Best Post Surgical Front Closure Bras

Post Surgical front closure bras are a must-have after any chest or breast surgery, but the key is to choose the right post-surgical front closure bra. It is important to have an appropriate bra ready for you at home, even though you will likely return home in a hospital compression garment.

These are some of my tips, thoughts and recommendations on post-surgical front closure bras for different types of chest and breast surgery.

Best Post Surgical Front Closure Bras Features

Post-Surgical front closure bras are considered one of the best post-op options they are easy to put on and take off, and they are less likely to dig into the skin. These bras also provide support and help reduce discomfort associated with tender breasts post-op. After surgery, you are prone to bruises and visual tissue damage, but post-surgical bras can help to minimise this due to their compression and superior material selection.

Wireless Post Surgical Front Closure Bras

One of the most crucial things to look for, in a post-surgical bra is comfort.

I find Surgeons always recommend wire free bras for the period immediately post surgery, like this one.


post surgical wirefree bra



Post-Surgical Front Closure Bras for Fast Healing

recovery bra post surgery

An ideal post-surgical bra must provide a gentle diffuse compression for faster healing. The Marena Recovery bra is one of the best bras for quick healing. It gives just the right amount of support, without causing any irritation or soreness. Another applaudable feature is the adjustable hook and eye front closure, as your breasts’ size can fluctuate with swelling, but these hooks can easily be adjusted accordingly.

The Marena Recovery bra has medical-grade compression which helps with the process of healing. This is one of the best post-surgical front closure bras for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift and breast reduction surgery. This bra is also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Bras for Women with Shoulder Disorders and Injuries

bras for after should surgery


Women with shoulder disorders or injuries require a special bra too. Surgi-Solutions One Shoulder Bra is ideal for women with mobility limitation as it is extremely easy to put on because (of course!) it is a front closure bra. It is designed with only one strap which helps with recent surgeries or chronic pain, by pulling the strap on one side. This bra is available in a number of sizes.

Surgi-Solutions One Shoulder Bra is suitable for all breast procedures, with soft wireless cups. It is *ultra* comfortable to wear for long periods and easy to get on and off if you don’t have someone on hand to assist you. This bra is available in three different colors; black, beige, and nude.


 Post-Surgical Front Closure Bras with Easy Access

Post surgical vest


Post-surgical bras must have easy access, especially if the post-surgical treatment requires it.

This Amoena camisole has a front closure zipper which gives easy access, and it has cushioned straps for comfort. The material used to make this post-surgical is breathable which is perfect for moisture and heat management. Heat and moisture management minimize the chances of infection, by providing the right environment.

I tend to find mature women prefer this as an alternative to the more compressive post-op bras on the market.

Post-Surgical Bras with Adjustable Straps and Compression

bra for after breast surgery


As mentioned compression really is a very important feature to look for in a bra, as compression minimizes swelling and improves blood circulation.


This Anita Care Post-Operative Compression Bra is easy to put on, with front closure zip and a hook and eye clasp for added security (just to make sure it really doesn’t come undone). This bra comes with adjustable straps which help as you may not be able to estimate the exact difference post-surgery, and it allows you to easily change this during the day if the pressure and swelling across your bust changes.. This bra is available in black, cream, and champagne.

Compression to reduce swelling is a useful recovery therapy.


Post-Surgical Bras with a Wide Range of Sizes

post breast surgery bra


It is really hard to estimate the exact size of bra you will need post-surgery, as you are likely to experience swelling. Even though your surgeon can tell you what to expect, it is helpful to be given different size options.

Carefix Anna sleep/ comfort zipper bra gives you a variety of sizes to choose from and has a front zip closure for maximum ease and comfort. It is also made of microfiber which is super soft to the skin, and it smoothens skin given the full coverage.

I wear this as a sleeping bra because I love it, not just because it is a great after surgery option. It really is so comfortable.

Post Surgical Front Closure Bras for Super Sensitive Skin

front closure post surgical bra



It is reasonable to worry if you have sensitive skin, and after undergoing chest surgery you are more than likely to have tender and sensitive skin. The Carefix Sophia Front Close Compression Surgical Vest is made of soft microfiber and is one of the best choices for front closure post-surgery bras as it feels soft on sensitive skin too. Not to forget that this bra has adjustable straps and is available in different sizes.

To pick the right post-surgical front closure bra can be tough because there are so many great options to choose from.

My best advice is to make sure you have a honest conversation about the realistic size you can expect to be post surgery, and to perhaps buy a couple to ensure you have options after your procedure. It’s unlikely one bra will tick all of your boxes eg max compression, max comfort and best for sleeping. So try and choose a suitable option for each scenario and rotate bras to suit your preferences and demands during each day (or night!)

I hope this article helps you in your endeavours to find your perfect post surgical bras.