5 best bras for after breast reduction surgery

5 best bras for after breast reduction surgery

I get lots of emails from lovely ladies requesting more information on the best bras for after breast reduction surgery, which prompted me to write this article sharing my experience with these bras.

If you happen to undergo a breast reduction surgery due to one reason or the other, you will need to wear a post surgical bra, ideally a a bra that is specifically designed for after breast reduction surgery. It is certainly important to continue to look after your breasts as they are healing after your surgery. Once the dressings and gauze are removed, you will need to wear bras for post-surgery to prevent skin irritation and swelling.

Also, you will need to wear a post-op recovery bra for several weeks before your wounds heals and keep your tissue stable as it recovers from the trauma. That is why it’s vital that you know what bra to wear after your breast reduction surgery. Let’s dive in and see some of the best bras you can wear after your breast reduction that will offer both comfort and hopefully a faster rate of healing.

1.    Carefix Sophia front close compressive bra for after breast reduction surgery

This Carefix bra is a hard to breast compression vest style bras for post surgeries that is suitable for most shapes and sizes. Unlike the other styles mentioned in this review article the Carefix Sophia Post-Op Bra has a zip fastening that is really easy to open and close, making it suitable for recovery post-surgery, everyday wear or breastfeeding.

This bra has a non-restrictive super soft microfibre material that supports and shapes your bust, I call this sort of compression a gentle diffuse compression. It’s an effective means of security without feeling too restrictive. It also has a bust line that frames your chest, giving you a lovely look even after the surgery.

The straps are broad and adjustable so you can get your fit right once you are in the bra. A great option for your day wear and also for sleeping in.

👉🏽 Read our full review on the Carefix Sophia Front Close Post Op Bra

2.    Lipoelastic PI active bras for after breast reduction surgery

This Lipoelastic post-surgery bra is one of the best recommendations as a bra that you can wear immediately after coming out of the surgery room. It’s made from a stretchable and soft fabric that’ll give you maximum comfort. It’s super light and you won’t feel like you are wearing a cumbersome bra.

This recovery bra has an elastic band and a narrower Elastane under the bust to prevent it from rolling up once worn. This bra has three adjustable opening levels at the front for fastening, which means you can adjust it as it stretches or your swelling reduced. Also, the straps have a plastic slider on the back to adjust the length of the straps.

The bra cups have a heat-molded seamless design to provide comfort and support for your bust. The cups also have a double-lined fabric to offer compression in sensitive areas and prevent itching on the area surrounding the breast.

Lipoelastic are a specialty brand that are known for their post surgical garments.

3.    Amoena theraport bras for after breast reduction surgery

The Amoena post-surgery bra is another one in our list as a great recovery bras to wear after breast reduction. This bra was originall designed especially for after radiation treatment, so it is made with high-quality fabric that makes it comfortable after the severe pain and of radiation treatment. So it has breast surgery covered well as it doesn’t press down on the incision or really shouldn’t irritate those sensitive areas.

This Amoena post-surgery bra also has a wide seamless band running around the ribcage for a strong support that is specifically designed to easily fit around drain pouches etc.

The well designed T-back is also a nice strong seamless material that helps with support and comfort.

4.    Royce post-surgery mastectomy bra for after breast reduction surgery

For after any breast surgery, this Royce bra is a great choice if you want to have a smooth, soft, and comfortable healing journey. The front fastening poppers are easy to use even if you are struggling with mobility immediately post surgery.

This Royce Post surgery bra has been designed exceptionally with every detail in mind. To aid in recovery a silver thread has been woven in to the fabric which is a technique used in modern wound dressings to promote healing.

The straps adjust in length at the front using a super soft velcro. And the bra is designed to sit a little lower under the bust so the ribcage band won’t interfer with wound sites if it’s fitted properly.

5.    MARENA recovery adjustable bras for after breast reduction surgery

The MARENA post-surgical bra is a great choice for your recovery journey. This specifically designed post-op bra offers comfort and great support for your breast each step of the way. This bra is designed with high and smooth underarms and a full back to offer improved comfort if you have undergone any soft of breast reconstructive procedure.

It’s patented fabric aids in stimulating the lymphatic system enabling your body to remove waste successfully and reduce fluid build-up. This MARENA recovery post-surgical bra has a front closure that makes it easy for you to wear and take it off with ease – the early days will certainly test you due to the extreme tenderness. You can wear this bra every day without worrying about your breasts feeling unsupported.

Its wireless support and compressive design ensures that the bra is super secure, making your recovery journey more comfortable. The straps of this bra can also be adjusted according to your preference, even on those days when you have fluctuations in swelling.

This style is one of the rare front closure bras that has adjustability to move to a firmer setting as the fabrics stretch, or you shrink with the reduction in swelling.

Selecting bras for after breast reduction surgery is quite important to get right if you want your wounds to heal as fast as possible and your comfort to be optimised. My pain post surgery was fairly manageable but I hear that is not the case for all women.

It’s vital that you get bras for breast surgery that will give you comfort, support and easy of use since it will be hard raising your arms comfortably for a while.

I recommend being prepared before your surgery and have the best post-surgical bra you can find to suit your size with you at the hospital incase your surgeon is happy to transition you our of the tubing/gauze – this will all depend on how long your stay in hospital is.

Did you know that I had a breast reduction back in 2010? I often say that this surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made, my journey as a bigger busted woman fuelled my passion to help more women desperate for comfort and support.

Good luck for your upcoming surgery. It’s good to be prepared and I am glad you are doing this important research in to bras ahead of your hospital visit.
Pat, Bra Fitter + frontclosurebrareviews.com founder

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Marena Shirred Front Bra Product Review

Marena Shirred Front Bra Product Review

It’s no doubt that after breast surgery, most patients want to head straight to the mall to get a new piece of lingerie. You need to get a good Marena shirred front bra that will aid in the faster healing of your wound. However, before going on a bra shopping spree, you need to consider several things before buying any kind of bra. Some of the things you need to factor in are getting a professional fitting, giving your body enough time to heal, and avoid wearing your old bras.

Marena Shirred Front Bra Buying Guide

Investing in a good post-surgical bra is paramount if you have undergone a mastectomy or breast reduction. With a wide selection of recovery bras out there in the market, it can be hard to find the right one for you. After the surgery, your breasts might be sensitive and swollen, and you will need a bra that will give you comfort and ensure that the skin heals quickly.


When buying Marena recovery bra, you will find these post-surgical bras are specifically designed to provide comfort during the healing process. A recovery bra should not contain certain elements you would find in a standard bra, such as having an underwire. Recovery bras should be designed with your needs in mind, and it should include certain features. Some of the features to look out for include wider bands, cups, underwire free, and frontal closures.

The right fit

Bra size can be a big challenge to anyone. Regardless of the situation, you would not want to walk around with a bra that is too small or big for your bust. However, if you have undergone a mastectomy, getting a bra that fits you well is a primary concern and one that can’t be ignored.

It’s vital that you buy a post-surgery bra that you will use once the surgery is over. The bra you need will vary depending on the swelling you get after the surgery or if there is weight fluctuation. Hence, you should get a recovery bra after you have a clear idea of your needs.

Breathable fabric

All post-surgical bras for breast reduction should have breathable fabric. The breathable fabric ensures that your breasts stay dry, preventing moisture buildup and skin irritation. Hence, a bra that has a cotton or breathable synthetic material should be chosen.

Front clasps

Most standard bras will have a closure that’s located at the back. Your movement will be limited after the surgery. Hence, it’s vital that you get a recovery bra with front clasps that are easy to open and close.

Marena Recovery Bra Product Review

·       Adjustable hooks

Once you are out of the hospital, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a comfortable post-surgical bra for breast reduction. After a breast reduction surgery, you might not be in a position to lift your hands with ease. However, the adjustable hooks and front closure in this bra make it easy for you to wear it without too much struggle. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable even when you have fluctuations in swelling.

·       Compression design

Marena is the number one brand that makes high-quality medical garments. The compression design in this bra makes the healing process easy.

·       Seamless front closure

With this seamless support and front closure, you can be assured that you can move all day with a lot of ease and comfort. The integration of free wire support ensures that it is securely held in place to prevent it from moving with you when you are up and about.

ALSO READ 👉🏽 Carefix Sophia Post Op Compression Vest review

Pros and Cons of Marena Recovery Bra


  • It keeps your breast from swelling; hence it doesn’t cause pain
  • It provides you with a lot of comfort, and you can move up and down with a lot of ease.
  • It has adjustable straps
  • It’s made with high-quality material
  • It’s durable
  • It has a compression design that drains away any excess fluid


  • The band under the bust is firm and can cause discomfort if it’s not fitted properly

If you are thinking about getting breast surgery, you must get the perfect bra to aid in faster healing. Get a good Marena shirred front bra that is comfortable to wear, adjustable, and one that will provide optimum support for your breasts.


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How do Front Closure Bras work?

How do Front Closure Bras work?
how do front closure bras work

Front closure bras are popular due to their ease of use.

But it’s not just their unique fastening system that makes them beneficial.

So, how do front closure bras work?

  • Front closure bras generally completely remove the hook and eye fastening from the back of the bra and put it at the front of the bra
  • Bras that open at the front will generally use a number of hook and eye clasps, velcro, magnets, a large single hook or a zip to close the bra
  • Front opening bras allow people with a poor range of motion to easily put on a bra
  • Front closure bras are known for their great postural support as the back of the bra is built stronger without the need for hook and eye clasps on the back

What fastening system is best?

This will depend a bit on who is wearing the bra and what the bra is being used for.

People with poor eye sight or athritis will benefit from a large single hook as it’s not too hard to co-ordinate.

Women seeking a high impact Sports Bra will be best with either a long row of hooks or a long zip to ensure a firm compressive hold.

Ladies seeking an alternative to everyday support could be best in a short run of hook and eye clasps.

Women with a disability may be best in velcro as it is easiest and requires less precision.

How do front closure bras offer support?

Front snap bras (as many people call them) will often be built with broad full back designs and wide straps. These design features can be used more readily in front closing bras as they don’t have to worry about incorporating a tradition bra hook and eye clasp in to the design.

The full back design really works to move the weight of the bust from the front to the back, which is generally a stronger group of muscles and bears the load easily.

We also often see broad straps in front opening bra designs. This also helps to distribute any pressure that does remain on the shoulder more broadly and reduced general shoulder discomfort or shoulder grooves.

How do front closure bras adjust?

Front closure bras generally do not have as many adjustment points as a traditional bra.

But, that being said, for this reason they are generally built with stronger rigid fabrics that don’t stretch quickly.

Adjustability is a great way to ensure lifespan of the bra is optimized because as it stretches you can then tighten the bra to firm up the fit.

There are some front closure bras that do have adjustment in the strap length or around the ribcage, but these can be harder to find.

As mentioned, because the overall fabrics are firmer you don’t have to worry about the bras stretching out as quickly. These firmer materials are the best asset we can have in a bra for lifespan.

At the end of the day, front closure bras work to make life easier being easier to get on and off. With the added benefit that the bras are generally designed to be nice and supportive bras which also works to add value to the wearer. It’s a win, win!

4 best Front Closure Bras with back support

4 best Front Closure Bras with back support
Bra with back support for back pain

The struggle to find bras for back support can be a menace for many women. Many bras aren’t comfortable enough to wear all day. If you work in an office, you are more prone to experience slouching. This is because you spend a lot of time sitting, and this might result in back pain since your regular bra can’t offer you good back support. It takes multiple visits to the fashion store for bra fittings to find one bra that works well for your body. However, if you feel like you have reached a dead-end and still haven’t found good bras for posture, then we’re here to help.

What Bras with Back Support Can Do for You?

A back support bras’ role is to relieve your neck, shoulders, and back from the tensions brought about by the weight of carrying your breasts. The bras accomplish this by having a wider supportive band and a pressure-relieving back. Regular bras can enhance the shape and look of your breasts. However, they won’t carry the weight of your breasts as a bra built specifically to support the back.

On the other hand, back support bras, also known as bras for posture, will not pull on your shoulders, and they will distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. Once you start using a back support bra, you will find how easy it is to sit and stand straight. You won’t have to be weighed down by your breasts as it is when using regular bras.

1.     Enell Lite

If you love getting active, then this Enell Lite women’s sports bra for posture is what you will need to support your breasts.  It is made from high-quality spandex and nylon material. The bra also has a firm and convenient front closure using hook and eye clasps. This bra will let you go on with your sports activities and run your everyday errands while still keeping your breasts secure.

The Enell bra also has wide non-stretch straps that evenly distribute the weight of your boobs’ across your shoulder to help prevent shoulder fatigue. The Enell bras are designed with a Microfibre and naturexx fabric that helps transfer moisture from your body and regulates heat buildup.

This sports bra is great for your posture if you are being active.

2.     Leonisa Back Support Posture Corrector Wireless Bra

This is yet another bra for posture from Leonisa. The bra has 3 adjustable straps that will provide back support without hurting your shoulders. The great thing with this Leonisa bra is that it is multipurpose. It can be used for breastfeeding, to correct back posture, and when exercising. This bra also has two distinct cups that give you maximum support as well as leave you with a well-rounded shape.

3.     Playtex 18 Hour Front Closure Posture Bra

This Playtex bra will make you at ease, and comfortable the whole day as you go on with your errands. The bralette is made from high-quality nylon and spandex material. The back support and front closure are some of the best features of this fantastic bra. It also has lovely wide straps that help the bra stay in place for hours. The cups are designed with nano rings technology, which helps in providing lift and side support.

This style is a great option from a price point of view, but I did find that it didn’t wash and wear as well as some of my other front closure bras.

4.     Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Front Close Posture Back Support Bra

If you have been having problems with your back, this glamorise front close bra is here to take that worry away.  The bra has straps that are wide and gel padded to ensure that it does not dig in across the shoulders. And this MagicLift style also has an adjustable front closure that ensures the hooks are easy to let in and out. This support bra has a reinforced bra band that does the heavy lifting for your breasts without the presence of a wire.

I really do think this style has to be experienced to be believed!

Sitting for long periods can lead to pain and discomfort on your back, particularly with a heavy bust or if your existing bras aren’t fitting and functioning well. That is why it’s paramount you find a good posture bra. There are numerous back support bras that one can choose from these days. After knowing your bra size, you can select the best bras with back support to make you feel comfortable when working at the office or chasing the kids (or grand kids!) around the house.

5 Best Bras for People with a Disability

5 Best Bras for People with a Disability

There are all sorts of bras on the market these days, including a range of bras for those living with a disability. Wearing a bra is an easy task for healthy and young women. However, it can turn out to be a nightmare for older women and ones with disabilities. The needs of women with disabilities are different from other. Disability does not mean that women should not look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Let’s take a look at some bras that will make life a little easier for people with a disability. I have chosen to review products that are easy to use, comfortable and of course still offer some support.

5 Best Bras for Disabled Women

1.     Wacoal Women’s B-Smooth Front Close Bralette

If you’re among the strong women who have undergone a breast surgery recently, you know that it can be hard finding that bra that will fit you well and give you the comfort you need. This B smooth bralette is everything you will need to transform your life post-surgery.

This comfortable wire-free bra offers great comfort and shaping. It is designed in a way that the sides and band have no stitches to irritate you. Also, it has a front closure that makes it easy to put it on and take it off.

I also like the wide soft straps and full back design that give extra comfort and support for long periods of wear.

2.     Silverts Disabled Elderly Needs Arthritic Front Closing Bra

This Silverts bras for seniors is the best front opening bra for women living with arthritis. It is designed in a manner that is easy to slip it on and off. It also has three large flat hooks to make fastening easy and quick. Additionally, it has a hook and loop tab fastener that guides you on securing the hooks in place.

This Silverts Arthritic front closing bra is not designed with cup sizes. However, it can accommodate women with A to D cup sizes.

This style also features wide pressure distributing shoulder straps, which I love to see on support bras.

3.     Breast Nest

There are days when you don’t feel like wearing a bra. Breast nest bra is your best choice for such days. Breast nest is different from the everyday bras in that it does not lift your breasts. Instead, it holds them in their natural position giving your that braless feeling. This is the best bra for the days when you feel like relaxing at home.

These bras for seniors can be worn by sensitive skin people who are undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy and fibromyalgia. It has a patterned non-constrictive design that allows each breast to be held in an individual stretchy nest.

Additionally, it is made with a soft modal fabric that reduces skin to skin irritation between your breasts and torso. It also reduces bra sweat and makes you stay dry and fresh all day long.

4.     Camisole with built-in padded bra

This versatile camisole with built in padded bra for women looks great without the added bulk of a separate camisole and bra and removed the need to fuss with hook and eye clasps.

This camisole padded bra has a shelf bra inside. It doesn’t compress your bust, giving you a flattering shape and support. The padding isn’t removable and is made of thin, breathable and comfortable material. The straps of this camisole are also adjustable, giving flexibility in size if you want to adjust the straps.

This really is a great bra alternative for senior women; it can be worn on it’s own or under a jacket, blouse, or blazer. Also, you can wear it with your favorite set of leggings, jeans or drawstring pants.

5.     Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Front Close Wire-free Back Support Posture Full Coverage Bra

If you have been having back problems, this Playtex 18-hour support bra is what you need. This innovative bra improves posture and gives you back support. The bra also has a wire-free frame that helps smooth your sides and back.

They have specifically designed the cups of this style to give some side support and lift which leaves you with a pleasant and flawless silhouette.

The front fastening and soft slightly stretchy fabric makes this a great bra for those who struggle with clasps behind their back and/or don’t appreciate irritating fabrics in their daily living.

Being a woman with a disability or a senior woman presents enough challenges in any day. That is why it’s essential to find the perfect bra that is easy to get on and off, offers great comfort and fits you well. If you don’t know your bra size, you can go through the steps in our article on how to measure your bra size.

It’s may also be necessary to first talk to an occupational therapist who will guide you in knowing what challenges your body may endure in the near future and how you can quickly adapt to your body’s limitations. Besides, the OT will guide you in choosing the best bras for disabled you can use for your particular condition.

Best Post Surgical Front Closure Bras

Best Post Surgical Front Closure Bras

Post Surgical front closure bras are a must-have after any chest or breast surgery, but the key is to choose the right post-surgical front closure bra. It is important to have an appropriate bra ready for you at home, even though you will likely return home in a hospital compression garment.

These are some of my tips, thoughts and recommendations on post-surgical front closure bras for different types of chest and breast surgery.

Best Post Surgical Front Closure Bras Features

Post-Surgical front closure bras are considered one of the best post-op options they are easy to put on and take off, and they are less likely to dig into the skin. These bras also provide support and help reduce discomfort associated with tender breasts post-op. After surgery, you are prone to bruises and visual tissue damage, but post-surgical bras can help to minimise this due to their compression and superior material selection.

Wireless Post Surgical Front Closure Bras

One of the most crucial things to look for, in a post-surgical bra is comfort.

I find Surgeons always recommend wire free bras for the period immediately post surgery, like this one.

Post-Surgical Front Closure Bras for Fast Healing

An ideal post-surgical bra must provide a gentle diffuse compression for faster healing. The Marena Recovery bra is one of the best bras for quick healing. It gives just the right amount of support, without causing any irritation or soreness. Another applaudable feature is the adjustable hook and eye front closure, as your breasts’ size can fluctuate with swelling, but these hooks can easily be adjusted accordingly.

The Marena Recovery bra has medical-grade compression which helps with the process of healing. This is one of the best post-surgical front closure bras for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift and breast reduction surgery. This bra is also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Bras for Women with Shoulder Disorders and Injuries

Women with shoulder disorders or injuries require a special bra too. Surgi-Solutions One Shoulder Bra is ideal for women with mobility limitation as it is extremely easy to put on because (of course!) it is a front closure bra. It is designed with only one strap which helps with recent surgeries or chronic pain, by pulling the strap on one side. This bra is available in a number of sizes.

Surgi-Solutions One Shoulder Bra is suitable for all breast procedures, with soft wireless cups. It is *ultra* comfortable to wear for long periods and easy to get on and off if you don’t have someone on hand to assist you. This bra is available in three different colors; black, beige, and nude.

Post-Surgical Front Closure Bras with Easy Access

Post-surgical bras must have easy access, especially if the post-surgical treatment requires it.

This Amoena camisole has a front closure zipper which gives easy access, and it has cushioned straps for comfort. The material used to make this post-surgical is breathable which is perfect for moisture and heat management. Heat and moisture management minimize the chances of infection, by providing the right environment.

I tend to find mature women prefer this as an alternative to the more compressive post-op bras on the market.

Post-Surgical Bras with Adjustable Straps and Compression

As mentioned compression really is a very important feature to look for in a bra, as compression minimizes swelling and improves blood circulation.

This Anita Care Post-Operative Compression Bra is easy to put on, with front closure zip and a hook and eye clasp for added security (just to make sure it really doesn’t come undone). This bra comes with adjustable straps which help as you may not be able to estimate the exact difference post-surgery, and it allows you to easily change this during the day if the pressure and swelling across your bust changes.. This bra is available in black, cream, and champagne.

Post-Surgical Bras with a Wide Range of Sizes

It is really hard to estimate the exact size of bra you will need post-surgery, as you are likely to experience swelling. Even though your surgeon can tell you what to expect, it is helpful to be given different size options.

Carefix Anna sleep/ comfort zipper bra gives you a variety of sizes to choose from and has a front zip closure for maximum ease and comfort. It is also made of microfiber which is super soft to the skin, and it smoothens skin given the full coverage.

I wear this as a sleeping bra because I love it, not just because it is a great after surgery option. It really is so comfortable.

Post Surgical Front Closure Bras for Super Sensitive Skin

It is reasonable to worry if you have sensitive skin, and after undergoing chest surgery you are more than likely to have tender and sensitive skin. The Carefix Sophia Front Close Compression Surgical Vest is made of soft microfiber and is one of the best choices for front closure post-surgery bras as it feels soft on sensitive skin too. Not to forget that this bra has adjustable straps and is available in different sizes.

To pick the right post-surgical front closure bra can be tough because there are so many great options to choose from.

My best advice is to make sure you have a honest conversation about the realistic size you can expect to be post surgery, and to perhaps buy a couple to ensure you have options after your procedure. It’s unlikely one bra will tick all of your boxes eg max compression, max comfort and best for sleeping. So try and choose a suitable option for each scenario and rotate bras to suit your preferences and demands during each day (or night!)

I hope this article helps you in your endeavours to find your perfect post surgical bras.

The Benefits of Front Closure Bras v Back Closure Bras

The Benefits of Front Closure Bras v Back Closure Bras
benefits of front closure bras

Back closure bras are conventional bras most women go for because of they are familiar, but many women are unaware of the benefits of front closure bras. This article will highlight the benefits of front closure bras and why these bras are worth giving a try.

Easy to put on and take off

Putting on a back-closure bra can be a struggle in the morning when you are running late for work, or when you get home and just want to quickly remove your bra. Front closure bras have proved to be a convenient alternative thanks to the easy-to-put-on and take off feature, you do not have to reach behind your back for this bra. This feature is best for women who have mobility issues or can’t co-ordinate hooks behind their back. Front closure bras really are beneficial for women who look for comfort and ease.

Benefits of Front Closure Bras Vs Back Closure Bra

Front Closure Bras often have extra aback support built in in their designs meaning that the weight of the breasts can be transferred on to the back. This makes for a really comfortable way to carry out daily activities.

Back closure bras, although making a generalisation, tend to rely on a narrower amount of material across the back that if fitted properly will make you feel restricted or confined as the bra digs in to your back.

This is why front closure bras are considered the most comfortable bras by those that wear them.

Smoother back and reduced “bumps” under clothes

The eye and hook hardware on the back of a back-closure bra can form visible bumps, especially when you are wearing it with a fitted shirt. This hook and eye clasp can also dig into your skin or subcutaneous fat (which we all have) causing what lots of women call “back fat”. The benefits of front closure bras is that they are less likely to form unsightly bumps on your back as the hook and eye clasp is between the breasts. Moreover, you can comfortably lean against a chair without the hook and clasp digging in your skin. Thus, you can wear front closure bras around the clock, without feeling confined.

Maximum Support

Because of the unique design of Front Closure Bras you will see that their shoulder straps are often largely inelastic. This really helps to provide optimal stability for day to day activities, but also serves as a great back up support system if the rest of the bra begins to stretch out and no longer fit you.

A great Front Closure Bra will work to lift, separate and give a gently nudge of posture correction which are three very important elements that will leave you feeling supported.

Sleep Benefits of Front Closure Bras

Women with larger breasts usually sleep with bras but end up with a sore back as the hook and eye hardware may dig in the back and they may experience discomfort and sagging. Front closure bras, because of their front clasps give a smoother back and you can lie on the bed comfortably, making them the ideal sleep bras – assuming you’re choosing the right “sleep” style of course.

A Variety of Styles

Back-closure bras offer a wide range of options, as they are more conventional and as such have more in production. But front closure bras happen to look even more alluring (in my opinion) and you can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, materials, patterns, prints, and styles to meet your wardrobe needs. With the huge demand in front closure bras we’re definitely seeing more and more brands increase their range in front closure options. A collection of lacy bras is also available to choose from so that you can rock comfort and beauty in one look – you just need to know where to find them. Underwire and no-underwire options are also available in front closure bras, and due to the easy access, they provide front closure bras that are super convenient for women who may still need to do the odd breastfeed during the day, but aren’t keen on still wearing maternity bras.

With the right quality and size, both, back closure and front closure bras are a must have for a woman’s wardrobe. However, the benefits of the front closure bras are primarily enjoyed by women who prioritize comfort, and are on the lookout for something that they can put on with ease to wear around the clock.

Best High Impact Front Closure Sports Bras

Best High Impact Front Closure Sports Bras
front zip sports bra

Why do we need a high impact front closure Sports Bra for high impact exercise?

The reason most of us would never consider working out without a suitable support solution has a pretty straight forward reason… the actual natural support systems in our breasts are inherently weak. Whether they were even designed to cope with the demands of sports and exercise I don’t know?!

The natural support system of our breasts is the skin and the Coopers ligaments. Both are weak and any damage done to them is irreversible.

If our skin is repeatedly stretched and strained it will permanently stretch. And the Coopers ligaments which are a thin weave like formation of ligaments similar in size to strands of hair will also rupture if they are taken beyond their desired range of motion.

This is why we need a Sports Bra when we exercise. The “natural” systems won’t cut it in the real world, they don’t adequately work to limit the displacement of our breasts during activity.

How do our breasts bounce during activity?

Most women are aware that our breasts will “bounce” during activity, but the truth is it’s a little more complicated than that.

When we do high intensity activity our breasts will move, or displace, in three different directions. Up and down, side to side and in and out.

A good high impact Sports Bra will work to limit the breasts displacement in all three of these directions. But it will never stop it all together. Researchers actually believe that stopping breast displacement all together would not be a good thing. Rather, we want to reduce the breast displacement to a significantly reduced amount resulting in a more comfortable and less traumatic experience for our breast. The aim is to ensure that the skin and the coopers ligaments are stretched and strained beyond repair.

Most Sports Bra brands aim to produce product that will lead to a reduction of 50-60% of breast bounce when compared to a bare breast bounce during activity (ouch, I wouldn’t want to be in those clinical trials!).

How does a High Impact Front Closure Sports Bra deliver its support?

There are two methods/approaches a bra will use to support our breasts during activity.

  1. The Compression method – this involves compressing the breast tissue against our chest during activity. This limits the distance of the breast from the body and leads to a reduction in breast bounce. Some ladies love this approach, others don’t.
  2. The Encapsulation method – this involves separating the breasts and cradling each breast with a structured cup. The breast is not flattened. Some ladies feel better with this style of support as it gives a more natural shape.
  3. A combination of both of these methods – this involves some degree of separation/encapsulation with an overlying compressive layer. This is sort of the best of both worlds in my opinion. My experience in the change room would certainly suggest women tend to really like this approach. The feel secure but still shapely to some degree.

Just remember, it’s not the underwire that supports the breast tissue as such. In actual fact, I think you’ll find that most high impact front closure Sports Bras actually don’t have underwire at all. This is because it’s hard to add a significant enough amount of compression to the style if there is underwire built in to the bra.

A note about zip front Sports Bras

When a zip front Sports Bra is good it can be really good! When they are bad… they are REALLY bad! Please be careful with buying zip front Sports Bras that aren’t otherwise highly recommended by a trusted source. There truly is a lot of rubbish out there. If the zip isn’t appropriately covered it can’t cause significant rubbing. Also, if the bra isn’t fitted right even a well designed zip up bra can cause chaffing due to the zip element.

Here’s a list of my favourite Front Closure High Impact Sports Bras for 2020:

Enell Sports Bra

enell front opening high impact plus size sports bra

Made famous my Oprah many moons ago, the Enell Sports Bra is hard to go past as a rockstar high impact Sports Bra.

The Enell Sports Bra really relies on the compression method to deliver it’s support. There’s not much separation going on there. I always say this style works best for those wanting to feel like their breasts are suctioned against their body. It truly does just get them “out the way” so you can get on with it.

The full back and wide straps are another great feature. And the unqiue fabrication that truly doesn’t stretch out makes this one built to last. I am a BIG fan!

The thing to know about Enell is that they produce their sizes in size 00 – 8, so you have to be roughly speaking the right dimensions for any of their sizes in order for it to work. So some ladies can’t make this option work. They have a great size chart that helps guide you through choosing a size.

Brooks Dare Zip Run Bra

front zip sports bra

When I first saw this style I wasn’t so sure to be honest. The materials are lighter than I am used to seeing in a high impact Sports Bra and that worried me.

But truth be told once I took mine out for a spin I really enjoyed the feel of this on the run. It’s a little less “suction down” than the Enell Sport and that was refreshing for longer periods of wear.

The Zipper has a little latch under it to help zip this up with ease.

I also enjoyed the broad, soft straps and full back design. Oh and the seamless finish on the material is pretty special too – i think it adds to the overall “lightness” I mentioned.

The Brooks Dare Zip Run Bra is Available in 30 – 40, A – E cup.

Anita Active Petite to Plus Size Front Closure Sports Bra

Anita Active is well known in our industry for high quality fabrication and design, and the Anita Active Petite to Plus Size Front Closure Sports Bra definitely lives up to that.

Similarly to the Brooks Dare Zip above, this styles feels “light on”. I feel secure and supported without feeling like I am wearing a all encompassing device of a bra.

The strap adjustability is easy to manoeuvre from the front, using a good quality velcro, but as I always say bras that don’t have a lot of elastic in the strap will not actually need to be altered regularly, if at all. This is certainly a benefit.

I found this style fits true to size, but do note that Anita do not produce a DD or DDD cup, so their E cup is really an American DD cup. Don’t let that confuse you 🙂 I have also read reviews that this style fits small around the ribcage band, but I didn’t find that at all. I would suggest that like any front closure sports bra they can be harder to first do up – but this needs to be the case as they will not otherwise offer adequate breast control.

Available in size 30 – 44, A – E (their E cup = American DD cup).

Yvette Sports Bra Plus Size

front opening full figure sports bra

The Yvette Plus Size Sports Bra has a great traditional and slightly youthful design and feel. A great option for medium to perhaps some impact support in my opinion.

The more traditional sports bra back design makes it a nice fashion piece under sports gear too. The cup design also leans towards a natural shape. This style is trying to offer both some encapsulation and compression support.

A unique feature of the Yvette Zip Sports Bra is that you can adjust the firmness around the band from each side of the bra (as pictured), which makes for a great tailored fit and gives you the ability to firm it up if it stretches.

The Yvette Plus Size Zip Sports Bra claims it can fit up to an F cup in it’s ‘Plus’ version but in my personal experience and from having read reviews I do think it’s best for a size C-DD cup.

Champion Motion Control Zip Sports Bra

I chose to include this Champion style because I truly love the way it marries fashion and function pretty well. After all, we all deserve to feel great when we are working out.

There are a few great features about this style that I want to share, but before I do, I would suggest that this style is most suited to medium – high impact activity. It’s a little lighter than the Enell Sport, Dare Zip Run Bra and the Anita Active Frontline Open bra.

Things I really enjoyed about the Champion Motion Control Zip bra are the lightly moulded cups that left a great natural shape, the straps that had full adjustability from the back and the fact that I felt like I was wearing something pretty fashionable when I hit the road in this. The back design is pretty special!

Available in 34 – 42, B – DD.

A quick note about getting in to a Front Closure Sports Bra…

While you may not truly want to hear this, I do have to make sure you know it… Front Closure Sports Bras will certainly be easier to get in and out of than a traditional Sports Bra BUT you can’t expect them to be really easy to whip on.

In order for a Sports Bra to function it needs to be firm. This means we want you to have to put some effort in to getting the hooks/zip done up, otherwise you just won’t get the control out of it that you need to. I generally say that a Front opening Sports Bra should be tough to get done up, but not impossible.

Just keep that in mind when you go to try your new bra on.

How to measure your bra size

How to measure your bra size

Firstly, let’s just discuss the most common mistake women make with their bra fit. That being, they wear the band that runs along the rib cage way too loose.

Sadly in the US we find many inexperienced Bra Fitters (and bra fitting blogs!) adding unnecessary inches around the ribcage which lands the unfortunate customer (or blog reader) with a poorly fitted bra that has no chance of offering them support.

Bra measuring guide front opening bra

Before we go through how to measure your bra size, you absolutely need to understand that the band that runs around the ribcage is responsible for offering most of the support in the bra and as such this needs to be firm so that it can act as anchor for the front, the bust. You can read more about how a bra should and why here.

Ok, so let’s get started, let’s measure your bra size in these steps together!

Before you get started

  • Make sure you are wearing your “best fitted” bra
  • This bra should ideally be underwire and have minimal padding in it. Do not wear a push up style bra to take these measurements.
  • When measuring, stand in front of a mirror or have someone on hand to help so you can ensure your measuring tape is sitting evenly around your body.
  • Do not pull too tightly on the tape. The tape needs to be pulled firm enough to just stay in place without dropping.

Step 1: Take your ‘band size’ measurement

This is the measurement that leads us to the number component of the bra size eg the 34, 42 etc.

  1. Take a measurement, in inches, around the ribcage at the base of your bra.
  2. The tape should run evenly around your body, not dropping at the back.
  3. Record this measurement in inches.

For our example, let’s use the measurement 39.5″.

This 39.5″ means that the band size is a 40. You just need to round up to the nearest whole even number.

Here is a list of other measurements:

27 -28″ = 28 (a size 6 in some countries)

29 – 30″ = 30 (a size 8 in some countries)

31 – 32″ = 32 (a size 10 in some countries)

33 – 34″ = 34 (a size 12 in some countries)

35 – 36″ = 36 (a size 14 in some countries)

37 – 38″ = 38 (a size 16 in some countries)

39 – 40″ = 40 (a size 18 in some countries)

41- 42″ = 42 (a size 20 in some countries)

43 – 44″ = 44 (a size 22 in some countries)

45 – 46″ = 46 (a size 24 in some countries)

47 – 48″ = 48 (a size 26 in some countries)

49 – 50″ = 50 (a size 28 in some countries)

51 – 52″ = 52 (a size 30 in some countries)

53 – 54″ = 54 (a size 32 in some countries)

55 – 56″ = 56 (a size 34 in some countries)

57 – 58″ = 58 (a size 36 in some countries)

59 – 60″ = 60 (a size 38 in some countries)

Please do not add 4 inches to the measurement you get. This will have you purchasing a bra that is too loose to offer you support. Read O Magazine’s great articles on this.

In saying that, if you are between two size eg you measure 34.5″ it probably is safest to round up to the size 36 unless you like your bras very snug around your ribcage.

Step 2: Take your bust measurement

This is the measurement that we’ll use in the next step to determine the cup size.

  1. Take a measurement, in inches, around the broadest part of your bust. You may need to reposition your breast so that it is sitting well in the cup before taking this measurement.
  2. The measuring tape should sit firmly against your bust, but not too tight that is flattens your breast tissue.
  3. Record this measurement in inches.

For our example, lets use the measurement of 45″.

If you measure between inches eg 44.5″ then round up to the next whole eg 45″.

How to measure your bra size front fastening bra
A great example of how to take the bust measurement.

Step 3: Use these two measurements to determine your cup size

This step allows us to figure out the actual cup size, eg the A, DDD or G.

Calculate…. The Bust size measurement (step 2 measurement) MINUS the Band size determined.

In our example this is 45″ – 40 = 5.
Note that we are not minusing the two measurements, but rather the step 2 measurement from the step 1 determined band size.

We then use this number ‘5’ (in this case) to determine the cup size.

1 = A cup (less than 1 = AA)

2 = B cup

3 = C cup

4 = D cup

5 = DD cup

6 = DDD cup (or E cup in some countries)

Above 6 and it can get tricky, mainly because different countries have different cup size systems for beyond an American DD. So the following results are really a guide.

7 = EE/F cup

8 = F/FF

9 = FF/G

10 = G/GG/H

So… for the example we used (measuring 39.5″ and 45″) the bra size is a 18DD.

Important things to know

I never recommend making a big change to your bra size without the guidance of a bra fitter. So if you usually wear a size 24C and an online measuring guide is telling you that you are a 18E then exercise with caution. In this instance I would probably recommend making a small step in the right direction and to choose a size 22D or 20DD. This would mean you are working towards a firmer fitting band without making a huge jump that will more than likely end up in a disappointment.

Remember, that most women wear their band way too loose. The chances are, you may just do the same. Be honest with yourself about how your bra is fitting. If you are measuring smaller for your band size than what you are wearing ask yourself… Is this bra too loose? Or, would I feel better or worse with a firmer band? There is no point moving to a firmer (smaller) band if you feel like your existing bra is too firm.

As most women wear the wrong size bra it can be a challenge to move towards a better fitting bra, as it will feel very different! This is why we generally advise to take “baby steps” and work towards a better fit if the size you have been wearing is seriously wrong.

How a bra should fit

How a bra should fit

how a bra should fit front closure bra

Are you like most women who still believe the support in a bra comes from the shoulder straps and the underwire?

There’s good reason women are attached to these beliefs. Firstly, this sort of information is still offered in department store change rooms and secondly the brands will also use persuasive language on swing tags advertising these as support solutions.

Understanding where the support comes from in a bra will help explain how a bra should fit…

In actual fact, the bra offers most of its support from the band that runs around our ribcage. This is used as a stabiliser of breast tissue. Just like the waist band on a hiking backpack is responsible for taking most of the load of the backpack, the band that runs around our ribcage is also responsible for taking the weight of the bust.

The underwire is there to offer shape, not support. Yes – you heard that right. The role of underwire is to round and separate the breast. It is not there to lift the breast nor stop the breast from bouncing while being active.

The straps that sit on the shoulders are also not in fact there for support, bur rather stability. Yes, we’ll feel less secure without them, but no they are not there to take the weight of the breasts. These straps are generally elastic which would be a tremendous design flaw should they be intended to support our heavy bust.

How should the underwire fit in a bra?

The underwire should not actually ever really touch breast tissue. It should run the whole way around the breast tissue and essentially sit against sternum, ribs and layers of subcutaneous fat.

Sometimes it’s not just the size that can cause an underwire to fit imperfectly in a bra, but also that the shape of the underwire is not right for the persons individual size attributes.

Some women will always struggle with having the underwire sit flush against the sternum (the bone between the two breasts) due to having their breast’s “close set” or just in general having a lot of breast tissue for their frame size. Of course, we want to get as close to perfect as possible, but it’s important not to get too hung up on this if you otherwise feel great in the bra.

How should the straps fit in a bra?

The bras shoulder straps are really there as a secondary layer of support, or as I generally say “stability. I once saw a study that suggested they do about 8% of the work. They shoulder straps should be firm enough to sit in place but not too tight to cause any discomfort across the shoulders.

Wide shoulder straps are always best as these will distribute any pressure more broadly across the shoulders. Shoulder straps that also have a significant amount of inelastic material work to offer more stability and result in a better overall lifespan.

How should the band that runs around the ribcage fit in a bra?

Now this is where the magic happens! This band needs to be firm enough to stay in place, and in line with the bust.

If this band is too loose it will simply find a broader part of the back to lodge in to, which is generally higher on our back. This then causes the sea-saw effect and has the bust sitting low and unsupported. This is simple physics, as the band rides up the back, the front will lower.

You want this band to be as firm as you can comfortably tolerate when the bra is new. Keeping in mind that with washing and wear the bra will stretch. It stretches mostly around this ribcage band which is why you should choose as firm a bra as you feel good in, so that when it does start stretching you don’t feel like it’s too loose to function.

When you first buy a bra the hook and eye clasps should be on the loosest setting. This will allow you to firm up the bra as this part stretches. This is actually why bras have three (or more!) settings – bra manufacturers know how important the ribcage band is.

Bra Fitting mistakes

The most common mistake we see women make with their bra fit is to have the ribcage band too loose, causing the bust to droop then resulting in them resorting to tighten the shoulder straps. This is a vicious cycle as this will only cause the back to ride up higher – after all, the bra band at the back is a whole lot lighter than the bust at the front.

The second most common mistake we see is that women choose a cup size too small. This will result in the underwire sitting against breast tissue, which is very uncomfortable, and also the breast tissue spilling out of the top of the cups.

Another mistake women often make is to buy a bra that feels comfortable on the tightest hook and eye setting. As mentioned above, this will then leave no room to tighten this very important part of the bra as it stretches yielding a un-functional product, quickly. So unless you are planning on gaining weight (pregnancy, teenagers or going in for surgery) you should never buy a bra that is set to the tightest or even the middle hook setting.