole Essentials has a sophisticated design and great durability without the vertical seam. It is an ultimate alternative bra solution for women seeking support, convenience, and coverage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a wire-less, supportive, and moisture-wicking bra then breast Nest F Cup – HH Cup Camisole Essentials Bra should be your first choice.

Overall rating of the Breast Nest


A great option to relieve sores and rubbing from breasts on the tummy. Again, it loses some marks because it is so different so not everyone will like it. But it ticks a lot of boxes for elderly, disabled or neurodivergent women. 

Finding the best front opening bras for seniors...

Being a mature woman in your seventies, eighties or nineties with restricted movements is challenging, and having to wear a bra makes it even more difficult. Choosing the perfect bra while keeping in mind your comfort, handiness and desires could be a daunting task. I hope some of these front opening bras for seniors and bra alternative recommendations help you on your way. I have also written a guide to finding comfortable bras for seniors here.

All the bras mentioned above are extremely easy to use. They have front hooks to make wearing easy, perfect fabrics to avoid rashes and skin problems, and provide excellent support and lift. Thus, if you are looking for fashion-oriented bras yet offer ample support to your needs then the front opening bras suggested are for you especially if you are an elderly woman.

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