Best Front Closure Bralettes for all sizes

As a Bra Fitter, I have trouble recommending bralettes to women as there is often a compromise in support. But this article is going to detail what I believe are the Best Front Closure Bralettes for a range of sizes covering teens, lounge wear, something special and strong support categories.

Bralette’s are one of the fastest growing segments in the lingerie industry. Perhaps fueled by the pandemic period that saw people shift away from support bras towards comfort bras. That’s not to suggest that you can’t find supportive bralettes. 

how a bra should fit
Image Credit: Enell. Our "strong support category winner".

Before reading my recommendations, take a moment to scroll through the most common questions we get in store about Bralettes. 

How is a bralette different to a bra?

A bralette is typically produced in XS – XXL sizes, or thereabouts. It is not produced in cup and band sizes (eg 34D) like a regular bra would be. 

Bralettes usually don’t have a lot of adjustability, presenting with either none or one option to adjust. 

Bralettes are always wireless because of their sizing profiles are too simple to allow for cup sizes. 

Are front closure bralettes good for teens?

Bralettes are a great option for teens who are just getting used to wearing a bra. They tend to be softer and lighter to wear than a traditional bra. In a lot of cases they are also cheaper, due to the limited features and sizes available in the bra). 

Front Closure Bras can be good for teens because the hook and eye system is easier for them to become familiar with when it is at the front. 

These reasons make front closure bralettes a good option for teens or first time bra wearers. 

Are bralettes supportive?

Bralettes can be supportive. However, the majority of bralettes are designed with comfort in mind over support. As mentioned above bralettes will almost always have limited adjustability. No adjustability in a bra means that as the fabrics give the support will become compromised. If there is not way to tighten a bra this then becomes a problem. Unless the bralette is designed with nice strong fabrics that resist stretch well, the bralette will not be a highly supportive option for a long period. See our best rated supportive Bralette below – it’s a good one!

Best Front Closure Bralettes

Best Supportive Front Closure Bralette

Enell Lite

how your bra should fit
Image Credit: Enell

The Enell Lite has been designed as a low impact sports bra suitable for long periods of wear eg all day, everyday! Because it is designed with activity in mind, the fabrics resist stretch really well and will work as a durable support bralette. 

Enell Lite Features

Sizes available in this front closure bralette

The Enell Lite is produced in sizes 00 – 8. Which translates approximately to a XXS – 5XL. It is suitable for a size 27″ to a 53″ ribcage band size, with sizes DDD-G cups. There is a size guide here.

Overall rating of the Enell Lite Front Closure Bralette


Based on my experience fitting this style on hundreds of happy customers of varying shapes and sizes. 

Best Front Closure Bralette for Teens

Wacoal B-Smooth Front Close Bralette

This extremely comfortable bralette is just perfect for teens or first time bra wearers. The low seam design means there won’t be all those fiddly bits that can plague teenagers who are new to bras. I also find the sporty look is really well received by young girls in the change room. 

Front close bralette for teens
Image Credit: Wacoal

B-Smooth Front Close Bralette

Sizes available in this front closure bralette

The Wacoal B-Smooth Front Close Bralette is available in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Which is roughly equivalent to a size XS- XXL. 

This style fits a bit small, so even a petite frame teen will likely find the 32 nice and snug. Teen’s should not be fitted *too* firmly around their ribcage as they are still growing and changing shape regularly. 

Overall rating of the Wacoal B-Smooth Front Close Bralette


A near perfect front close bra for teens or those seeking supreme comfort without totally compromising support. 

Best Front Closure Bralette for Lounging at Home

Glamorise Front Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra

A relatively new addition to the trusted Glamorise range, I truly believe this bra was a product of the pandemic. It’s exactly what we all needed during those months at home. A light comfortable bra to lounge around the house in. Bonus, there is some pretty lace detail on the back. 

front closure bra for at home lounge wear
Image Credit: Glamorise

Glamorise Cotton T-Back Bra

Sizes available in this front closure bralette for lounge wear

I love the approach Glamorise has taken to size this bra. It allows for a more customised fit.  It is available in…

34 B/C/D, 34 DD/E, 34 F/G

36 B/C/D, 36 DD/E, 36 F/G

38 B/C/D, 38 DD/E, 38 F/G

40 B/C/D, 40 DD/E, 40 F/G

42 B/C/D, 42 DD/E, 42 F/G

44 B/C/D, 44 DD/E, 44 F/G

46 B/C/D, 46 DD/E, 46 F/G

48 B/C/D, 48 DD/E, 48 F/G

Overall rating of the Glamorise Front Closure T-back Comfort Bra


A personal favourite of mine. It’s hard to go past on those days you know you’re unlikely to leave the house. 

Best Front Closure Bralette for something special

Shekini Lace Triangle Front Opening Bralette

For something a bit more special and lacey this triangle bralette will add a bit of fun to your bra collection. It won’t win many awards for support, but that’s just not what this bra is about. 

lace front closure bralette
Image Credit: Amazon

Shekini Lace Triangle Front Opening Bralette

Sizes available in this front closure bralette for lounge wear

This special occasion lace bralette is available in S – XL. Which makes it suitable for approximately sizes 34 – 40 band sizes and cup sizes A-C. 

Overall rating of the Shekini Lace Triangle Front Opening Bralette


More fun than function, but you gotta have fun sometimes right? The cup design, lace detail and adjustability is what made this my top pick for this fun and flirty category. 

My final thoughts on the Best Front Closure Bralettes...

Thanks for reading my review of the best front closure bralettes. I hope you feel I have covered all bases and sizes in this article – always a tricky feat!

Bras can be one of those tough categories that need to be tried and tested personally to see what works for you. Always remember that and try and be honest about what you think will work best for your actual needs. 

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