3 Best front closure sleep bras

Women know that nothing can ruin your day quicker than a poor nights sleep. Which is why “comfortable sleep bra” is one of the most searched terms for bras on the internet. In this article I am going to share why I think front closure sleep bras are the way to go 😴

It’s no secret that –finding the right bra is a tough challenge; bra sizing and fit concerns are a global problem, and many women do not even know that they have the wrong size. When comfort is mandatory to get a good nights rest this can add to difficulty.

Let’s face it, shopping for a comfy bra can be more hassle than it should be. That is due to the vast number of new lingerie brands, styles, sizes, fits, and fabrics available today. When you’re buying a bra, you’ve probably discovered the hard way that many are not as comfortable as they appear to be. But, well-designed, supportive, and soft bras do exist.

For sleep trying front closure sleeping bras are a great back to go as they are seamless on the back ensuring a comfortable night laying looking at the stars (or let’s face it, the roof). Bras with front closure tend to be great for tight neck and shoulders as the straps sit broadly on the shoulder. Additionally, front closure bras have tremendous benefits for someone who has difficulty reaching back or who has some sort of mobility problems with their arms or shoulders. Thus, the solution to all these concerns is wearing a front closure bra sleep bra.

However, to figure out which front closure sleeping bras are comfortable enough to wear, check out the compilation of the three best sleep bras with near-perfect scores; these three bras are the category’s best seller’s for a reason – thousands of amazon reviewers agree that they tick the boxes required for for maximum comfort.

1. Wacoal B-Smooth Front Close Bralette for Sleeping

Many women like to sleep in a bra for comfort purposes. However, it’s not possible to wear a standard everyday bra type to bed as this is extremely uncomfortable. With so many styles of front closure sleep bras to choose from, discover the ones that work best for you.

The Women’s B- Smooth Front Close Bralette by Wacoal is top of the list here. This bra is ultra-comfortable, wire-free, offers some breathability, and beat-out styles triple its price.

This bra is made of 67% Nylon, 27% Polyester, and 6% Spandex. This smooth, super supportive, and high-class front closure bra by Wacoal Lingerie gives light support and full coverage.

Moreover, this ultra-comfortable wireless sleep bra provides support and shaping. Its sides and band have no stitches to irritate you.  There are multiple front hook and eye closures, but not too many to frustrate you. Not having the hooks or eye closures on the back allow for a near seamless finish on the back. This sleep bra is easy to put on and take off (win!) The downside of this product is that the straps are not adjustable, so it won’t last “forever”..

This comfortable and quality front closure sleeping bra by Wacoal is also great for post bilateral mastectomy, or as a post surgical bra for any breast surgery really. Available in Black and Sand.

2. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Sleep Bra

If you’ve always wanted to wear a bra to sleep but never felt comfortable in one then this front closure sleeping bra could be for you. This bra style is different from others. It’s super super light to wear, there is less structure to it – comfort really is absolutely all they are aiming for with this style.

This sleep bra is very soft and feels good on the skin. It also features a front closure design for easy on and off user experience. This incredibly lightweight, soft bra boasts a semi full coverage for most bust sizes. It has U shaped back design that decreases wearing pressure and makes the shoulder more comfortable.

Available in a multitude of colours and some patterns the Carole Martin front closure comfort bra is an easy economical buy. My only BIG TIP is that you’ll need to get a few of these as they will stretch out faster than the other bras mentioned. I recommend having three in your bra drawer – 3 will last you about the same time as 1-2 bras. You can’t have such a super light soft comfortable sleep bra with out a downside.

This is also a great option for pregnant women wanting to sleep in a bra as the design and material won’t feel too restrictive – but you will have that sense of security and support from wearing something to bed.

These front closure sleeping bras by Carole Martin are a great choice for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and seniors or elderly women.

3. Comfort Choice Plus Size Front-Close Cotton Wireless Bra

Choosing the right font closure sleep bra is the same as electing a back closing one. Comfort and security is the key!  

So the third one on the list is the Women’s Plus Size front close cotton wireless sleep bras by Comfort Choice. Comfort Choice bras and panties offer band sizes ranging from 38 to 54 and cup sizes from A to DDD. They also have plus size panties, plus size slips and plus size camis that go up to a 7X.

If you are in the market for a supportive and comfortable plus size front closure bra, then Women Plus size wireless bra by Comfort choice is what you are after.

This incredibly great sleep bra is made of pure cotton which makes it delicate and uber breathable. This light weight and durable bra boasts a front hook closure and can get you out of your misery within seconds – no need to fight your way in or out of it, no more fiddling with your bra hooks! It is comfortable enough to wear all day long but my sleep road test proved super comfortable too.

Most importantly this bra is designed to outline your breast while providing ample support. It’s smoothing fabric doesn’t irritate the skin like some bras can. The straps are adjustable. Its machine washable and the package comes in three different colors as well as in different prints (check them out here). This bra has been designed specifically to provide enough support to your back, wireless cups offer complete coverage, it is easy to put on and take off.

My final thoughts on your hunt for the best front closure sleep bras

Yes, I know, finding a great sleep bra is challenging, but remember when looking for a bra to sleep in don’t be too picky. Your focus should be on finding a comfortable bra – support is not necessarily the main mission as your breasts won’t be moving much while you sleep.

Don’t forget to read my guide on how to measure your bra size and how a bra should actually fit, so you are best educated when you buy bras online.

Once you find your perfect match in bed (i’m talking about your sleep bra!) you honestly won’t look back. It can make all the difference for a good nights sleep and a comfortable back and neck in the morning. Good luck!