Bras for Seniors

Bras for elderly
If getting in and out of a bra is starting to feel like a daily dilemma then investing in a front closure bra is a really great move. With so many bras for seniors on the market, there really is a style that’ll solve just about any problem.

Tips to choosing a front closure bra when you're elderly

  • Go past anything that doesn’t look easy to get in an out of. We all know we simply won’t wear it if we have a battle every morning making it work.
  • Comfort is key. While getting the fit right is always ideal, make sure you prioritise comfort.
  • Wire free is often the best way to go for women well past menopause.
  • If you want to try wire free but don’t want to lose a natural shape then you should consider a moulded/padded/foam cup bra which will help to give a more rounded and lifted look.
  • Look for wide and padded straps if available

Why Front Closure Bras for seniors or elderly women are a good option?

Front closure bras work really well for elderly women as they tick the most important box – they’re easy to get in and out of. With the fastening mechanism being at the front there is no need for award wining flexibility and so long range eyesight.

In addition to this, front fastening bras are often designed less like traditional bras and more like comfortable support garments. They really make sense for all ladies, of any age to be honest. Front closure bras are often designed with wide soft straps and full backs leaving the wearer with optimal comfort and support.

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Is underwire more supportive?

Oh if I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this in the change room… But the truth is, underwire is not more supportive. It’s role is purely to shape the breast. It is in a bra to transform our soft squishy breasts in to a round “natural shape”. So being with out it is certainly not the end of the world at all. In fact, in my experience we almost always ditch unwire for our ladies over 70 as most women tend to feel better with out it.

The message I like to make loud and clear is that you are not worse off for going wire free. The upside will be less irritation points, more comfortable and generally speaking bras that last longer (as there is less elements to go wrong!).

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What are the easiest bras for seniors to get in to?

This will of course depend a little on what, if any, mobility issues are at play.

For those whose only issue is doing up the hook and eye clasps behind their back any front closure bra will be a whole lot easier than a traditional bra.

But for those who have compromised hand mobility, for example those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or having endured a stroke then bras with magnetic front clasps, velcro or zips can be the easiest way to go.

And if all of those options sound too hard, don’t forget you could also look at cami tops with built in bras or the breast nest.

Bra considerations for those suffering from arthritis

The first step is certainly going to be determining where your hand mobility is currently at and where it is likely to be in the near future. From there it’s about choosing the easiest to manage fastening system, or perhaps even choosing to bypass that all together (and go with a camp top with built in bra).

You should look in to magnetic clasps, zips or single/large hook fixtures. These will certainly be the friendliest options.

Also ensuring that the bra isn’t too firm around your ribcage that it requires a super strength to pull the front of the bra together. For this reason you may expect the overall support to be compromised, as bras do rely on a firmness around the ribcage as the main support system.

Front Closure Bras for seniors


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Bra alternatives for elderly women


Zip Closure Front Fastening Bras

How to put on a Front Closure Bra?

Putting on a front closure bra is not quite the same as a traditional bra. IA funny anecdote for you, one day I had a lady rather confused in the change room. She couldn’t figure out why this bra was so hard to get in to… turns out she had put her front closure bra on backwards and was having lots of trouble doing up the multitude of claps – yikes!

To put on a front closure bra is much the same as putting on a button up shirt. You just need to thread your arms through the holes and then bring the front of the bra together and fasten from there. Front fastening systems will generally be a single hook, a set of hook and eye clasps, a zip or magnetic clasps.

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