Best bra color under white shirt

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Customers will almost always flock to white, beige or brown bras to when searching for the best bra color under white shirts. If only they knew about this unexpected color that works better for almost all skin tones...

Choose Red!

Why wear a red bra under white tee shirts?

I figure I have probably caught you by surprise a little here. But hear me out… and trust me, I am not the only Bra Fitter on the planet that has cottoned on to this idea.  

Red Bras work better than white bras or even beige / skin tone bras because the fabric will absorb light in a way that ensures it blends well against most skin colors. When this combination is under a light top the human eye can’t then differentiate between the two different colors, making the bra appear invisible.

As we all know there are many ways to interpret the colour red or variations of red and there is certainly a right and a wrong way to wear a red bra under white tee shirt. 

Choosing a red that has more blue undertones is the way to go. A red that has too much orange in it will not work so well. 

Why white bras are the worst color to wear under white tee shirts?

Now obviously we need to consider that different colors will work better for different skin tones. 

But we see fair skinned women flocking to choose a white color bra to wear under a white shirt when in actual fact this can be the most noticeable option. 

Because white is so stark the eye is drawn to it, and has no trouble differentiating white from most skin tones. This makes it one of the most noticeable color bras under a white tee shirt.

White bras will also “age” the fastest. The don’t stay perfectly white for long and as a result tend to look shabby quickly. White bras are often the last color I will recommend in any situation. 

What color is best against darker skin tones?

Red! Of course, I am going to say that. But certainly there are other options too. 

We find deeper beige or brown colours under darker skintones to work really well. We’re seeing lots of brands produce bras with colors named such as chestnut, hazelnut, coffee, cherry, cinnamon, espresso, clay, cappuchino or vintage to offer more options for varied skin tones.

Again, I would suggest a brown with a red undertone to work really well as an alternative to a red bra under a white tee shirt for darker skin tones. 

Like white, against a lot of skin colors black is easy for the eye to spot under a lighter top making it more obvious even against very dark skin. 

What bra color is best against lighter skin tones?

Red! Again, i couldn’t resist 😉

But other options for fair skin tones include colors with names such as light beige, honey, dusty pink, blush, vintage, cinnamon, burnt orange, taupe, or very light brown. 

These colours without a bright orange undertone are best against fair skin under a white tee shirt

How to avoid lines from bra under shirt?

If you want to ensure your bra looks good under a shirt, by avoiding lines from your bra showing then I recommend going for a smooth molded cup bra. 

Molded cup bras are often also called padded bras or foam cup bras. Please be aware, these are not always designed to add volume of size your to cup like lots of ladies think they are. 

A molded cup bra will give a great rounded shape and offer nice lift without the need of seams sewn in to the cup. It’s these seam lines that women often dread showing under a nice shirt or a tightly fitted shirt. 

There are very few bras on the market that have no seam lines and don’t have molded/foam cups. This is because it is very hard to get shape, structure and support without seams or foam. In saying that the Anita Twin Bra is one of the rare bras that avoids seams and foam cups. 

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