Best Wireless Bras for Large Busts

best wireless bras for large bust
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Bra Fitter Pat's guide to wireless support bras for large breasts.

Bra Fitter Pat Jameson

If you’ve landed on my blog before you may already know that I am *somewhat* passionate about wireless bras. Or more specifically I am passionate about educating women that even though they have large breasts they still can wear wirefree bras. 

In this article I’ll guide you through a few of my favourite wireless bras for big boobs. But first, let me talk you through some things you need to know… 

Do underwire bras give more support?

In theory, no, underwire bras do not give more support. The underwire in a bra has the specific purpose of separating, rounding and shaping the breasts. In essence it gives structure. 

Wire free bras can still be structured and supportive, so long as they are built with support in mind. 

Some women subconsciously define shape as support, in which case those women may be disappointed with wireless bras. This is because, in their mind, if they don’t get the shape they are used to in a underwire bra they will feel unsupported. I hope that makes sense. 

Bra sizes - what are considered large breasts?

If you ask a Bra Fitter what they consider large breasts you’ll probably hear about cup sizes you never knew existed – like K cup, M cup etc. 

But if you ask the general population, most people consider a D cup and above large breasts. 

For the sake of this article, because I am writing this for the general population, I am considering large breasts anything from DD – H cup. 

Features to look for in a supportive wireless bra for large breasts

To make sure we’re on the same page here, I need to make sure you know there is a big difference between a “crop” and a “bra”.

A lot of wireless options are simply pattern cut crop tops, which are unlikely to be supportive – especially for big breasted women. 

A supportive wireless bra should tick at least 3 out of 4 of the following boxes: 

wireless bra for large bust
Wireless Bralette for F-K cups

Sugar Candy Plus size bralette review

 A great option for petite to plus size women. This wireless bra is specifically made for big busted ladies. With hidden support sewn in to the bra this style gives great lift and separation. 

Sugar Candy Wireless Bra for Big Busts Features

The only con with this style is that it is a bralette, not a bra. Meaning that it has one cup size that is deisgned to work for F-K cups. 

In my experience fitting this style (I have fitted both this non-nursing version and the nursing version of this style), I find it really does suit a F-HH cup well. Sometimes we even put E cup ladies in it with success. 

Overall rating of the Sugar Candy Wireless Bralette


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MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra

best wireless support bras for large breasts
Wireless T-Shirt Bra, click image to see more colours

Glamorise MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra Review

This style is really pretty magic. Designed to replace your traditional underwire T-Shirt Molded cup bra, it’s definitely the sort of bra every women needs at least one of in their wardrobe. 

Built just like a regular bra, this style will feel familiar from the get go. It’s just the underwire that’s missing – which is where that comfort really kicks in!

MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra Features

The thing to watch with this style is the sizing. I find it fits a bit small. If you are between sizes then I recommend going up a size.

Overall rating of the MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra


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Enell Lite Bra

Click image to see more sizes

Enell Lite Bra Review

Just an FYI the reason this style is called the ‘Lite’ is not because it isn’t supportive. It’s because it is the lower impact version of it’s sister style the Enell Sport. It’s designed as a low impact activity bra or for day to day use. I always find my customers that are nurses love this style – it’s great for days you have to move around a lot and want a supportive distraction free bra

Enell Lite Features

It’s important to know that this style doesn’t come in traditional cup sizes. It’s the only little black mark against this bra. Their size guide (see in the images here) is genuinely spot on. But if your measurements don’t BOTH fall within the bust and rib measurements for one of their sizes then this style is not for you. 


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wireless bra for big boobs
Click image to see colours available

Glamorise Bramour® Chelsea Bra Review

I adore this plus size lacy wireless support bra for everyday wear. It feels like you’re wearing something special.

The clever cup design of the Chelsea Bra also ensures a nice forward projecting shape which is not something you see much of with wireless bras. 

Glamorise Chelsea Bra Features

I just wish this style was produced in more sizes. It’s great that it is available for sizes 40 – 48 (yay for them!), but I know they would sell a lot more of this if it came in sizes 34 – 38 too. Given this is a fairly new style, let’s hope they add more sizes to the range. I do find it does fit snug around the ribcage so a size 38 could fairly confidently fit in to the size 40.

Overall rating of the Glamorise Bramour® Chelsea Bra


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Rosa Faia Twin Soft Cup Bra

wire free bras for large bust
Click image to see the broad range of colours

Rosa Faia Twin Soft Cup Wireless Bra Review

The “Twin” range of bras by Rosa Faia are known for their  ultra comfortable and lightweight feel on body. Rosa Faia produce high quality garments designed and sourced in Germany. 

While this style of bra does look a little on the plain side, it’s definitely the sort of bra that won’t find it’s way to the bottom of your draw – you’ll likely choose it over your lacy options on the daily. It’s hard to go past your most comfortable wireless bras. 

Rosa Faia Twin Soft Cup Wireless Bra Features

This bra really has to be tried to be believed.  The combination of light yet supportive fabrics and it’s wireless design makes for a really unique bra. 

As Rosa Faia (By Anita) is a German brand their sizes don’t align perfectly with US sizes. 

If you are a B, C, D cup you can go for your usual size. 
I recommend going with the E cup if you are usually a DD cup. If you are usually an DDD/E cup then choose the F cup in this style. It’s just because they tag their bras differently. 


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Are wireless bras easier to wash?

Yes I suppose that wireless bras are easier to wash, because there is “one less thing to get damaged” during the washing process. 

However, I still recommend washing your wire free bras with the same care and attention you would an underwire bra. 

A wireless bra (and I am not talking about crop tops here) if still make up of lots of small pieces sewn together, and still has hook and eye clasps that can damage in the wash.